Building a custom scissor lamp

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Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz

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Gabriel Hermel
Gabriel Hermel 22 minuter sedan
Plasma cutters aren't that expensive.
Empress Theresa
Empress Theresa 3 timmar sedan
What is with Simone and scissors? Is she a closeted lesbian or something?
Harrison Jones
Harrison Jones 4 timmar sedan
Did you consider mounting contacts in the hinge so you could turn it on and off via opening and closing the scissors?
chumlum 5 timmar sedan
I liked the euphoric 3d printed hinges segment. Even though they didn't work out, they could have done.
okow tina
okow tina 5 timmar sedan
i dont know why but i love the way she curses. Example "9:28"
Market Slice
Market Slice 8 timmar sedan
Looks like this lamp makes the cut, am I right? 😅 ...........::grabs coat::..........I'll see myself out
okow tina
okow tina 5 timmar sedan
"not like the current baby, the next baby" KILLED me :D
The Happy Greek
The Happy Greek 8 timmar sedan
love you simone
TheMarsGuy 790
TheMarsGuy 790 10 timmar sedan
I'm not trying to be mean but how did you cover your scar with your hair up?
K Crudup
K Crudup 12 timmar sedan
This video is so cool but very useless at the same time lol
CLUMSYTOMBOYLOVE$ 13 timmar sedan
*gasp* what kinda dog is that
WS Gaming
WS Gaming 14 timmar sedan
ya its cool and all but why? why would you do that?
Mahima Don
Mahima Don 14 timmar sedan
so u spent hours to make it and u sold it for $1 bro u made no profit
M&Z Read-Aloud
M&Z Read-Aloud 15 timmar sedan
I love that a lot of your jokes are bad dad jokes. Awesome!
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages 16 timmar sedan
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S Take that lamp.....and cut it out
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 16 timmar sedan
for making my day better 👍 Whole thing is an absolute work of art
Arun Alexander
Arun Alexander 17 timmar sedan
Love you space girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊
theatrefan06 18 timmar sedan
I don't quite know how I came across your channel, but man am I glad I did! You're so incredibly creative & talented. Oh, and the "I'm talking to myself" portion felt so outrageously relatable. So totally subscribing, I need more of this in my life.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 16 timmar sedan
how hot is the metal flakes when cut
a n
a n 19 timmar sedan
Ah, a nice safety video about how not to use your tools. Like the idea though.
Jonas Mellberg
Jonas Mellberg 19 timmar sedan
Har du pojkvän? :D
Giovanni Esposito
Giovanni Esposito 19 timmar sedan
Simone, why don't you buy/build yourself a cnc router? You design the thing and let it cut. It's not that easy and still requires skills, that you will need to lear and master to do it properly. ...and you sure can do a working cnc router montage too!
SteelheadJEDi 20 timmar sedan
New sub. Open invite to hunt and fish Oregon with me and the ol lady.
SmOaKZz 20 timmar sedan
You should of built the lampon
Who Cares
Who Cares 21 timme sedan
"not like the current baby, the next baby" KILLED me :D
AmbyMT 22 timmar sedan
not meaning to laugh at your pain, but the part with the jigsaw getting stuck over and over again was so funny
Olivia Webb
Olivia Webb 22 timmar sedan
Why have a thousand people disliked this D:
Heroine Creeves
Heroine Creeves Dag sedan
The longer I look at her, the more I see Elise Ecklund.
The Trend
The Trend Dag sedan
I want a scissor lamp. But I also feel like I would get up and poke my eye out by accident.😉
Sammie J Shaw
Sammie J Shaw Dag sedan
Cutting edge tech from one of SEshow's brightest sparks! Don't worry, we forgive you getting snappy in the middle.
Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins Dag sedan
Anze Kersic
Anze Kersic Dag sedan
R u even moneytized
Rahmat Hidayat
Rahmat Hidayat Dag sedan
You look sick
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis Dag sedan
How could anyone not like your videos? We need to get you a water jet CNC. My wife is jealous already.
the pacific limited vlogs
the pacific limited vlogs Dag sedan
how hot is the metal flakes when cut
Deave Edis
Deave Edis Dag sedan
I love your video, so inspiring and so relatable ❤❤❤
Dapper Genesis
Dapper Genesis Dag sedan
Right as she said co you can literally cut the likes I subscribed and liked the video
William Grant
William Grant Dag sedan
Shepherdschapelcom Theseasonorg explains whole bible God bless
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Dag sedan
Literally cut the lights. Lol
Introvert Airways
Introvert Airways Dag sedan
It’s a Scissor Sandwich ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Era Pi
Era Pi Dag sedan
looks like it was manufactured in the 1930's
Ryukachoo Dag sedan
10:34 Me giving myself an allowance for games
Mourad Daoudi
Mourad Daoudi Dag sedan
You put the effort and your dreams come true. Think fashion designers would be happy to have this kind of lamp in the window😏
Ryukachoo Dag sedan
2:35 Wouldn't this be way easier with a rotozip type thing? