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As nationwide protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are met with police brutality, John Oliver discusses how the histories of policing and white supremacy are intertwined, the roadblocks to fixing things, and some potential paths forward.
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mizzamystar 2 timmar sedan
Amerikkka is fukkked
Fred Midtgaard
Fred Midtgaard 3 timmar sedan
This is horrible! How are you going to fix all the failed things going on in the USA?
Daniel Fullerton
Daniel Fullerton 4 timmar sedan
That's our showwww
Virginia Jayne
Virginia Jayne 4 timmar sedan
It's more than race...but socioeconomic. I live in a poor neighborhood...police presence heavy although we live very harmoniously together. It's disgraceful.
riconater 321
riconater 321 5 timmar sedan
Such bs. Some of those protests were peaceful, many were not. Police get it right way more than they get it wrong. The clips of the police that they showed were because bricks and bottles were being thrown at them, but they conveniently didnt show that part. Doesnt fit the narrative. We need the police. Tired of Hollywood and elitists like this clown trying to change America into a socialist hellhole and instill cancel culture far leftist craziness. America is a great country stop pretending its not John Oliver. If you hate it that bad, then leave. Oh wait you make millions here with your fake news show...
icecreamgirl227 5 timmar sedan
Unfortunately there does seem to be a double standard when it comes to protests like this, for example I went to a blm protest where everyone was social distancing including wearing masks and the police informed every person going to it that they were going to get fined because of breaking covid regulations and they fined people from that protest. Some could say that they were withholding the law and hence the fines were justified but unfortunate. However a protest happened against the tearing down of statues days later with a majority of white men who were not wearing masks, who were not social distancing and they received absolutely no fines at all. That happened in the UK and it genuinely makes my blood boil
ghostofhobs 7 timmar sedan
The entire video is what I think when people say they want to go back to normal. That shit isn't normal only normalized by ignorance and cowards
Paul Davey
Paul Davey 8 timmar sedan
Utter class.
R G 8 timmar sedan
I am very liberal but name me a country in the existence of human kind where some sort of police was not needed to maintain order? You don’t need to defund the police, you need to reform it.
SaraAnn23 8 timmar sedan
That speech at the end is incredibly powerful
LORD LEX 8 timmar sedan
The police unions must be abolished
Lewis Wood
Lewis Wood 9 timmar sedan
I think "Killology" might just be the most American word I've ever heard.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 9 timmar sedan
Most cops are good. Most black people are good. Most white people are good. This is the best time to ever be alive.
Alex Reci
Alex Reci 9 timmar sedan
Me personally I'm looking for revenge, but we can't do it alone we the blacks to join in.
Inatsikap 9 timmar sedan
The whole problem is down to the POLICE UNIONs - These are the old style teamsters (Most are racists). - Such a powerful message at the end! You are damn lucky they are not looking for revenge for 400 years of suffering!!
Flo_For 10 timmar sedan
In Germany our police doesn’t confront any of the protesters, if not really Necessary. The people can say what they want, they assemble, protest and go. The police doesn’t push or block the protest. They are just on stand by. The protesters get tired after a long day and go home. When there is no one to enrage them, they are not gonna loot anything. An by the way the most fires were probably caused by police throwing Grenades and stuff at the people. But American police and politics is just stupid and messed up.
jon oblivious
jon oblivious 11 timmar sedan
always informative
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 11 timmar sedan
And some of those rats have 4 adopted turtles to feed.
RobbyOnTheWay 13 timmar sedan
Most of the police in the USA is a racist Nazi club! Like your president!
Peter Kassovitz
Peter Kassovitz 15 timmar sedan
Thanks John
Todd Cott
Todd Cott 15 timmar sedan
John you are not American, get out of that shot hole country.
Phil Gallagher
Phil Gallagher 16 timmar sedan
Given there are 55k comments here, I don't expect any response but I want to make the point about "One bad apple/hamburger". That is only half the quotation, and people forget the other half. "One bad apple spoils the WHOLE BARREL"
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 11 timmar sedan
And American "leaders" criticises China for being heavy-handed :|
Слободан Караћ
Слободан Караћ 16 timmar sedan
Thanks god i inform about your situation on Ben Shapiro chanel, because you are so biased.
Слободан Караћ
Слободан Караћ 16 timmar sedan
Well John if you are white supfemacist, just give your paycheck to BLM
Alex Axelberg
Alex Axelberg 17 timmar sedan
Violence creates only violence. The video creates uncomfortable feeling that pushes some to seek for justice. JO (who is affiliating themselves to “donkeys”) here is brewing negative feelings in people’s hearts that could spark another wave of protests that could ultimately lead to the violence and pain from “any side”. This video is probably needs to be reported to avoid adding more salt to the open wound. Peace.
