Human Blood vs. Snake Venom!

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On this episode, get ready for PART TWO of our epic Venom vs. Blood adventure! Coyote and the crew are in DeLand, Florida at the Reptile Discovery Center, and after they've assisted with snake milking, Coyote is ready.. to mix his blood with SNAKE VENOM! What will happen when Coyote combines his own BLOOD with snake VENOM?! Watch now to find out!
Big thank you to the Reptile Discovery Center and owner Carl Barden and Mara for having us! Planning a visit to DeLand, Florida? Visit the Reptile Discovery Center! Head to their website for more information:
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Student Maria Dondero
Student Maria Dondero 4 minuter sedan
Haha I take blood tests and every 6months.
GFR ZCR 25 minuter sedan
The blood that can cure everything isnt strong enough to counter venom
Quirk Gaming
Quirk Gaming 26 minuter sedan
I'm 11 and I don't get scared of getting my blood taken I just watch them
Fezyra Nesry
Fezyra Nesry Timme sedan
He should wear gloves tho
the shared gaming 64
the shared gaming 64 Timme sedan
What a wussy i had to be needled 10 times to find a vein and i feeled a hit of pain
Mike Weed
Mike Weed 2 timmar sedan
Carl: something about your heart after bite. : coyote literal😬 emoji
Add me on PSN for fifa 20 or R6
Add me on PSN for fifa 20 or R6 2 timmar sedan
My father is a doctor and he always takes my blood for blood tests, Im surprised that you had such a reaction from a needle 😂. Stay strong king
A girl who saves the earth
A girl who saves the earth 2 timmar sedan
I started to feel vomiting when I saw blood !!
PH4NT0M 2 timmar sedan
Coyote: *gets bitten by a lethal insect or snake* Also Coyote: tis but a scratch
Sean Seaver
Sean Seaver 2 timmar sedan
Get bitten by a bal Python same pain no venom
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 3 timmar sedan
I just watch 45 seconds did he die i cant bare to watch snakes
Gacha Mxxn tulip
Gacha Mxxn tulip 4 timmar sedan
I almost got bit by a water mockason thankfully I was able to ride my bike down 3 flights of stairs 😅
Nikhil Solanki
Nikhil Solanki 4 timmar sedan
Looks similar to pineapple juice...
Sam TG
Sam TG 4 timmar sedan
geget bibitten by a vonomos spider eg the false widow
Eliana Harden
Eliana Harden 5 timmar sedan
take a shot every time he says naked eye
SIZZKID 5 timmar sedan
This is the creation of the lizard in spiderman
BTS X ARMY 5 timmar sedan
Why is he not wearing gloves. He's literally is handling poisons snakes.
QUOC SIEU TRUONG 6 timmar sedan
Dude you are crazy
MOHEED MD 6 timmar sedan
Me:- it's all just an experiment bal bal!!! My brain :- why he does not wear any gloves it just an acting??? Are what!!
Google Gos
Google Gos 6 timmar sedan
Noooooooo don't get bit by a snake you will die
kylie brine
kylie brine 6 timmar sedan
Who remembers the snapping turtle vids
Alexis’s World
Alexis’s World 7 timmar sedan
Dude, it’s just a needle
Google Gos
Google Gos 7 timmar sedan
Noooooooo the sank are so dargerres
Mini Batman2.0
Mini Batman2.0 7 timmar sedan
I need to take about 6-12 vials of blood each year because I’m on Antidepressants... So I get my blood drawn like that all the time.
Google Gos
Google Gos 7 timmar sedan
Noooooooo he is so crazy
Emma W
Emma W 7 timmar sedan
Try different types of blood 🩸
Emma W
Emma W 7 timmar sedan
Ratel snakes 🐍 are my favourite type of snake 🐍
Emma W
Emma W 7 timmar sedan
Try different types of blood 🩸
Jason Jacobs
Jason Jacobs 7 timmar sedan
Now you know how feel at the hostpital xD
mstott90 7 timmar sedan
I'm Coyote Peterson, and I'm about to enter the sting zone with a sterile butterfly needle.
Hellmo 7 timmar sedan
2020: getting ideas Australia: sweating Me: hahaha I'm in danger
Martha Robb
Martha Robb 8 timmar sedan
Don't recommend this vid/video, to any one who is afraid if needles, snakes,blood, and etc. Lol!!! not joking..... also question if someone for example has a type A blood gets stung by a poisonous animal, will the same affects in the person's blood and side affects the same as a type B blood type ir different blood type?? (sorry long sentence) *Sorry if ir doesn't make sense*
Bloodsplatter Playz
Bloodsplatter Playz 8 timmar sedan
Coyote looks different with a beard
The Squad
The Squad 8 timmar sedan
that was so over exaggerated for the taking blood
JahKori Haliburton
JahKori Haliburton 8 timmar sedan
Guys don't let him do this or if you do care for him cause he is risking his freaking life HE CAN DIE But he is taking that chance for you guys
stan exo and nct.
stan exo and nct. 8 timmar sedan
coyote looks like my teacher i cant- 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀
Jupiter Yeets
Jupiter Yeets 8 timmar sedan
The Real Episode:Getting Pierced By A Needle
pissed veteran
pissed veteran 9 timmar sedan
Believe it or not we have water moccasins here in Indiana and I've killed a total of 3 so far in my life everyone else was scared I guess I was just crazy enough to go after it with a pitchfork and a axe it was going towards young kids I am 31 turn 32 this year and I had killed those three before I turn 18
Suga Sugar
Suga Sugar 9 timmar sedan
Wait if he gets bitten how is he still alive. just saying
CaMpAdAtA 9 timmar sedan
Well you could kill them but from a safe distance and with a humane way like shot with a shotgun and salt shot
as ha
as ha 9 timmar sedan
hes got massive balls, but when it comes to needles...
