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After the release of her latest album 'Hot Pink', rapper Doja Cat has become one of the most talked-about rappers in the game, so naturally she had to sit down and explain her viral hit 'Juicy' with our Classical Music Expert Kyle Macdonald.
As soon as he found out 'Juicy' was about butts, the awkwardness began and it didn't stop there. After discussing Doja's "cat", Kyle got a little lesson in twerking from the rising Hip Hop star and even found out the correct way to call his wife a "shnaaaaack". Another classic in the much-loved series.
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Daryn Radcliffe
Daryn Radcliffe Timme sedan
Like on smule on this song they sound like a broken glass bahaha
Gingeybread Timme sedan
This guys was fooling the whole time I thought I was gonna hear some interesting questions or at least perspective
Екатерина Польгуй
Екатерина Польгуй 3 timmar sedan
She looks so like Ariana Grande here, aren't she?)) The situation in the video is lovely😂 So is Doja
Archist 7 timmar sedan
adoreAdam 12 timmar sedan
Did she just say her cat name was Alex 😂😂😂 I’m crying
100-20 20-100
100-20 20-100 13 timmar sedan
Is it a sketch?
다압 14 timmar sedan
5:33 i'm dead
Sophia G
Sophia G 15 timmar sedan
5:37 *NOOOOOOOOOOOOO* 🤣🤣🤣 them 3 seconds later: you have a cat too?!! HoW oLd iS yOuR cAT?? 5 seconds later: *moving on*
Anton James
Anton James 15 timmar sedan
His interview with Megan the stallion was better
tepany odias
tepany odias 16 timmar sedan
Watching him is really entertaining!!!
M G 20 timmar sedan
my internet search history talking to me....
Charleen Durham
Charleen Durham 23 timmar sedan
If u can see it from the front then it fake fake fake
Muhammad Irsyazman
Muhammad Irsyazman 23 timmar sedan
My guy lost his virginity on that day
Shivam Dag sedan
It's awkward in a different way.
Charity Costanza
Charity Costanza Dag sedan
This whole video was so awkward I love it 😂
Woosh Karen
Woosh Karen Dag sedan
Doja cat is me trying to explain something to my parents 😂
Edward Hebert
Edward Hebert Dag sedan
Doja: Back back... back back back..... Kyle:"You know... sometimes yanno.. like.. like a... like a.. kinda like a cathedral or something" xDDD dude had me so joked!
Orla hayes
Orla hayes Dag sedan
Tigger 🥺 awwww this man oml
HeyitsMe 2 dagar sedan
Just imagine if instead of juicy they listened to rules lol
tilly m
tilly m 2 dagar sedan
this is like me talking to my nan about pretty much anything
Kay Stafford Official
Kay Stafford Official 2 dagar sedan
nobody thinks hes a little creepy ???
Joel Silverman
Joel Silverman 2 dagar sedan
This joker could easily play Austin Powers "Yeah baby!!" 🤣
Joshua L Benitez
Joshua L Benitez 2 dagar sedan
Trash ve Class.
Kryspin Nogaj
Kryspin Nogaj 3 dagar sedan
Wstepy do pornoli coraz dziwniejsze
Kronos FN
Kronos FN 3 dagar sedan
This guy probably sticks his pinky finger up while drinking Stella
Mystique The thylacoleo
Mystique The thylacoleo 3 dagar sedan
He’s so innocent
Lucifer morningstar
Lucifer morningstar 3 dagar sedan
Shes racist cat
F DG 3 dagar sedan
3:24 Kyle: "oh you're a watermelon there" Doja: 👁️👄👁️
Helena Tomlinson
Helena Tomlinson 4 dagar sedan
Dude reminds me of boris johnson
Rina Pacifies
Rina Pacifies 4 dagar sedan
Omg her twerking to beethoven. PERIODT
Arturo Dominguez
Arturo Dominguez 4 dagar sedan
This is so funny 😂🤣
serioustones 4 dagar sedan
why does it look like he is trying roast doja
Emanuel Barbito
Emanuel Barbito 4 dagar sedan
i feel like they could make a great couple
crazy vidswow
crazy vidswow 4 dagar sedan
Ew no don’t do doja he’s like 50
Baby Grim Reaper
Baby Grim Reaper 4 dagar sedan
I love him!!
Luiza Ingrid
Luiza Ingrid 4 dagar sedan
Today thick girls are getting so much love thats so amazing 🍑
Sifu tefera
Sifu tefera 5 dagar sedan
She is so beautiful
NHJ 2018
NHJ 2018 5 dagar sedan
Yoo he changing his mind set
Michelle Alvarez
Michelle Alvarez 5 dagar sedan
Jeremiah Leonard
Jeremiah Leonard 5 dagar sedan
Ole boy beat his brains out at home
GGG38unit - Fortnite
GGG38unit - Fortnite 5 dagar sedan
Marco I
Marco I 5 dagar sedan
His leg is shaking ... Something is waking up lol
istofal 5 dagar sedan
Edoardo Lima
Edoardo Lima 6 dagar sedan
Hol' up!!! How come I'm just finding out about this?? Too funny!
Parvati Nair
Parvati Nair 6 dagar sedan
Doja's eyes at 1:35 like 👆👇👆👇👆👇😺
Skuyler Knisely
Skuyler Knisely 6 dagar sedan
I can’t wait for Hugh Grant to play him in the movie adaptation
Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray 6 dagar sedan
I’m so glad she didn’t have to explain what cat meant here.
agnes :o
agnes :o 6 dagar sedan
she looked so excited when he watched her music video 😭
Nat Alie
Nat Alie 6 dagar sedan
Omg this guy is so fake. Check his other videos. He's just playing that innocent it's awkward.
DOOSH MASTA 6 dagar sedan
They are totally vibing each other.
This guy’s British aye?
Kaden Pile-Riley
Kaden Pile-Riley 7 dagar sedan
I think what she’s saying is she’s thick and she likes it that way
thee femnoir
thee femnoir 7 dagar sedan
I need somebody like Kyle
Sammie Rin
Sammie Rin 7 dagar sedan
He is fuming with embarassment 😂
Loubna QOTB
Loubna QOTB 7 dagar sedan
He didn't wanna watch the video clip and listening to the music either....he was really annoyed hhh
Britni Belz
Britni Belz 7 dagar sedan
Love Dojo... and now I love her even more after this video!! Hilarious! 😂😂🤣
4stringz 7 dagar sedan
She's just so adorable
Afrobeats Daily
Afrobeats Daily 8 dagar sedan
big guy ready to risk it all
Kaki Esmeralda
Kaki Esmeralda 8 dagar sedan
Doja viendo su vidio todo orgullosa La amo
Tommianne Brockert
Tommianne Brockert 8 dagar sedan
I lost brain cells watching this
Milos Djordjevic
Milos Djordjevic 8 dagar sedan
Andy Bernard.