Kygo, Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do with It

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Kygo x Tina Turner - “What’s Love Got To Do With It” now available everywhere

Watch the original HD version of "What's Love Got To Do With It" here
Writer/ Director - Sarah Bahbah - @sarahbahbah
Production Co - Virgin Soil - @virginsoilpictures
Executive Producer - Malcolm Duncan - @malcolmduncanyolo
Executive Producer - Fabien Colas - @fabiencolas
Producer - Leah Younesi - @leahyounesi
Producer - Christina Jobe - @see_frances
DP - Isiah Donte Lee - @isiahdontelee
Production Designer - Ester Kim - @estersongkim
Stylist - Ib Abdel Nasser - @mostlysadboy
Editor - Aaron Bencid - @aaronbencid
Color - Quinn Alvarez - @quinnnnnstagram
Casting - Harlowe Casting - @kasia
1st AD - Clyde Gains - @clydeegoins
Hair - Joshua Liu - @thejoshliu
Make Up - Sean Harris - @seanharrismakeup
HMU - Leibi Carias
2nd AD - Lonnie Cayetano
1st AC - Michelle Clementine
2nd AC - Allison Waite
Gaffer - Arjun Prakash
Best Electric - Ryan Hueter
Key Grip - Joanna Nguyen
Best Grip - Josh Bell
Art Assistant - Aaron Kee
Art Assistant - Kevin Reyes
Styling Assistant - Charlie Burke
PA - Christine Algere
PA - Luca Liberall
PA - Bill Colino
PA - Nailah Robinson
Medic - Lyle Weiser
Sound Design Flame Artist - Nico Pacheco
Flame Artist - Tim Hendrix
VFX Assistance - NOA Graphic Studio

Laura Harrier
Charles Michael David
George Todd McLachlan
Ayanna Flemmings
Michael London
Jenny Rieu
Derick Bell

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Jay Wawawalker
Jay Wawawalker Timme sedan
Nothing ✌
BrightManX 2 timmar sedan
tina was coming for this remix out of pension, big honor for kygo^^
Albert Jiron
Albert Jiron 6 timmar sedan
Que negrita más bella
Administrator Jaro DESIGN Studio
Administrator Jaro DESIGN Studio 7 timmar sedan
Juicy & saucy indeed (Greetings from London UK :))
Fan de TVD
Fan de TVD 10 timmar sedan
There is Marcel! The guy in the clip is Marcel, he plays in the serie "Originals" 🥵❤🥰
Kuba Dorna
Kuba Dorna 11 timmar sedan
Love it... ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sam da Silva
Sam da Silva 11 timmar sedan
The mix of an amazing song, but the video meh, I´ll still take the original
George Morales
George Morales 12 timmar sedan
1:24 is the fun
mr y mysterious video
mr y mysterious video 14 timmar sedan
It’s a remix of a Tina Turner song, how can the remixer be so vain as to claim a performer credit?
Theodora Papathanasiou
Theodora Papathanasiou 15 timmar sedan
Any one notice Marcel from the originals🙃
theandi939 16 timmar sedan
It's a bad production. DJ garbage.
Renee Mc Queen
Renee Mc Queen 23 timmar sedan
Getting paid off of someone else work not Cool Copy Cat
marcin 857
marcin 857 Dag sedan
nice girl
Juan Cristobal Salas Ariiaga
Juan Cristobal Salas Ariiaga Dag sedan
Cómo se llama la chava ??
Carpbrothers Dag sedan
Thr best off all kind off all times👊👊😍
leasmith412 Dag sedan
Sooo...Kygo literally takes old classics & slaps a beat behind it? God forbid he makes something original.
Haus of RicoBHI
Haus of RicoBHI 4 timmar sedan
And not even an interesting beat. 🤷‍♂️
Hadi Awada
Hadi Awada Dag sedan
Kygo what can I say .. i always get amazed by your music what, your creativity and your capabilities in music.. you make it so simple and easy for the ear.. your remixes of great songs becomes only greater..its like you are beethoven 2020 version 😃 keep it up 👍
Hadi Awada
Hadi Awada 18 timmar sedan
What I mean is that we are lucky to have him just like the older generation had beethoven.. if scrapping that out makes you happy I will do it I mean you could be right 😃
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 19 timmar sedan
" you are Beethoven 2020 " are you sérious ?
De'Andre Fly
De'Andre Fly Dag sedan
Goldlord Crew
Goldlord Crew Dag sedan
Davina is turning over in her grave😂😂😂 if you know you know
Jonathan Morante
Jonathan Morante Dag sedan
lebouchercharcutier du 44
lebouchercharcutier du 44 Dag sedan
tomasz o
tomasz o Dag sedan
Tess Turbo
Tess Turbo Dag sedan
kid rock
manu72230 Dag sedan
Se remix qui passe crème 👌😍 un surkiff à écouter sans modération 🤗.
Maya Papaya
Maya Papaya Dag sedan
It’s the eye roll for me ❤️❤️❤️ LOVE THISSSSS
Magda Kułakowska
Magda Kułakowska Dag sedan
Sonia Aparecida
Sonia Aparecida 2 dagar sedan
Amei , tudo, música , clipe, amei .
