Gryffin, John Martin - Cry (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Gryffin, John Martin performing Cry. © 2020 Darkroom Records

Giancarlos Aymara Parra
Giancarlos Aymara Parra 57 minuter sedan
Q cancion ^
Sector 7
Sector 7 3 timmar sedan
Never disappoint Gryffin💖
Snoo Lee
Snoo Lee 7 timmar sedan
Too much reverb and stop trying to sound like Omarion.
Snoo Lee
Snoo Lee 7 timmar sedan
I cried when I reealized what gawd awful shit is this song and video. I'm going to go find some music that is not trying to be a cash register.
ExcordXD 8 timmar sedan
John Martin should make more songs he have a great VOICE
YOGESH SONAWANE 8 timmar sedan
One of best song🎶 😍
Sahil Amin
Sahil Amin 8 timmar sedan
Best song with best background video with best background music with best subtitles
Robeth Masa
Robeth Masa 14 timmar sedan
Gryffin you're amazing! 🙌
Rakesh barela
Rakesh barela 15 timmar sedan
Unbelievable music & songs 🎵 👏 thunder environment ....excellent..!
nuur azziz
nuur azziz 17 timmar sedan
My faforit song.. From 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
Cheesy Does It Cooking
Cheesy Does It Cooking 22 timmar sedan
This is Paroxysms - I Do. Like almost exactly.
Riyan Ahmd
Riyan Ahmd Dag sedan
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful 🖤
Smokecharm Dag sedan
This song phrases life from the stages of a child to the choices of life. Well made, well phrased, well said, well sang. Good job.
Él Ñïñô
Él Ñïñô Dag sedan
Crying 😭😭 Out of words to describe Let me cry first
Omar Creatives
Omar Creatives 2 dagar sedan
Daniel_TT Tihi
Daniel_TT Tihi 2 dagar sedan
Amazing ! October 2020
Felipe Ventin
Felipe Ventin 2 dagar sedan
Does anyone know where this videoclip was recorded? Amazing landscape. Is it real? The buildings in the end and all that stuff?
Jade Ariel
Jade Ariel 21 timme sedan
I'm sorry I don't know the location (the forest) but I'm sure the buildings are not real.
Devin Fanani
Devin Fanani 2 dagar sedan
You guys should listen to this song with 1,25 speed. This song is more attractive and better with that speed
มนัส ชัชเวศ
มนัส ชัชเวศ 2 dagar sedan
Cosmina Elena
Cosmina Elena 2 dagar sedan
Norman Lagos
Norman Lagos 3 dagar sedan
Primer comentario en español para esta hermosa canción del año 2020
Khaleel Alsaadi
Khaleel Alsaadi 3 dagar sedan
Bro, your white balance is so off lol
Devon du Plessis
Devon du Plessis 3 dagar sedan
What nice new songs came out recently?
Abaho Abel
Abaho Abel 3 dagar sedan
A collaboration with illenium isn’t so much to ask👏
Saad Vlogs
Saad Vlogs 3 dagar sedan
2021 tear laugh year ❄️
Saad Vlogs
Saad Vlogs 3 dagar sedan
2020 cry year
abdulla ali
abdulla ali 3 dagar sedan
i love it
Bere Navarro
Bere Navarro 3 dagar sedan
My favorite 🥰😍😍👌👏🏻
Nely Reyes
Nely Reyes 4 dagar sedan
I'm done Crying a And done Running! I love you! I'm not afraid anymore!
Carolina Monteiro
Carolina Monteiro 4 dagar sedan
Que música linda perfeita 😍♥️🤗👏🎶🎤
Ava Flodeen-Schroeder
Ava Flodeen-Schroeder 4 dagar sedan
this is amazing! it reminds me of one of my characters back story. i love this song!
Xuân Hiếu MUTD
Xuân Hiếu MUTD 4 dagar sedan
I love both avicii and gryffin
Foster24 4 dagar sedan
Listen to it at 1.25 speed.
Jade Ariel
Jade Ariel 4 dagar sedan
Music and the voice, best match! And the forest😍
d14n nun4
d14n nun4 4 dagar sedan
All Gryffing songs deserve more than 50 millions view🔥🔥🔥🔥
Silvana Maria da Conceição Maria
Silvana Maria da Conceição Maria 5 dagar sedan
Cry crezy ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤
alia teh
alia teh 5 dagar sedan
I'm crying coz my hubby having affair....😢😢
53mango 6 dagar sedan
Talk about vocal range Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the android guy KE
the android guy KE 6 dagar sedan
am in love with this song 😻❤️🌹✨......all Time song 😻
Z3RO 6 dagar sedan
El Compa Güero
El Compa Güero 6 dagar sedan
RazzinAyyuri NOTE
RazzinAyyuri NOTE 6 dagar sedan
Thanks Griffin this song succes make me cry this first time song can make me cry cuz it same like what happen to me but the different i dont have anyone to support me 😁😄 i hope your song will Famous 😆😁
MOLUCCANSO 6 dagar sedan
Kinda fun in a funny way
Zee On
Zee On 6 dagar sedan
Queenie Maggay
Queenie Maggay 6 dagar sedan
Good to hear John Martin again.. PS. I just recently discovered his song in 2014 Anywhere For You
Aditya Aji Pangestu
Aditya Aji Pangestu 6 dagar sedan
Best song 2020 for me
a sheep
a sheep 6 dagar sedan
That's great music!
F Dinda Vio
F Dinda Vio 7 dagar sedan
I love gryffin's music so much! Its edm but so easy listening. Perfect
Renee Renee
Renee Renee 7 dagar sedan
Also shout out to the guitar hero!!! Wow!!! You make this song come alive with the passion of you playing. Excellent skill!!!💝💝💝🤙🏼
Renee Renee
Renee Renee 7 dagar sedan
He is so manly oh my 💞🥰💞
Michael Johns
Michael Johns 7 dagar sedan
Song Speaks Deep! A 12-year marriage that ended in betrayal. followed by a two-year relationship. This is go-to when feeling down!
Hana Khasanah
Hana Khasanah 7 dagar sedan
I love this song 😎
REALME 2PRO 7 dagar sedan
The place is like watching The Jungle Book. Movie.😁
Loulishki Soufiane
Loulishki Soufiane 7 dagar sedan
Ben Sisler
Ben Sisler 7 dagar sedan
God bless you gryffin I just lost my dog about a week ago😢
Haura Nur aisy
Haura Nur aisy 7 dagar sedan
Guillermo SilenT
Guillermo SilenT 7 dagar sedan
Cada vez que escucho esta música lloro, por el simple hecho de lo que me transmite es una sensación de nostalgia, felicidad y para mi una canción que transmite eso valen más otras miles
Mr. Khyler
Mr. Khyler 7 dagar sedan
good musics
AERO Rayn 7 dagar sedan
Enak nih Lagunya..
Kathi lol
Kathi lol 7 dagar sedan
I love this song so much 😍 Because I feel me better when I hear it
Hrithik Mishra
Hrithik Mishra 8 dagar sedan
R.K. Shat
R.K. Shat 8 dagar sedan
Building of melodic really beautiful... Feelin positive energy...
Matthew Powell
Matthew Powell 8 dagar sedan
Banny Pascual tandaypan
Banny Pascual tandaypan 8 dagar sedan
Exelente musica
Bronson H
Bronson H 8 dagar sedan
In a pop world where I struggle to find real emotion, this song hits me like I haven't been hit before. That's what makes a true artist...makes you feel. ❤️
Jose Flores
Jose Flores 8 dagar sedan
Impresionante canción 😀
king kong
king kong 8 dagar sedan
Love you sir
Tanner Villavicencio
Tanner Villavicencio 8 dagar sedan
You are the best ⚡
Maulana Zaenal
Maulana Zaenal 9 dagar sedan
Lagunya Mboiss👍🏼 Ilakess
Horoshiwa YT
Horoshiwa YT 9 dagar sedan
Bruhhh this song is so underrated yet so Good 😭❤
Muhammad Ghaus
Muhammad Ghaus 9 dagar sedan
Can i say thank you for making this because i been having so many problems lately and some old ones and the lyrics were so comforting and i cried my heart out by myself and it felt like a burden was lifted from my shoulders anyway this is a masterpiece and my new favorite song to go to when I'm upset love this soo much.
DudeOfTheWeek 8 dagar sedan
May love enter your life in every way my friend, stay strong! You are loved!
Yori Hisagi
Yori Hisagi 9 dagar sedan
*One of my fave songs.*
Stupid LingLing
Stupid LingLing 9 dagar sedan
this song very veryyy fckng GOOD BRUH
MR.DEGALDY 10 dagar sedan
Waiting for the EPIC acoustic version YALL!!!
joyal serrao
joyal serrao 10 dagar sedan
Martin Garrix vibes 🔥
ros malau
ros malau 10 dagar sedan
enjoy alone, hearing this song will make you calm and peaceful
BILLAN THE CAT 10 dagar sedan
What the hell u guys eat before composing this type of wonderful music !!❤️❤️❤️ I love all of your songs ,!
gaming playz
gaming playz 10 dagar sedan
Fantastic song👑👑👌
Jwngma Basumatary
Jwngma Basumatary 10 dagar sedan
Love it ♥️
Half Easy
Half Easy 10 dagar sedan
Zlatan Ibrahimović will be proud of this
A Lifestyle
A Lifestyle 10 dagar sedan
Damn voice and lyrics mannnn
rio albios
rio albios 10 dagar sedan
i love this song
GG tv
GG tv 11 dagar sedan
Music video awesome full of oxygen..
Ali Wang
Ali Wang 11 dagar sedan
and W
and W 11 dagar sedan
That kicks makes me goose flesh👏 great job
Real AKA Truth Podcast
Real AKA Truth Podcast 11 dagar sedan
How old is this song? I've heard this song on a celebrity death video years ago
Leon Neorika Asmara
Leon Neorika Asmara 11 dagar sedan
The instrumental check from my channel
Anna Cook
Anna Cook 11 dagar sedan
Song: “cross my heart and hope to die” Me:omg I wish I could😕
Sanny SO LUCKY 11 dagar sedan
Cook it's OK to be not OK
Medhii Puwalii
Medhii Puwalii 12 dagar sedan
of cours its my favourite song after 8 letters
Nur Hakim Arifianto
Nur Hakim Arifianto 12 dagar sedan
Gryfin and guitar, besttt🔥
sunsandstars19 12 dagar sedan
What an amazing comforting song and what a beautiful music video. This is a true masterpiece!
Fudhail Aniq
Fudhail Aniq 12 dagar sedan
Believe me this song will be on tiktok...😶😶
Si Cry OFFICIAL 12 dagar sedan
Gryffin youll never made in new music albums without your give some beautiful from your albums gravity before until you blastered into your new music combination beautiful instruments edm memories to new edm instrumen. Your edm song always have a blastered combination beautiful instruments edm memories from then and now
Sanny SO LUCKY 11 dagar sedan
Cry it's OK to be not OK
Authentic SK
Authentic SK 12 dagar sedan
This song deserve 500m
Eᴚʀy Ginting
Eᴚʀy Ginting 12 dagar sedan
Why Sergio Ramos is here? From ID
min Sarip
min Sarip 12 dagar sedan
Mohd Tariq
Mohd Tariq 12 dagar sedan
Most popular song of the Twenty20 👌
md Nazmul
md Nazmul 13 dagar sedan
I love yu song😍😍😍
md Nazmul
md Nazmul 13 dagar sedan
Vai sai song😍😍😍
md Nazmul
md Nazmul 13 dagar sedan
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