A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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Jack Brinkman

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btw sorry for the mid rolls but I’m trying to buy a new bike and GoPro cameras and let’s just say money hasn’t been coming in the last 4 months of not posting

Kacie Shaw
Kacie Shaw 19 timmar sedan
I love how he smiles when he talks about her
Desmyn Stephens
Desmyn Stephens Dag sedan
He takes to long to say what happend did one of them cheat?????????????
θανασης ταξιαρχοπουλος
θανασης ταξιαρχοπουλος Dag sedan
U broke up 😭😭😭😭😭😭 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭u two are true dumbasses bro u were so good 👫👫 if u cheated on her or something then we boyss are really stupid with our lives
fang per
fang per 2 dagar sedan
you too young to marry now.. u need to try other girls before u marry... but one day you will want her back after you tried out other people.. but than it's gonna be too late... she will move on. you had her... everything was fine. she was loyal and loved you with pure heart. bro u will get know what kinda girls out there.. but yea u need experience good luck
Joseph mannix
Joseph mannix 2 dagar sedan
I don't even know who this is or who ever he's talking about
Stefana Marando
Stefana Marando 2 dagar sedan
If u know u were meant to be together and I feel like you are you will find you way back together
Stefana Marando
Stefana Marando 2 dagar sedan
I really thought they were going to get married and have kids 😢
Anna111 Rusyan
Anna111 Rusyan 2 dagar sedan
holy shit i miss that couple >> we know and u know that no one gonna replace Gab (( healing your broken heart ,u can make a lot of pain to someone else (( u know who i'm talking about
zoie 2 dagar sedan
but why ☹️
Angelina Montess
Angelina Montess 3 dagar sedan
Love isn’t real...
Maria elena Salazar
Maria elena Salazar 4 dagar sedan
Yea so I replaced her 2 months after 👎
Amber Moore
Amber Moore 4 dagar sedan
Anyone else thought she’s died... no just me
Austin Clark
Austin Clark 4 dagar sedan
yall was the best couples, i loved yalls relationship but 2020 is the worst year ever yall
Emily Arce - Cardenas
Emily Arce - Cardenas 4 dagar sedan
Can someone explain why they acually broke up?
The Faglie Fam
The Faglie Fam 4 dagar sedan
I’m so sad that Gabby and Jack split up
Louis 4 dagar sedan
2020 is one shit year
Mayer Jocks
Mayer Jocks 4 dagar sedan
Jack I really hope for you the best. You're an incredible person,and I really hope you found all the love you so much deserved 🥺🥺❤️❤️
Mia Torres
Mia Torres 5 dagar sedan
Why did u guys broke up
Mia Torres
Mia Torres 5 dagar sedan
Please watch her video
Mia Torres
Mia Torres 5 dagar sedan
2020 = worst year ever
Amber Wales
Amber Wales 6 dagar sedan
😭😭I was 😭😭crying 😭😭with😭😭 gab😭😭 part😭😭 of the😭 story now I am😭 sad agian😭
Stickan 6 dagar sedan
Came back to see what happened with these two lovebirds like wtf.
Tea Šekarić
Tea Šekarić 6 dagar sedan
I just saw a video with your new gf and i was so confused and then i saw this...when i tell you i broke
Paris Everet
Paris Everet 6 dagar sedan
Why you to we’re the cutest couple now go get her back right know jack
God 7 dagar sedan
I just I still don’t believe this is real
Sofia Silvestrini
Sofia Silvestrini 7 dagar sedan
why did they break up? who broke up with who?
Abigail Corson
Abigail Corson 7 dagar sedan
I started crying when he said gab was the greatest thing ever to me.
Galena Ice
Galena Ice 7 dagar sedan
This broke my heart so much. I used to watch your videos with my sister when your channel was only at 100k and just hearing you talk about all the good times you had with Gabrielle...😭😫 I really hope you and Gabrielle are okay. The last thing I expected was a breakup from you two, but life happens and it can be shitty; I'm glad you two knew each other and gave so many fans something to look forward to. I wish you the best!💙🌼
Maylin Landeros
Maylin Landeros 8 dagar sedan
But why what happened
Crazygirl2002 8 dagar sedan
oh wow i can’t believe I never thought about it I had seen the SEshow name being changed to his name but I didn’t think about what could’ve been the reason but wow I’m in shock
Hunter 8 dagar sedan
In my opinion no one will last , even when u meet new girlfriend , you will break up again i just don’t believe in love or the people who stays together for ever , everything is a big fat lie .
James Conner
James Conner 8 dagar sedan
Both her video and yours shows true love just be together jack and gab
Gkh Gii
Gkh Gii 8 dagar sedan
I just left the channel for 3 months and when I came back I find that Jake broke up with gab what the fuck are we dreaming
Hannah Seay
Hannah Seay 8 dagar sedan
You really did break her heart. Jack, I got a new gf That’s just wrong.
Autumn Thornton
Autumn Thornton 8 dagar sedan
PJ Everything
PJ Everything 8 dagar sedan
Man, I left SEshow for a while and this is what happened? Sorry to hear that Jack
Alyssa 9 dagar sedan
Anyone else bawling their eyes out..no just me ..ok (also jack wanted to bawl to and we all know it)
Alyssa 9 dagar sedan
They both said that they would have thought that they were gonna get married😣this.....cannot......be.......happening.....but it did.😖
Kaitlyn Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson 9 dagar sedan
as upsetting as this is going to sound, he isn’t the same. he was this guy who was constantly hyper and excited. and now he is settled. which may be good, but it’s sad :/
Marissa Torres (945MarTorr)
Marissa Torres (945MarTorr) 9 dagar sedan
I just... looks it up to see how you were doing bc I haven’t watched your content in a while... and I just found out...
I’m Sorry
Jack Brinkman
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