Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix)

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Kyla La Grange - Topic

5 år sedan

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Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix) · Kyla La Grange · Kygo
Cut Your Teeth
℗ 2014 Kyla La Grange under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
Associated Performer: Kyla La Grange & Kygo
Other, Programmer, Mixing Engineer, Producer: Jakwob
Engineer: Charlie Thomas
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Sandria D.
Sandria D. 4 timmar sedan
Viera Váleková
Viera Váleková 4 timmar sedan
perfect soothing
Yo la amoooo
Simon Halonen
Simon Halonen 2 dagar sedan
Kygo must be my brother
Santiago Quinatoa Vera
Santiago Quinatoa Vera 2 dagar sedan
Aquella canción me encanta la escogí como un Himno personal , la primera vez que la escuche en el 2017 me enamore , me trae recuerdos de tantos momentos a partir de aquel día que la reproduci
Jaroslava Varjanova
Jaroslava Varjanova 3 dagar sedan
Very nice ❤🥰
grimezi 5 dagar sedan
Speed it to 1.25x and enjoy
rod spars
rod spars 10 dagar sedan
love it
Maxen YT
Maxen YT 13 dagar sedan
Está musica tiene copi?? Esta Muy Buenaaa... 😀
D'Juan Stanziola
D'Juan Stanziola 13 dagar sedan
🤩🤩This one of the greatest songs I have ever heard 🤩🤩
InfinityDagger 13 dagar sedan
$88 MILLION!!!!!
ABHINAV Chauhan 14 dagar sedan
Music should be religion... . Kygo avicii aless.. should be priest
D'Juan Stanziola
D'Juan Stanziola 13 dagar sedan
DJ snake ....🤩🤩
Sébastien Le Batteux
Sébastien Le Batteux 14 dagar sedan
nice song
KRIS S 17 dagar sedan
2020 forever
CCCanyon 18 dagar sedan
Heard this in BBC's food factory show
Lady Lou Detrézien
Lady Lou Detrézien 27 dagar sedan
Octobre 2020... 😜😜👍👍🤩🤩 Toujours aussi bon à écouter !!
Acrobat 27 dagar sedan
I'm short of Good Vibes, I come to Kygo.
Goldrain Månad sedan
카이고 리믹스는 항상 옳다
Miguerino wtf
Miguerino wtf Månad sedan
Ig de la minita?
Maria Recalde
Maria Recalde Månad sedan
Uh uuuh suave y elegante! Thanks kygo & lagrange
MRD Månad sedan
Bravo darling
H. F.
H. F. Månad sedan
Super ❤❤❤💎🧚‍♂️
8vedder3 Månad sedan
fucking great. cheers from sudbury ontario
Radenska512 Månad sedan
It's a nice song, but the title reminds me of that horrible pic.
oree1995 Månad sedan
Sam Malinga
Sam Malinga Månad sedan
This song makes me smile.
Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker Månad sedan
Wonderfull song 🎸🎼.
Natalia Abramova
Natalia Abramova Månad sedan
Samuel andres Diaz chavez
Samuel andres Diaz chavez Månad sedan
J.JAX Månad sedan
i love that melody !!!!!
Lujek Månad sedan
Why i can't stop this ?
Myfavoritesongs Månad sedan
Terence KKM
Terence KKM Månad sedan
Who is listening to this in the year 2020?
H. F.
H. F. 2 månader sedan
ardyarde 2 månader sedan
bad title but nice song
KNOW HOPE 2 månader sedan
Adding a Kygo beat, rhythm and tempo makes a song AWESOME!
Sjaak Aantjes
Sjaak Aantjes 2 månader sedan
look allot on Whats love got to do with it
Callum JW
Callum JW 2 månader sedan
I just found this. This is the bloody thing people use for their damn youtube intros 3 years ago.
gold bar
gold bar 2 månader sedan
822 Sarbonne Rd brought me here
Eric 8800
Eric 8800 2 månader sedan
Fucking nice song 👍🏻👍🏻
Nelson Trapper
Nelson Trapper 2 månader sedan
1.8k dislikes cmon Lol
Sahara Mendelson
Sahara Mendelson 2 månader sedan
writing in my dairy and listening to this 2020
Henrik Ludvigsen
Henrik Ludvigsen 2 månader sedan
Amazing 😍
리나 2 månader sedan
Shashank Pandey
Shashank Pandey 3 månader sedan
Been listening to this track for almost 6 years..not yet bored !
Cristian Lizano Gomez
Cristian Lizano Gomez Dag sedan
Sounds so good in 2020
Arjun Bhanushali
Arjun Bhanushali Månad sedan
@Ravinder Pal Singh if you don't know then don't comment.. it was released on soundcloud long time back...
Rachel Månad sedan
That's awesome. I haven't stopped listening to it since I found it too. Last week.