Adil Issabekov
Adil Issabekov 9 timmar sedan
LMFAO 3:15
Bullet-proof Burger
Bullet-proof Burger 10 timmar sedan
You are ok with a bug putting a it’s but in you
Shmeploo Bla
Shmeploo Bla 10 timmar sedan
I wanna taste the venom
Beni Sedano
Beni Sedano 10 timmar sedan
I have to get blood work every 3 months. It SUCKS!
Gamer Warrior YT
Gamer Warrior YT 10 timmar sedan
Me: when they get a tube of blood. Nope not going to do that
Amaya Nicholson
Amaya Nicholson 11 timmar sedan
He got but by centipede and then exputionor wasp but he did not die at all. And this experiment the the control section that blood was light and Green one dark
Amaya Nicholson
Amaya Nicholson 11 timmar sedan
So cool
Amaya Nicholson
Amaya Nicholson 11 timmar sedan
Coyote Peterson has a lot of blood
Amaya Nicholson
Amaya Nicholson 11 timmar sedan
This episode sucks
Sue J
Sue J 11 timmar sedan
jkbmnrd 11 timmar sedan
I love how Carl is just like 'this experiment doesn't really show anything'
Estrella Arceo
Estrella Arceo 11 timmar sedan
CookieDoughEvie 11 timmar sedan
Don’t worry about needles I’ve had them before Ik what it’s like and my mother has a needle every single month 🤭💉🩸
Jilicia Roopchand
Jilicia Roopchand 11 timmar sedan
He has a phobia?...
Isaline Duminil
Isaline Duminil 12 timmar sedan
You should wear gloves because it’s venomous.😅
Vikram Anand
Vikram Anand 12 timmar sedan
By the way I am Vihaan I am Turning eight and I can’t believe you’re risking your life that’s so scary
Vikram Anand
Vikram Anand 12 timmar sedan
Why are you risking your life
zElectrics 12 timmar sedan
You need venom to make live saving anti venom lol
RADU AUREL 12 timmar sedan
For that blood post you need to press the like button and the subscribe button
Honey BBQ Sauce
Honey BBQ Sauce 12 timmar sedan
"You gonna clean your blood off my table dude"
Maylinh Keys
Maylinh Keys 12 timmar sedan
No one. Absolutely no one The science guy. “AgAiN tO tHe NaKeD eYe “.
{GabrielleWantsToEat} 13 timmar sedan
Needles don't hurt, 🙄✋
What's Trending
What's Trending 13 timmar sedan
Are those venoms naturally yellow in colour or they coloured them on purpose?
matei marincu
matei marincu 13 timmar sedan
John marston do be lookin on fleek
Jwo 1
Jwo 1 13 timmar sedan
Why tf is he crying bout some blood tests 😂😭
Jaren Morgan
Jaren Morgan 14 timmar sedan
Yall know its different for every blood type and race and gender they all dont have the say effect
Indra Oktavian
Indra Oktavian 15 timmar sedan
Indo hadir😂😂
Ana Rosa Valdovinos
Ana Rosa Valdovinos 15 timmar sedan
How many hospital bills those he pay
carson whitney
carson whitney 15 timmar sedan
I am too around needles
TheHavoc09 15 timmar sedan
If you need input on how to conduct this more scientific, pm me. PhD and have worked with snake venom enzymes.
Ross Fyfe
Ross Fyfe 15 timmar sedan
Needles are totally more scary than insect sting or something like that I mean he's only been bitten by about 50 invests and he's been bitten by a flippen CROCODILE
Fresh Danda
Fresh Danda 15 timmar sedan
What if they put the injection in there body in Accidentally
sparkle taylor
sparkle taylor 16 timmar sedan
I feel sick😫discosting😳😵😳😶🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
sehun's left toe
sehun's left toe 16 timmar sedan
Why isn't he wearing gloves ...?
Syasya Jusardi
Syasya Jusardi 16 timmar sedan
3:22 That's how he got his name.
Trameggs UwU
Trameggs UwU 16 timmar sedan
Wow you get bitten by so mush insects and even a needle I can’t even handle a shot O.O
Singh SR
Singh SR 16 timmar sedan
The most painful situation in the world is still, when a needle getting out from the skin...😭😭
Denny-Chan 16 timmar sedan
Alm ost past out😱
Denny-Chan 16 timmar sedan
The nidel that herts
Denny-Chan 16 timmar sedan
Cammy why do you like it
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