Joseph DeAngelo, alleged Golden State Killer makes court appearance

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Joseph DeAngelo, the accused Golden State Killer, did not speak during the brief appearance on August 22, 2019.

MrQuietman87 Månad sedan
I am french and i am sure it was him who stalk my wife on the phone around 1984 he was saying " i am going to kill you " repetedly and that day i was just coming home and i pick up the phone and i swear at him in french , it was at citrus heights ....😰 Maybe because we where french he gave up not wanting to make it an international event ...strangely a year After as i was separeded from my ex an intruder looking exactelly like him tried to break into my bedroom taking out the screen and because my little dog started to bark he runned away and i was able to see him and give his description to the K9 unit police officer who came at the scene , it was on Fulton avenue Edgewater appartement complex , maybe you can find the police report ? I think i have been very lucky and like the officer told me " you can thank you buddy" my little dog had a happy life and lived until 18 years old .....
clouded 4 månader sedan
i hope the families of the victims of these crime get some kind of peace...really all i can say.
lazyla27 5 månader sedan
Really weird news format - like two Millennials standing around a water cooler talking about the case. For the love of God, when they started talking about his weight loss, and the girl was like, "Yeah, yeah..." Ok, that's news worthy? Not unless there is a story like he is starving himself in protest or due to depression. Other notable moments in this stellar news reporting - "...he was standing..." and "...he looked a lot older. I thought the female reporter might add "Like, fur sure."
Tony Quigley
Tony Quigley 6 månader sedan
Can someone find out when his next ourt appearance or even his plea hearing is? it's stopped everywere
lazyla27 5 månader sedan
One Google search "Golden State Killer Trial" and this came up I know it's tough sometimes to put in the hard work, but I believe in you.
B I 6 månader sedan
Talibaan shariya courts are far quicker than U S
B I 6 månader sedan
More time.?????
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau 7 månader sedan
One of the worst humans ever.
peter smith
peter smith 8 månader sedan
He has had to give up pepsi and coors beer inside, and become skinnier now
ross mrmojorisin
ross mrmojorisin 8 månader sedan
Looks like he's standing you are a great observer..
Jackson Nelson
Jackson Nelson 10 månader sedan
Lol Spongebob at 1:22
Tony Quigley
Tony Quigley 10 månader sedan
he don't look well at all, i think he's trying to kill himself. starvation etc
kanackhee 7 månader sedan
Bigfoot Well. California is not going to execute him either way. So he should just plead guilty and try and get comfortable in prison.
Bigfoot 8 månader sedan
@Anthony Quigley Well, he is a former police officer, which means that he is intimately familiar with police procedure as well as legal procedure in regards to self-incrimination. If he plays the feeble old man with a mental disorder card, he might avoid the chamber.
Bigfoot 10 månader sedan
Domino 10 månader sedan
what a monster
E Garza
E Garza 10 månader sedan
Joseph J. DeAngelo: 5'10" left handed blue eyes blonde hair shoe size: 9 wears converse ex-military COS (College of the Sequoias): Joseph was taking P.O.S.T. Peace Officers Standards & Training classes (ransacking was around college) on Fridays & Saturdays.COS professor murdered. Shoots officer McGowen's flashlight(suspected police training)(suspected ex-military or military because ransacker scaled fences) Students from MT. Whitney High & Redwood High were questioned. Utility workers that transferred to Sacramento were checked. Why didn't anyone ever check military bases, officers & COS students in the Police Academy program that transferred to Sacramento?
Somphoth Siratsamy
Somphoth Siratsamy 10 månader sedan
Elliott Knighves
Elliott Knighves 10 månader sedan
@Blur Ice lawl
Blur Ice
Blur Ice 10 månader sedan
Denni Bulli lol
Denni Bulli
Denni Bulli 10 månader sedan
Somphoth Siratsamy lol