Dusty Craig
Dusty Craig 2 dagar sedan
We need kygo to redo a Ray Charles track. That would be epic
Pedro Salv
Pedro Salv 2 dagar sedan
Radoslav ŠIŠKA Dezert
Radoslav ŠIŠKA Dezert 2 dagar sedan
Cheezy_Entertainment 2 dagar sedan
gg on another banger
Barnali Ray
Barnali Ray 2 dagar sedan
Marcel Gerard 😍😍😍
AznMixB0y 2 dagar sedan
Marcellus from the Originals ! Charles Michael Davis
Tat Cristina
Tat Cristina 3 dagar sedan
🤩Marcel ❤️❤️ The Originals🤗🤗😌
Julia ً
Julia ً 3 dagar sedan
the ending.. 😭 reminded me of the rihanna gif
riky morata
riky morata 3 dagar sedan
Como se llama la actriz ?
Adrian 3 dagar sedan
Tshepiiey Tshepo
Tshepiiey Tshepo 3 dagar sedan
Christin Punzel
Christin Punzel 3 dagar sedan
Mega 🥰
Dario Velo
Dario Velo 3 dagar sedan
I don't remember this scene from The Originals
Tandzile Mathenjwa
Tandzile Mathenjwa 19 timmar sedan
leonard peyton
leonard peyton 3 dagar sedan
Ndapewa Faustina
Ndapewa Faustina 3 dagar sedan
0% Nudity 104% Dance 156% Emotions 198% Pure Talent.🔥🔥❤❤❤❤😭
Acho N
Acho N 3 timmar sedan
0% of math knowledge 0% of originality 100% plagiarism
Teflon Pan
Teflon Pan 17 timmar sedan
um, plenty of nudity in this one. sadly.
herc pow
herc pow 3 dagar sedan
i love how they are both going through an emotional battle but no one gives a fuck about the guys lol
Francesca Farrugia
Francesca Farrugia 3 dagar sedan
Dear Marcellus you should continue ruling New Orleans.
Jay Ti
Jay Ti 3 dagar sedan
Sarah Albert
Sarah Albert 3 dagar sedan
Anna Augustine
Anna Augustine 3 dagar sedan
Ça fait la 2e fois que la chanson de la Queen est repris, the best pour toujours, en 2020 la nouvelle génération écoute une voix une vraie voix. Pour l'avoir vu en concert à Paris bercy en 2009 c'était grandiose !! J'ai 37 ans et fan depuis mes 11 ans
Carol 4 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does the woman in the video seems a bit like Emilia Clarke?
Angelica B.C
Angelica B.C 4 dagar sedan
Mi canción favorita 😍👌🎶 tina y kygo lo máximo ✨🖤🖤🖤
Carlos Salomão
Carlos Salomão 4 dagar sedan
I’m a Brazilian guy, my dream is dance this music in Melbourne. 🤩 😳
Silver 4 dagar sedan
this is bad
Jarosław Rówienicz
Jarosław Rówienicz 4 dagar sedan
I'm just 11 year old. I can't wait for her first solo single
refugees rape me everyday
refugees rape me everyday 4 dagar sedan
Only a genius would be here before 100 million views! 🎵
Marek Trelinski
Marek Trelinski 4 dagar sedan
The positive emotions from childhood came back 😎❤💃🕺
Esinam Afeku
Esinam Afeku 5 dagar sedan
Patrycja Łaskawiec
Patrycja Łaskawiec 5 dagar sedan
DJ MY MOUTH 5 dagar sedan
Wow, Great Job !
Noel Bigot
Noel Bigot 5 dagar sedan
J'adore kygo tu fais du super boulot t'es reprise son que du bonneur à écouter notamment quand tu as repris Whitney Houston Higher love génial continue comme ça
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 5 dagar sedan
il serait peut-être temps qu'il compose ses propres chansons puisqu'il prétend être musicien et d'arrêter de pillier et de massacrer l'oeuvre des autres ( c'est sur il se fait du pognon )
Aleksandra Zzzz
Aleksandra Zzzz 5 dagar sedan
Anna Ka
Anna Ka 5 dagar sedan
Can anyone recommend me a chanel with 80's 90's remixes, please? 😊❤🌹🌻🌼
Kygo Music
Kygo Music 5 dagar sedan
Thank you so much for your love and support, are you one among my great fans out there?
Rania S
Rania S 5 dagar sedan
This music video should be a movie 🎥
Xochitl Bedolla
Xochitl Bedolla 5 dagar sedan
una de las mejores canciones de tina turner
Verdis Quoi
Verdis Quoi 5 dagar sedan
This song sucks.