Shashank Pandey
Shashank Pandey Månad sedan
@Ravinder Pal Singh do some research before barking Ever heard of soundcloud?
Reginald Baticulon
Reginald Baticulon Månad sedan
Since 2014 as well! Never gets old.
Álvaro Alarcón Pariona
Álvaro Alarcón Pariona 3 månader sedan
C.M TV / El Light.
C.M TV / El Light. 3 månader sedan
This music is excellent even if you listen to it over and over again. I'll keep supporting you.
Romano vuurwerk
Romano vuurwerk 3 månader sedan
Deze draaien ze altijd bij ons in de club lekker muziek
Ραφαέλα Κοκέρι
Ραφαέλα Κοκέρι 3 månader sedan
Only liked for the gorgeous photo
ChrisAngel 4 månader sedan
This is the song I play most when on a tropical vacation, Thailand, Bali ....
JohnySTW 3 månader sedan
@Vincent Wen Thanks man! It's great!
Eddy Puente
Eddy Puente 3 månader sedan
Thanks a lot Vincent, I loved it
Vincent Wen
Vincent Wen 3 månader sedan
try summer breeze by Tobu
Mike Quenzy Parker
Mike Quenzy Parker 3 månader sedan
Try I see fire by Kygo
Dima Jeddawi
Dima Jeddawi 4 månader sedan
Jessica Sotelo Fuentes
Jessica Sotelo Fuentes 4 månader sedan
sorin Maftei
sorin Maftei 4 månader sedan
Dhari Alshatti
Dhari Alshatti 4 månader sedan
F**king amazing ❤❤❤
Macke 4 månader sedan
When this damn virus isn't a thing anymore, I will party a whole fucking week!
alberto pietrobon
alberto pietrobon 5 månader sedan
RikyRiky93It 5 månader sedan
Lalit Mathur
Lalit Mathur Månad sedan
same here buddy
Denis Molina
Denis Molina 5 månader sedan
sorin Maftei
sorin Maftei 5 månader sedan
afterrrrr a long, loooonnnngggg timeee:)
sorin Maftei
sorin Maftei 5 månader sedan
Mauro Silva
Mauro Silva 6 månader sedan
Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷 me too 😊
AP 6 månader sedan
Hi from DXB ...KYGO and Kyla you rock...
Miko baby
Miko baby 6 månader sedan
I love this song, kygo vibes
lllewelll 6 månader sedan
2:07 there goes that *cheap n SHITTY* kyogo beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep fill again!!
Brayam Fernandez
Brayam Fernandez 6 månader sedan
My first kygo song. Wuau.. I didn't knew that this song it's gonna change my live.
Für Peti
Für Peti 6 månader sedan
Hey! How did it change your life ? :)
Yosly Yza
Yosly Yza 6 månader sedan
Simona G.
Simona G. 6 månader sedan
Piotr Bugaj
Piotr Bugaj 6 månader sedan
Powtarzam. Mogę posłuchać i popatrzeć..
Canadian1 6 månader sedan
I heard this song for the first time as a SEshow ad. I was glad I couldn't skip the ad right away because I never would have heard this song since I usually skip those asap. This is one of those all is right in the world kinda songs even if all isn't right. It is for 6:39
sagbrukje 2 månader sedan
Then hear more of kygo from his you tube channel 🙂🔥🔥🔥
J E A N 6 månader sedan
Se formos ver a maioria das autorias Tropical House, Summer tiveram uma grande escala de produção em 2014, 2015 e 2016. 🌴👑
Kun Moreten
Kun Moreten 7 månader sedan
my first kygo song, remember when i heard this the first time! wow what a feeling
nosashuly 5 månader sedan
I still feel wowed till date.
Brayam Fernandez
Brayam Fernandez 6 månader sedan
Me too. I felt the same
jadwiga dobrowolska
jadwiga dobrowolska 7 månader sedan
Super 💜 🎵 ⚪ 🎵 🎶 🌹 🌹 ♩ ♩
MkhizeFour World
MkhizeFour World 7 månader sedan
Click like if you are here because of Kygo
rahul shah
rahul shah 7 månader sedan
Aaron Davey
Aaron Davey 7 månader sedan
Who's here after coronavirus 2020 ?
Danielle Jean
Danielle Jean 6 månader sedan
I'm here after the coronavirus, alive well and thriving ! Ya ya ya! What a battle that was. Next! Peace x
Mike Schouten
Mike Schouten 7 månader sedan
I’m like here for whole my life, this is such an amazing song😅
Hernán Darío C
Hernán Darío C 7 månader sedan
Still here. Kind regards.
devon fitz
devon fitz 7 månader sedan
I believe you meant during, its not over yet. But if we do are part it will be sooner than later. Keep strong people, you are loved.