Alex Axelberg
Alex Axelberg 12 timmar sedan
RobbyOnTheWay bot...
RobbyOnTheWay 12 timmar sedan
What a BS!
AJ Today87
AJ Today87 17 timmar sedan
Pure retaliation! Should have started swinging!
Sara DB
Sara DB 18 timmar sedan
I cannot give an applause that would be loud enough for that final speech. This is the kind of media coverage I want to see in mainstream news outlets, not "here is a sports player you don't know who got injured yesterday"
Carwyn J. Thomas
Carwyn J. Thomas 18 timmar sedan
That woman speaking at the end: wow just wow
Kansa City Shuffle
Kansa City Shuffle 19 timmar sedan
Wider use of body cameras is a far cry from 100% compulsory use of them. Just another half hearted measure that falls flat on its face.
Matt Lygoe
Matt Lygoe 19 timmar sedan
Facts. Sad facts. Hard to take facts. Necessary facts. Thanks John Oliver.
bhujia bandur
bhujia bandur 20 timmar sedan
365 Tucker Carlson - SMALL GOVERNMENT!!! DEFUND THE GOVERNMENT!!! BLM - WE AGREE!!! DEFUND THE POLICE (funded by the government)...AND REALLOCATE SAVINGS TO OTHER CAUSES Tucker Carlson - WAIT...WHAT?!...NO...I MEAN...***hesitant, unintelligible, rascist mumbling***
Cat Warren
Cat Warren 20 timmar sedan
Why is it that every physician, nurse, or pharmacist in the country has to expect that any decision may show up at court in any time, but law enforcement has immunity from any accountability? It is completely unreasonable.
AmPxZ 20 timmar sedan
I hate how he is able to spew this bullshit and get no backlash
Ty Sargent
Ty Sargent 6 timmar sedan
Tucker? I agree.
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia 21 timme sedan
I'm so, so angry. I don't have the energy to stay angry, but I'll remember for when I do. Thank you, John, for doing something with yours, and thank you everyone else trying do do something about it. As well, Thank You Kimberly Jones. You shouldn't have had to educate us on this. But thank you for doing it.
Darth Groundhog
Darth Groundhog 21 timme sedan
Maybe the police are racially profiling because of the "despite being just 13% of the population" statistic. Hmmmmm. Self fufilling prophecy perhaps?
J No
J No 21 timme sedan
And American "leaders" criticises China for being heavy-handed :|
d4matee 21 timme sedan
Really liked John Oliver, don't like this one sided incorrect opinion on use of force...Or his "statistics" regarding racial targeting on criminals....
Lee Demarco
Lee Demarco 21 timme sedan
John....your cameras seem to have been pointing away from the groups of African Americans beating innocent white people to death during these riots. You also missed the looters ,the vandals and the ones braking down gates. Gangs hunting down peaceful people and beating them up....and posting it on soc media.. There are crimes from both ends here but you are only showing 1 side......and how about preaching to end racism in both ways all together? No...instead you are glorifying some brain washed idiot who is clearly racist and condoning some one saying "you are lucky black people are looking for equality not revenge" dude....fuck u.
Darth Groundhog
Darth Groundhog 21 timme sedan
All these talk shows and news outlets do is divide people and spew propaganda for their sides. They are the reason the cultural divide is so large.
Ryan Townsend
Ryan Townsend 22 timmar sedan
Nope. Record him with a gate and then add studio room tone. Sounds gross otherwise. Unless you are going for the bathroom recorded sound. I'd hope not. John, I'm Canadian. It's not stealing work if the others are incompetent.
Michael Miles
Michael Miles 23 timmar sedan
John, it took you half an hour to say what that lady said in 20 seconds. Powerful stuff from both of you.
Magisterial Voyager
Magisterial Voyager 23 timmar sedan
Very informative and moving. Thank you, John Oliver and team.