Dave D'Video Maker
Dave D'Video Maker 5 dagar sedan
I expect this come on Now 107.
samsi ara
samsi ara 5 dagar sedan
so ein schlechtes video, kommt nicht mal annähernd an tinas niveau ran...
qRighT 5 dagar sedan
It took me a months to find this song. It was worth it.
spider gwen 78 G
spider gwen 78 G 5 dagar sedan
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett Rose 5 dagar sedan
I heard this somewhere and was like "an actually good song from 2020? Wut?" Then realised
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett Rose 5 dagar sedan
I heard this somewhere and was like "an actually good song from 2020? Wut?" Then realised
Filipe Sousa
Filipe Sousa 5 dagar sedan
Avicii? Is that you?
Liam Decker
Liam Decker 6 dagar sedan
Well you have succeeded in fucking up a real good Tina Turner song!
Юркина дочка
Юркина дочка 6 dagar sedan
Русские есть?
Smaiilb 6 dagar sedan
Marcel !!!!
Jojo Poppy
Jojo Poppy 6 dagar sedan
This song hits different after you've been in a bad relationship.
leonard peyton
leonard peyton 3 dagar sedan
Jojo poppy You are 100% right . Been there and it sure does . Stronger now though 💪
Jojo Poppy
Jojo Poppy 4 dagar sedan
@ThePaeson it's very personal, but the short of it is I got into a relationship that should have ended at a one night stand. I confused intimacy with love. "What's love got to do with it?" In my case, not a goddam thing.
ThePaeson 4 dagar sedan
@Jojo Poppy I meant, I don't know how this song can give you that reaction.
Jojo Poppy
Jojo Poppy 4 dagar sedan
@ThePaeson I sincerely hope you never see how. It just does.
ThePaeson 4 dagar sedan
I really can't see how.
Michael Perkuhn
Michael Perkuhn 6 dagar sedan
Better than the original. 👍
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 6 dagar sedan
you're crazy this is so bad remix.....
MrJamesHartline 6 dagar sedan
The latest songs by Kygo are basically just re-releases of the old original songs and offer NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING new, that would cause me to fork over money to buy his Karaoke music. This is what the music industry has come to: creative bankruptcy to the point they're heisting 35 year-old songs from the 1980's and attaching their names to them as if it's something new. BORING. USED. TIRED. GET YOUR OWN SONGS.
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 6 dagar sedan
OK ! you said it all
James 6 dagar sedan
i feel kinda wrong watching this...anyone else or is it just me?
ThePaeson 4 dagar sedan
What do you mean wrong?
Alison Lawrence
Alison Lawrence 6 dagar sedan
Loving this remix, sounds so good without ruining it!
Tandonuts 6 dagar sedan
I wish I was the barman ... X)
The last sub [bad bitch enabled] it was funny and sad at the same time
Ceci leyva
Ceci leyva 6 dagar sedan
I love you
Muqtadir SAKIF
Muqtadir SAKIF 6 dagar sedan
Bad bitch enabled 😂😂😂
Jose Ángel Asprilla
Jose Ángel Asprilla 6 dagar sedan
HEY MARCEL!!, what are you doing here?
Big Papichullo
Big Papichullo 6 dagar sedan
Whats the IG of the girl👀?
REY OF KIGS 11 6 dagar sedan
Wooooow 😍❤️
bob nob
bob nob 6 dagar sedan
Whenever I hear this song on the radio I turn the radio off 🤮
bob nob
bob nob 6 dagar sedan
stan hubertdebahia I’m not sure if what u said makes sense tbh
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 6 dagar sedan
@bob nob You seem tired a suppository and in bed it will be better tomorrow
bob nob
bob nob 6 dagar sedan
stan hubertdebahia no one asked u g
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 6 dagar sedan
Get out of here
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 6 dagar sedan
I can understand that you don't like a song but what you do here !!! go your way
BAn0nYm0u5 7 dagar sedan
Jana Varpahovska
Jana Varpahovska 7 dagar sedan
Thé fact is, that woman without man are more successful.
AleXta MusicBlogger
AleXta MusicBlogger 7 dagar sedan Web Radio This song is in Italy playlist N.21
Rahul Mahesh
Rahul Mahesh 7 dagar sedan
Marcel Gerard
Alaric Saltzman
Alaric Saltzman 7 dagar sedan
Looks like marecelus made it from New Orleans
Mxxna 7 dagar sedan
We must protect Kygo at all costs. What a legend.
phat girl #2
phat girl #2 7 dagar sedan
The original I don't like it
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 7 dagar sedan
this bad remix is Shit ! the original is much better
puertas del sol
puertas del sol 7 dagar sedan
it make a lot of enjoy to hear it but video ist really boring🌚
Hey There
Hey There 7 dagar sedan
Its Zane for Younger !!
Yvonne Awinja
Yvonne Awinja 7 dagar sedan
Ari.Cloud. butera
Ari.Cloud. butera 7 dagar sedan
Kygo Music
Kygo Music 5 dagar sedan
Thank you so much for your love and support are you one among my great fans out there
Leshaun Jenkins
Leshaun Jenkins 7 dagar sedan
how did I miss this one..
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 7 dagar sedan
DollarDiego HD
DollarDiego HD 7 dagar sedan
Legend song from a legend remixed by a legend
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