Tata Ramírez
Tata Ramírez 7 månader sedan
🎵🎶🎼😍🇦🇲 Esta canción es fantástica 🎧
BLOOP Amande
BLOOP Amande 7 månader sedan
What a song!
et3rn1ty 7 månader sedan
Getting a Kate bush vibe🤔great tune ✌
Piotr Bugaj
Piotr Bugaj 7 månader sedan
This is the Best.....
Piotr Bugaj
Piotr Bugaj 7 månader sedan
Trzeba obejrzeć. Lubię oglądać.
Piotr Bugaj
Piotr Bugaj 6 månader sedan
Ja się nie umiem wyslawiac. Nie umiem pisać. Ale lubię pooglądać.....
Piotr Bugaj
Piotr Bugaj 7 månader sedan
Nie umiem tańczyć. Drepcze w miejscu.
Marcin Hołowiński
Marcin Hołowiński 7 månader sedan
1) Favorites 2) Likes 3) Maximum volume... 4) ...neighbors listen with me ;)
sugar man
sugar man 8 månader sedan
bloodaGe Ron
bloodaGe Ron 8 månader sedan
Ron is billijker on this clips @
Emma Dwyer
Emma Dwyer 8 månader sedan
Amazing 😍
Katja xxx
Katja xxx 8 månader sedan
Hamburg too
Daniel Svendsen
Daniel Svendsen 11 dagar sedan
No, not Hamburg. Nothing Hamburg about this track.
007ify11 8 månader sedan
Incrível! Esses arpeggios criando essa atmosfera com essa linda voz.
Punky Monks
Punky Monks 3 månader sedan
007ify11 habla bien
Lucas BR
Lucas BR 10 månader sedan
François Ferreira
François Ferreira 10 månader sedan
How not to love? What a sound
Yacob Wait jr
Yacob Wait jr 11 månader sedan
Franky baby. Lol
Akshay Nair
Akshay Nair År sedan
kiat Biat
kiat Biat År sedan
omg what kind of feeling are in those humans , music of the heart ♥️.
Glen Moore
Glen Moore 7 månader sedan
Making looveeeeeeee
Soniccafe PL
Soniccafe PL År sedan
John Jurriaans
John Jurriaans År sedan
😎still the best😎
Azul de Mar 🌌
Azul de Mar 🌌 År sedan
Ravi Sankar
Ravi Sankar År sedan
Don't know how but I get happy by listening to this track. Awesome programming by Kygo and nice singing by Kyla
Celeste C. McCarthy
Celeste C. McCarthy År sedan
She's like the perfection of a bird. Moving perfection
Celeste C. McCarthy
Celeste C. McCarthy År sedan
Why is this picture so amazing
Alexandre .C
Alexandre .C 3 månader sedan
she actually looks messy and feminist. Her hair line is red and shaven, making it look like she has a skin disease.
Anthony Skidmark
Anthony Skidmark 7 månader sedan
Spiritual fire is a real thing. Larger and shiny the hair, the larger and more shiny the orb. Good babies. Presentation, submission to create life and life only. Symbolizes also the bridge between the worlds. Bright snakes are less lethal.
marksman cs
marksman cs År sedan
Kygo can throw you to an pacific island to drink your Pina Colada and relax in a sunset...
D'Juan Stanziola
D'Juan Stanziola 13 dagar sedan
This never gets old, kygo takes me to a mountain, beach, road travel with this song 🤩🤩
João Daniel
João Daniel 16 dagar sedan
theres no other way to describe
Daniele Muniz
Daniele Muniz 2 månader sedan
Scotty - RIDIN' WITH BIDEN År sedan
Love it!!!
Domitila Mukuba
Domitila Mukuba År sedan
Didn't I warn you not to? Didn't I warn you good? Maybe we couldn't help it Maybe we never should Didn't I say it slowly? Didn't I make it clear? Is it unfair to ask you Why it is you're still here? You cut your teeth on the lack of answers, and you Come back home and it don't feel the same Well I bled words onto a page for you And you never knew my name Didn't I make it harder? Didn't I leave you there? Was it too much to ask you Why it is you still care? You cut your teeth on the lack of answers, and you Come back home and it don't feel the same Well I bled words onto a page for you And you never knew my name Come, go, break your bones They cut you up and never let go Swing low, play your show Call your mother, say "take me home" Lie, smile, don't say no Another man down if you let them know You cut your teeth on the lack of answers, and you Come back home and it don't feel the same Well I bled words onto a page for you And you never knew my name You cut your teeth on the lack of answers, and you Come back home and it don't feel the same Well I bled words onto a page for you And you never knew my name And you never knew my name
child of the universe
child of the universe Månad sedan
@Captain Athens i think he's cheating on her and she's confronting him
Captain Athens
Captain Athens Månad sedan
this is great Thank you. I wonder what the song is about ...?
alin ciucanel
alin ciucanel 11 månader sedan
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