The Weeknd - Blinding Lights on iPhone (GarageBand)

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The Weeknd - Blinding Lights on iPhone X using GarageBand iOS application.
Every GarageBand instrument & instrument setup used for The Weekend - #BlindingLights can be found in the video above.
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Litago2010 Sydhagen
Litago2010 Sydhagen 2 timmar sedan
Cant you make the videos longer beacuse you almost use the whole video to make a song
GABRIEL MEJIA CRUZ 2 timmar sedan
wow this is incredible
Garage Band Music
Garage Band Music 5 timmar sedan
My bloody first garage band mix. Plz share some love ❤️
Pumlz 17 timmar sedan
Hey man I used this video as a tutorial to get me into garage band, thanks for the help!
Juan Ormeño
Juan Ormeño 20 timmar sedan
Nice to meet you Dr. garageband. are you human o reptilian musician?
Luis Gustavo
Luis Gustavo Dag sedan
And I say ohh..
Mayank Dave
Mayank Dave Dag sedan
This song always reminds me of gta 6
Aspen Wood
Aspen Wood Dag sedan
GarageBand is honestly harder than ableton so I am more impressed by this than most actual productions
Dora Metsudo
Dora Metsudo Dag sedan
_ TicKing
_ TicKing 2 dagar sedan
Эйс Вентура
Эйс Вентура 2 dagar sedan
да жизнь становится всё сложнее, это тебе не бумера на нокии запилить как в старину )
Эйс Вентура
Эйс Вентура 2 dagar sedan
ифон как всегда на шнурке )))
Aditya Kashyap
Aditya Kashyap 2 dagar sedan
Anxiety level before 5:48 was 💯
kanderi vamsi
kanderi vamsi 2 dagar sedan
why cant you make videos so that its easy to follow. i bet no one can follow this
dolores critandi
dolores critandi 2 dagar sedan
nothing like the song boring
Wolfão 3 dagar sedan
You are awesome
richard shibu
richard shibu 3 dagar sedan
let teach a grandma this
SilverMustang920 3 dagar sedan
Who else was waiting anxiously for him to add that iconic tune of this song...? Finally happened at 5:40
D W 3 dagar sedan
5:48 😘
Zero Two
Zero Two 3 dagar sedan
My man is a pro
Legosam3 3 dagar sedan
5:58 Just saved 5 mins of *confused screaming*
Legosam3 3 dagar sedan
Look at the notch when the keyboard is played.... It looks like a key 😜
The Hectic Channel
The Hectic Channel 3 dagar sedan
also sounds like dancing by myself
Julian 4 dagar sedan
You’re a god if you know how this app works.
the honest one
the honest one 4 dagar sedan
Osmar Junior
Osmar Junior 4 dagar sedan
Why do I hear Seth Everman?
LUV_HORROR 4 dagar sedan
Николай К
Николай К 4 dagar sedan
Sounds like A-Ha
Mj's Edits
Mj's Edits 4 dagar sedan
I actually thought that it was take on me from the start
Liam Davis
Liam Davis 4 dagar sedan
I’m literally copying him on GarageBand on my iPad and I’m doing really well
Didier Villagra
Didier Villagra 4 dagar sedan
Thank you, Im a 57 years old guy (an 80s synth pop lover indeed), with very little experience in music, and with your help I pulled it off in like ....2 hours....right in front of the eyes of my 20something daughter....She told me you should pursue a career in music....haha. Txs again, it was fun.
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 5 dagar sedan
6 minute video that took me 8 hours to replicate hahaha
Its Gx3
Its Gx3 5 dagar sedan
5:47 heres the lead for anyone who doesnt want to wait lol
Justin Case
Justin Case 5 dagar sedan
5:47 The part you're actually waiting for.
Andix Tron
Andix Tron 5 dagar sedan
Fl Studio Mobile
Fl Studio Mobile 5 dagar sedan
Hamaya RAL
Hamaya RAL 5 dagar sedan
Who else was singing the song in their head whilst it was being made
TheMc SlenderMan
TheMc SlenderMan 5 dagar sedan
SethEverman is better.
tim Mai
tim Mai 6 dagar sedan
Elie Boutros
Elie Boutros 6 dagar sedan
This man taught Apple how to use GarageBand
martin mureithi
martin mureithi 6 dagar sedan
The wait was too long. Had to forward to get to the melody part
Quentin S
Quentin S 6 dagar sedan
Where’s the rest?
Улица разбитых жигулей
Улица разбитых жигулей 6 dagar sedan
Охуеть, невероятно!
Синиана Синева
Синиана Синева 6 dagar sedan
hanif a robot happy
hanif a robot happy 6 dagar sedan
dweeb 6 dagar sedan
5:48. You’re welcome
KNWN 6 dagar sedan
Thank me later 6:49
Geoj Baturiano
Geoj Baturiano 6 dagar sedan
Me trying to do it: 👁️👄👁️
Siyah Lider
Siyah Lider 6 dagar sedan
With one word: Amazing
Magic Singh
Magic Singh 7 dagar sedan
ePixilated 7 dagar sedan
Everyone gangsta till he played the melody
Gio 272
Gio 272 7 dagar sedan
5 million views, it is so strange to realize that people find most weird things to be interesting. I mean I watched the whole thing without blinking.
Maiku Tsukino
Maiku Tsukino 7 dagar sedan
Damn good! Practiced a lot to do that. Just one thing: can you go a little faster? I might have seen some of what you were doing. LOL! That fact you nailed it still stands.
William Freddy
William Freddy 7 dagar sedan
Wow. Garage band is awesome for Chads like me.
Jhon maycol Rojas paniagua
Jhon maycol Rojas paniagua 7 dagar sedan
Los 80 ajjajaa
Kaylee BLISS
Kaylee BLISS 7 dagar sedan
Ugh as a musician I watch this like porn😍😍😍😍
FJ اِف جِے
FJ اِف جِے 7 dagar sedan
Where dafuq is the melody 😩
Adam Le
Adam Le 7 dagar sedan
D f c d c g c e if the notes sound bad you’ll need a new piano
DayZers 8 dagar sedan
Harshith Mata
Harshith Mata 8 dagar sedan
i'm blinded by *his iphone*