Doja Cat, Tyga - Juicy (Official Video)

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Karolina Nowak
Karolina Nowak 35 sekunder sedan
This is what the colour red sounds like
erin stocker
erin stocker 2 minuter sedan
imagine looking like doja 😍
Kira's Studio
Kira's Studio Timme sedan
Fruit ninja approves of this message
Ashlersa 2 timmar sedan
Ok but like No one: Not even a single soul: The girl in the beginning that is flat: pretend I have 🍑 ( 0:11 )
Así te quería agarrar spamer
Así te quería agarrar spamer 2 timmar sedan
Doja Cat have the body that kyle jenner and kim kardashan always wanted to have.
Tyten 00
Tyten 00 2 timmar sedan
One reason why Mark listen to Doja🍉
DEEZY THE RUNT 3 timmar sedan
Not sure about the rest of y'all But I'm bout to head to the grocery store
Emilio. no sé Ollé nada Santana Altamirano
Emilio. no sé Ollé nada Santana Altamirano 4 timmar sedan
No manches Se le veía la pompis
Rodrigo Jr Aguirre
Rodrigo Jr Aguirre 4 timmar sedan
RhythmGameNostalgia 5 timmar sedan
ĐÎØ BŘÆÑĐŐ 4 timmar sedan
I'm not clicking
AnOnIm AnOnImOuS69
AnOnIm AnOnImOuS69 6 timmar sedan
Manu Florzinha
Manu Florzinha 6 timmar sedan
Beauti ful Better You good you clothes Will stay cure
andrey Miranda
andrey Miranda 7 timmar sedan
I think i gonna use this music with my family in the barbecue👍
Lian Cabrera
Lian Cabrera 8 timmar sedan
Arya Shubhan
Arya Shubhan 8 timmar sedan
*My little brother believed this is a Fruit Ninja Promo song.😂*
OLGa FaD 9 timmar sedan
Все же знают что Шуга наш сахарок
Probrokeja _
Probrokeja _ 10 timmar sedan
im lucky I'm french and my parents don't understand the lyrics
Bachelorette 11 timmar sedan
20k to 150 million doja queeeeeeeen
pokemon maniak
pokemon maniak 11 timmar sedan
It’s hurt when u sit?
ThEsE sImPs ThIrStY aF MaHn
ThEsE sImPs ThIrStY aF MaHn 12 timmar sedan
Sry but this song is a banger :/
Jessica Petersen
Jessica Petersen 12 timmar sedan
Those cheeks..yucko
Jessica Petersen
Jessica Petersen 12 timmar sedan
She always talks about natural tiddays being saggy... That's just not true. Her tits are " naturally " saggy... that's about it!
Ansel Pereira
Ansel Pereira 12 timmar sedan
Eli Garcia
Eli Garcia 14 timmar sedan
This the song you listen to when your girl is not around
Caleb_Beez Pickering
Caleb_Beez Pickering 14 timmar sedan
Doja unbelievable
ilham rifqi
ilham rifqi 15 timmar sedan
This is critical
Bianca Kay
Bianca Kay 15 timmar sedan
South Africa eat that lunch and screaming DOOOJAAAJJA!!!
Adriana85555 UWU
Adriana85555 UWU 16 timmar sedan
Shes a watermelon- Shes a cherry- *SHES A LEMON*
Asherah Facundo
Asherah Facundo 16 timmar sedan
Soo this a song of fruits???
ปราง โชวันดี
ปราง โชวันดี 16 timmar sedan
Reba Rudy
Reba Rudy 16 timmar sedan
Dojo, looking flawless and thicc. Me looking like a double decker biscuit.
Jayde Solipo
Jayde Solipo 17 timmar sedan
i once blasted this song in my headphones in class and wondered why everybody looked at me weird. they mad cause they ain't got the juicy
Trash 17 timmar sedan
This is a reply to @Maddy Martinez and her comment honestly if you're a Christian or raised in a religious (specifically Christianity) family you get to make fun of your religion
Thomas Norton
Thomas Norton 17 timmar sedan
Who is this shithead about 1:30 in ruining a good softcore porno?
zac 13 timmar sedan
FX Trading King
FX Trading King 18 timmar sedan
If you like it, send me some bitcoin, here: 3NSEQpY2EgPtbnPWzHJt5Kht7KbFPidT5b
Erik Zirbel
Erik Zirbel 18 timmar sedan
She greedy. Got that greed booty.
Jessica Petersen
Jessica Petersen 18 timmar sedan
Doja fat
buritto-cado 16 timmar sedan
body shaming is not good!!!
Jessica Petersen
Jessica Petersen 18 timmar sedan
Yuck Disgusting. She picks on fat people, but she needs to look in the mirror because that purple outfit ain't it!!!!! Ew! She talks about natural tits being saggy but that's just not true.
zac 13 timmar sedan
Jessica, have you seen yourself?
buritto-cado 16 timmar sedan
you are disgusting, people have feelings too, y'all know it, but i bet you don't, you can have your opinion but don't say it on public, for all of the bad things and rumors y'all said against her are also spreading hate, making her bad to other people's eyes
Mutombo 19 timmar sedan
Can't decide of her ass if Fat or Phat. ???????????????????????
DeezNuts 19 timmar sedan
Wannabe old school rihana song
Ayva Pounds
Ayva Pounds 19 timmar sedan
6Sage_ Grizzy
6Sage_ Grizzy 21 timme sedan
Some day I’m gonna do a vid where I use and eye tracker and try not to look at anything
Gleice Santos
Gleice Santos 23 timmar sedan
Quem veio pela vivi morena curte aqui 🤣
sweet cat
sweet cat Dag sedan
Asia Lin
Asia Lin Dag sedan
Emerson Thomas
Emerson Thomas Dag sedan
She is hella goergous just sayin.
Bunny Bro
Bunny Bro Dag sedan
Looked up Biggie's Juicy and found this instead It ain't bad,but I still prefer Juicy over this
Update_Required Dag sedan
all these bitches be jealous of my natural fat ass XD. except that im a straight teenage boy
Sara Cupcake
Sara Cupcake Dag sedan
What did I just watch 😳
TheGodOfNaruSasu narusasu shouldve been cannon ;-;
TheGodOfNaruSasu narusasu shouldve been cannon ;-; Dag sedan
*I went to a middle school dance and they played this lmao*
Sarah McConnell
Sarah McConnell Dag sedan
Got this shit stuck in my head all day. Yea, u got me.
Miss Kayy
Miss Kayy Dag sedan
Miss Kayy
Miss Kayy Dag sedan
bobby Valentino
bobby Valentino Dag sedan
This video sooooo colorful 👏👏 * *drools* * 🤤
Chelsea Short
Chelsea Short Dag sedan
Look at bitch wig😂🤣😅
Meline Sparks
Meline Sparks Dag sedan
this video lowkey gives off No Scrubs vibes?
sunzxy Dag sedan
The is the best ad for fruit ninja ever
Yolanda Calderon
Yolanda Calderon Dag sedan
Her body is amazing!
*Kyra_Chan!* Dag sedan
Gurl this is very bizarre, im a girl, and i look Doja AND I LIKE IT, IM NOT LESBIAN! W7F GURL
juho lady
juho lady Dag sedan
Vitória Castro
Vitória Castro Dag sedan
Tudo culpa da p%$@ da Hannah Montanha