Dre'es - Warm ft. Mia (Music Video) Prod. AJ

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2 år sedan

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Produced by @cubanshirts
Dre'es and Mia Xitlali
Video Directed by: Darren Dai
Director of photography: Connor Pollard

Shuai Zhang
Shuai Zhang 8 timmar sedan
Mia looks like a southeast Asian girl.
Gunmaral Il
Gunmaral Il 9 timmar sedan
Mia looks like Freddie's lil sister from Skins.
Rita Huck
Rita Huck Dag sedan
I am so liking this song it's so mellow, easy,relaxing, fantastic and gives you a Warm feeling!
MOLE Dag sedan
Why only now I find this
Leasah DeLeon
Leasah DeLeon 2 dagar sedan
Que lindo 😍
Noelle Morgan
Noelle Morgan 3 dagar sedan
happy my sis recommending this song hope this song blows up
Agatha Rona
Agatha Rona 3 dagar sedan
I could listen to this song all day long. Even when I don't have this song on, I could still hear it in my head.
Tasha Wallace
Tasha Wallace 4 dagar sedan
Light Croix
Light Croix 4 dagar sedan
This is what you call a Chilly Bass Music. More like this please! Thank you Dre'es!
M Y 4 dagar sedan
volume high Im high🥴🥴
Destiny Mampourian
Destiny Mampourian 4 dagar sedan
Yeah im obsessed with you.
Jasmine noble
Jasmine noble 4 dagar sedan
Hello, just wondering - Can I use this for a youtube video?
Sothea SENG
Sothea SENG 4 dagar sedan
Can anyone please let me make what kind of genre is this?
Sothea SENG
Sothea SENG 3 dagar sedan
Irem Karabulut thankey you
Irem Karabulut
Irem Karabulut 3 dagar sedan
It's magic
Marina nails
Marina nails 5 dagar sedan
Angelo G
Angelo G 5 dagar sedan
Anuna josh pint
Gab 6 dagar sedan
Dorrin lama Keishing
Dorrin lama Keishing 6 dagar sedan
Why dint youtube recommend this track back in 2018. Seriously my jam
pob- 6 dagar sedan
So underrated. Seriously this song should be heard by way more people
joe viveros
joe viveros 6 dagar sedan
Please more songs with Mia!!
Jalynn 6 dagar sedan
While we lay in diamonds On a faraway island in a blissful silence You and I can, you and I can Fall in love, fall in love Fall in love All we got is a bag in the backseat And this love we share, not shabby at all But the fact is we moving too fast But the thought passed me When I got lost inside of your eyes Cliché to say but it's too true Picking up dandys You always wanted a dandy man, you did Not a candy man, I don't sugarcoat nothin' Extra cash come in handy Good thing we saved up extra Before we ran away from home We gotta go While we lay in diamonds On a faraway island in a blissful silence You and I can, you and I can Fall in love, fall in love Fall in love
田辺の日記 7 dagar sedan
Az Iz
Az Iz 7 dagar sedan
Bro love this song !
โรตีดิบ อร่อยตรงไหน
โรตีดิบ อร่อยตรงไหน 7 dagar sedan
Where's location? beautyful
Purble 7 dagar sedan
Jeonghun Lee
Jeonghun Lee 7 dagar sedan
아 싸발 노래 졸라좋네ㅋㅋ
Trampsta 8 dagar sedan
great great great song!!! wish i can listen to it with a better mix/master.
Dillon Santos
Dillon Santos 9 dagar sedan
this is an absolute bop
ENREPEAT 10 dagar sedan
CateDoge 10 dagar sedan
Chris Jack
Chris Jack 11 dagar sedan
Love your music....SP born and raised!!!!
Lisa Michelle
Lisa Michelle 11 dagar sedan
where has this gem been hiding! im ashamed to say this is my first time listening to this.
Zonic2806 Player
Zonic2806 Player 11 dagar sedan
Hey people suscribe the music is so good i liked so much
Elissa Rios
Elissa Rios 11 dagar sedan
KerlyFries 11 dagar sedan
The mood of this song, YAS.
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 12 dagar sedan
Aye! I love this song
Aakriti Mukhia
Aakriti Mukhia 12 dagar sedan
The kind of song you listen at 01:00 am with your other half in the car and the wind touches your soul and you're in love with your life. 💓
Daniela Puente
Daniela Puente 13 dagar sedan
Y la escucharé las veces necesarias hasta que me harte de está canción ... Nunca 💁🏼‍♀️
Helmi Aprianto
Helmi Aprianto 13 dagar sedan
Another song form mia? Please
Pancakes 13 dagar sedan
Tania Valentina Salazar
Tania Valentina Salazar 13 dagar sedan
Mia es la más hermosaaaaaa
David Pulke
David Pulke 14 dagar sedan
Wow You Good
Bill Jones
Bill Jones 14 dagar sedan
Here chilling poolside during Covid-19 pandemic, still alive in Los Angeles July 25 2020. Stay safe everyone, you have to look out for yourselves
Aakriti Mukhia
Aakriti Mukhia 12 dagar sedan
We are gonna make through this dude! Here surviving in India.
jelly ace
jelly ace 14 dagar sedan
Chillllll 🕊️
Der König
Der König 14 dagar sedan
viniARTSHOWCAS E 15 dagar sedan
Типа Тип
Типа Тип 15 dagar sedan
guys who have mia's ig ? need link)
truong tu
truong tu 16 dagar sedan
why didn’t i know u earlier ??????????
Ariana Cubos
Ariana Cubos 16 dagar sedan
The Nailchemist
The Nailchemist 16 dagar sedan
Nobody.... Guy in the beanie in Helicopter..... this is actually my girlfriend. Love is a lie!
Esebio 16 dagar sedan
Brother nature is that you?
Loli Panda
Loli Panda 16 dagar sedan
Max Hauser
Max Hauser 16 dagar sedan
pretentious vibes low key
Max Hauser
Max Hauser 16 dagar sedan
great song tho
J. Vishae
J. Vishae 16 dagar sedan
Emm Mma
Emm Mma 16 dagar sedan
Yep this is my jam
Derek Huaranga
Derek Huaranga 17 dagar sedan
Flika Carvalho
Flika Carvalho 17 dagar sedan
Just came across this song....i LOVEE. so happy listening right now
Ivan Avelino
Ivan Avelino 16 dagar sedan
Me too it’s soo good ❤️
fajrin knight
fajrin knight 17 dagar sedan
It is 1:45 am in my country and I still working, when I hear this song. this song heals me. thank you.
No. 1.01
No. 1.01 Dag sedan
Stay safe😂
Diane Indart
Diane Indart 17 dagar sedan
two years ago ? why I discover it just now? looks just so pristine, so crisp , so new, I love it
Suru ocean
Suru ocean 17 dagar sedan
Hey Amigos, essa música me dá uma brisa tão boa, principalmente quando tô chapado, muito obrigado pela energia.
Eva Silva
Eva Silva 17 dagar sedan
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