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
Bro they got so bored at it they started posting on Facebook I'm just as I got so much of them sending it directly on Facebook of the murdering and killing somebody
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
English it was like all types of murders and lynchings was happening like real lynching but I didn't say racist white people killed so many people they ain't even have on a police uniform and nut they just use regular Nazis and regular Confederate people just murdering and killing people and nothing was really being done
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
Will f****** up is that dish it reached the highest part of the military you know will you sit back and think like damn on you put on the uniform there keep me safe I ain't think you'll be the one that be the terrorist
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
The whole time he came in office this was his plan he started out basic tagging anybody but then he when after the Mexicans what is whole Target was us like an ethnic cleansing
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
I'm a firm believer since I voted them in that's why I never voted for no stupid ass bastard I get Obama was my last good to vote Trump just resume should they just to me just gave us like you don't take this s*** regardless
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
Spending Bill Clinton never seen no impeachment come so f****** strong and hard I'm telling my I put my arm didn't want to bug out of ear same thing with bush oh I accept the f****** I accept I voted in them I voted them and so I kept the f*** related it
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
But other than that when it comes to stuff like with me and you were talking about yeah I'm the lock your s*** down like that is it is it is do you know how many more Trump is a that's his homie
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
The only people s*** that get locked down like that are strippers that be on here for showing too much gimme the good stuff Mark Zuckerberg with his panties all up in a bunch too much adult content unless your white
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
They don't usually like people Pages down like that it is not that many people pages on Facebook your whole page is locked down like that
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
Hey I was talking to you that day on your podcast on SEshow page I see your Facebook page look like mine I was saying you must got some really stuff that Mark Zuckerberg don't want nobody to see or somebody in the Pentagon is like hell to the no
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
Hmair Simons
Hmair Simons Dag sedan
S Stevens
S Stevens Dag sedan
So is John Oliver just a dog shit show now? I remember he used to do cool stories about stuff that wasn't being covered?
Just someone Else
Just someone Else Dag sedan
I’m on a Karen watch right now
Mighty Ash
Mighty Ash Dag sedan
Nailed it. Do Australia next please.
L.A. Zen
L.A. Zen Dag sedan
Champy El Caballo
Champy El Caballo Dag sedan
0:47......Love this chick!! Look at her mask!! Repping for the homies AT A PEACEFUL PROTEST!!! Love it!! Love when they show stuff like that!!! A wise man once said: "When a down trodden, oppressed and angry sect of people who feel the system in place has let them down DESPERATION sets in and they will set out to create a new system while ELIMINATING the oppressors of the old system. Once the OVERTHROW is achieved then REVENGE becomes the priority!! In the end once desperation takes hold and the oppressed have nothing to lose a war of attrition begins. Systems win battles. Desperation wins wars"!! Translated to "Ebonics" the great Ving Rhames(RIP), aka "Diamond Dog", said it best when he translated the above quote to: "YOU BE PHUCKED"!! 3:29.....It always gives me a chuckle when...cough....cough.... I see "affluent" people see videos, like the montage that starts here, for the first time!! Inevitably they will use words like uncontionable, unbelievable and disturbing to describe them. You know what those of us that have lived it call it? Wednesday afternoon!!! Please remember that cops are doing this on camera in the year 2020!! Imagine what went on before technology evolved into what it is today. Cameras are not everywhere today. Not everything is on video and what cops do on the streets, jails and prisons is simply terrible!! If that's what's going on when the camera is rolling imagine what Pelican Bay or ADX Colorado type prison correctional officers or beat officers & detectives on the streets, that can turn body cameras off, are doing to HANDCUFFED individuals and/or the innocent until proven guilty!!! It should piss you off!! Well, unless your Trump and he wants officers to be aggressive and tough with SUSPECTS WHO ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!! Weird how history repeats itself. One of the reasons the Decloration of Independence was created was because King George arrested, imprisoned and committed violent acts on SUSPECTS and there families!! Let's not forget that another reason for the DoI was because he would try suspects over and over until he got his desired outcome!! The more things change the more they stay the same!!! MAGA!! 5:20.......THANK YOU JOHN OLIVER!!! Mexicans are just as discriminated against as any other oppressed race!!!
Manuel Antuña
Manuel Antuña Dag sedan
33:12 While I totally get (yet I can't posibly say I had experienced such struggle) I don't think minorities in general are in a position to be talking like that. You know.. white people are pretty good at the whole "genocide" thing. But then again I really want to see us in a few years being opressed trying to scape to Cameroon when the African economy booms.. that's gonna be hilarious to see.
No Name
No Name Dag sedan
"ItS jUsT a FeW bAd ApPlEs" please. I've said it once I'll say it again: if I make some all American apple pies, and a few of the apples are bad, rotten and spoiled, but the rest, most of them even, are still good... You still gonna have a slice?
Julian Wilkinson
Julian Wilkinson Dag sedan
Would love to see a UK equivalent episode...
DinkleDigeroo Dag sedan
Another Jew trying to virtue signal while standing with the Democrat KKK party for 100 years.
Donald Kenne
Donald Kenne Dag sedan
Oh look, John finally discovered that unions could be bad. How amazing.
Paul Costache
Paul Costache Dag sedan
These guys are out of control. Pepper spraying people for having an opinion. That was just shocking to watch.
BitchWongFoo Dag sedan
Liberal rag canceled HBO over these lies!
Just someone Else
Just someone Else Dag sedan
Ok Karen. First of all, the videos will be back on the 17th. Second, he has been seriously insightful about SOOOO many problems that the U.S. has. Third and last, you need a grammar lesson.
kattierify Dag sedan
Such a powerful message and the lady at the end wow! She is amazing she summed it up in a nutshell. So fucking sad ☹️
SJ H Dag sedan
"Pick up a shovel" indeed. The thing is, if you're comprehensive enough in using it to truly dig up the roots of white supremacy - by the time your finish, the things we call the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, capitalism, the concept of "white person" and a good deal of modern "Western" civilization will be buried in that ocean of dirt. And on top of it will be people working to sow the seeds of something entirely new. Don't reform what shouldn't be saved, especially in the age of climate change. That's what I want help work at building, even though I won't live to see the results. In the meantime, we can find a comradeship more vulnerable, heartbreaking, joyful and deeper than we ever imagined - the birth pangs of a better, decolonized form of human existence - as we pick away at that unholy edifice. So let's start digging.
Jeff Swartz
Jeff Swartz Dag sedan
I have a roommate I love him dearly he is a close friend from Jamaica. I I have had moments of anger overhear in conversation he has with people from home. He is a well-educated man I have pointed out to him his comments are offensive sometimes and racist and that's exactly what they are. But saying that I have to acknowledge that through his exposure 2 media here and his own personal experience with the laws it is a very tough sell to explain to this man that not all whites are racist in bad people when we are the ones who have voted in and tolerated the behavior of these officials. I will connect the dots I haven't racist bone in my body. Strange our local sheriff likes to kick the s*** out of any blacks he gets his hands on. We as a group put that a****** in power. It is racist that we even tolerate it why can't our officials beaches chosen by Lottery I think there are homeless people that would do a much better f****** job
Jeff Swartz
Jeff Swartz Dag sedan
Tough sell I'm trying to say tough sell voice recognition bulshit
Wow! You said it fine, brother!
Sandpidgeon Dag sedan
Oh shut up John. Boring and incorrect.
Just someone Else
Just someone Else Dag sedan
How is this incorrect? No tell me and link the sources. If it has stats or a comment not taken out of context then I might think about it but I highly doubt that. He put the sources in the background of what he is saying so I think that’s reasonable.
Jeff Swartz
Jeff Swartz Dag sedan
My voice recognition is about as fucked up as the content of this show
Jeff Swartz
Jeff Swartz Dag sedan
How powerful was that ending that woman is an example of strength intelligence and beauty. I cannot stop thinking of what she said there is a solution two of them actually one would be all out Revolution does the population understand that in the state of Virginia alone there are over 700,000 registered gun owners there's about a million people in the Army at any given time and some of them know right from wrong and I'm certain would refuse orders to fire on population our country's citizens we are the most powerful force on the planet. Not these fools that have been erected to represent. We're second and more logical solution is to get rid of them all incumbents out every one of them and when the next Batch get in there and sell us out we fire them to stop voting lawmakers into power stop voting wealthy exclusive white people into power I work with men more qualified to handle a job Denise f****** assholes ever will be. None of these people in office represent me or the life I have had even if I can't stand my neighbor I would rather have him representing me Denny's c********** we have now because I know he works and understand common sense how can we be so f****** stupid as to keep voting the same kind of mother fucking inbreed elite into power. The police. Okay there are good and bad there are racist adopt the same number maybe a couple more as in my work it is just a fact the difference however is management is not tolerated in my workplace a construction site yet somehow it is tolerated in management by our highest officials and that is why it continue there simply is no accountability for that backward outdated Behavior. I have had issues with the law more than once it is terrifying mostly all I had a tryst was money embarrassment possible time away from my life however my experience is nothing at all like what the folks in our black communities have to deal with and fear. can you even so I can relate or imagine what is people are dealing with in experiencing in their home country
Edward Day
Edward Day Dag sedan
Thank you.
SBwarriorwolf Dag sedan
The ending gave me the most intense goosebumps I've ever felt in my entire life. She's right, she's so incredibly right and my whole being felt what she said.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Dag sedan
That woman’s words brings tears to the eyes, a shiver down the spine and the ache in the heart.
SBwarriorwolf Dag sedan
That was the most powerful ending to a show that I've ever seen.
Stewart Leslie
Stewart Leslie Dag sedan
The social contract was broken by the police and the politicians at all levels of government so that gives people the right to loot stores and destroy the neighbourhood? Wouldn't it be better to protest at the police stations and government buildings instead of giving an excuse for insurance companies to raise their rates meaning they get richer whilst looking for the flimsiest of reasons not to pay out?
Mute WAH
Mute WAH Dag sedan
Unbelievable. Love this country or leave it Brit.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Dag sedan
John looks as tired as literally all of us right now by the end
douglasinsf Dag sedan
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett Dag sedan
You sentient polo stick. Gold!