Kygo - Stay ft. Maty Noyes (Official Lyric Video)

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4 år sedan

Lyric video for 'Stay' by Kygo feat. Maty Noyes Illustrations by Sprankenstein Animation by George Dyson Video by Superbros Get the track on: Spotify: iTunes: Follow Kygo on: Facebook: kygoofficial Instagram: kygomusic SoundCloud: Website:

Vans Nation
Vans Nation Dag sedan
2020 anyone?
Serchhip Chelsea
Serchhip Chelsea 5 dagar sedan
Good to listen in midnight.
Zuria José
Zuria José 6 dagar sedan
A Voice
A Voice 7 dagar sedan
One of my all time favourite songs
Bruh 9 dagar sedan
The last owner of my chemistry book wrote this in the book
PRESTER VLOGS TV 9 dagar sedan
September 2020
Cristian Mateo Jaimes Ramírez
Cristian Mateo Jaimes Ramírez 11 dagar sedan
Kygo: Stay Stranger Things Sunrise Permanent Kids in love Happy now Carry on Raging Born to be yours feat Imagine Dragons Firestone Remind me to forget Higher love feat Whitney Houston Not ok I see you Think about you Stargazing
Cristian Mateo Jaimes Ramírez
Cristian Mateo Jaimes Ramírez 5 dagar sedan
Agree :)
Gible Pika
Gible Pika 7 dagar sedan
Man you stole the show
Asher Jodun
Asher Jodun 11 dagar sedan
2020 people...where U at?❤
Beeshoo alqahtany
Beeshoo alqahtany 11 dagar sedan
3:28 I’m dead 😵
RedHawk 132
RedHawk 132 11 dagar sedan
דניאל לוי
דניאל לוי 12 dagar sedan
Good song
7192179 12 dagar sedan
Good music. Good arts
Sebpv2006 12 dagar sedan
Ultimate driving music
Lightning Music
Lightning Music 13 dagar sedan
3:20:53 and say tks to me
nem chua
nem chua 15 dagar sedan
Dũng Nguyễn Tiến
Dũng Nguyễn Tiến 14 dagar sedan
Vừa đọc cmt fb xong vào đây :))
Mimen 17 dagar sedan
I miss 2015 - 2016
Carol Hernandez
Carol Hernandez 17 dagar sedan
Carol Hernandez
Carol Hernandez 17 dagar sedan
Jugo ese already un 2020 before se were in 2020
Victor Feng Xie
Victor Feng Xie 19 dagar sedan
Kygo is a genius with the rhythms 😎
sumit sagare
sumit sagare 22 dagar sedan
Who's listening this song at the end of 2020😝😷
Dimas Ari satriyo
Dimas Ari satriyo 22 dagar sedan
I like song CARRY ON
Fabiana Souza melo
Fabiana Souza melo 28 dagar sedan
Sarvind Rathod
Sarvind Rathod Månad sedan
KYGO should be more popular than he is.
Oka Dryant
Oka Dryant Månad sedan
Beautiful and great tropical house from Kygo !! 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️ It took hard work for me to get close to 1/1000 of his level 💪💪💪
Hoàng Nguyễn
Hoàng Nguyễn Månad sedan
The kid who listened to this 5 years ago for first time would have never been able to imagine himself rn, thankyou song for the nostalgia
BT 1000
BT 1000 Månad sedan
Almost Passed August...we still STAY
Caty Diamond
Caty Diamond Månad sedan
I am proud to be from norway when i listen to kygo💖🙂✌️🇳🇴🔥!!!!
#A Tec
#A Tec Månad sedan
I like sound of piano really good ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
isaac iglesias
isaac iglesias Månad sedan
i love the instruments and the rithm
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen Månad sedan
Thought I could leave you 'Cause I felt my heart numbing It hit so deep I closed my eyes and I just took off running I turned around and saw the look on your face So I stay Stay But I don't need you And you should know that baby It'd take a miracle for you to really try and change me Then I felt sorry for the look on your face So I stay Stay So I stay Stay So I stay Stay You wanna leave her Don't wanna hurt nobody I don't believe a single word you say or that you're sorry Why can't I say no to the look on your face I just stay Stay So I stay Stay So I stay Stay Push me away, you push me away But I always stay, I always stay, yeah Push me away, you push me away But I always stay, I always stay, yeah Push me away, you push me away But I always stay, I always stay, yeah Push me away, you push me away But I always stay, I always stay But will you Will you? Will you? So I stay Stay So I stay Stay I stay, I stay Oh why do I stay? So I stay Stay
Mr Collaborator
Mr Collaborator Månad sedan
If Kygo featuring with Emma Hewitt one day then I'll be 🤯🎉🎊🤩🤪
Lorenzo Fernandez Megias
Lorenzo Fernandez Megias Månad sedan
Its ok
HappyChildForever Månad sedan
Such an underrated song 😍
Khim Aguilar
Khim Aguilar Månad sedan
Covid 19 pandemic brought me here. Hello everyone! How are you?? #stayathome #staysafe
Tatiana Caballero
Tatiana Caballero Månad sedan
Stay y stayed suena igual??
Kiersten Rosania
Kiersten Rosania Månad sedan
Songs about unhealthy relationships still keep me coming back 😭
BẾP CHỊ HẰNG Månad sedan
Hi! I have completed the procedure for you to come back to the channel to help me! thanks l
Maycon Silva
Maycon Silva Månad sedan
*Cadê os BR em 2020?🇧🇷*
Maycon Silva
Maycon Silva Månad sedan
*Someone in 2020 in this quarantine?*
Johnelle Brennan
Johnelle Brennan 2 månader sedan
Dag kygo you create hits and more hits. Your amazing how do you do it
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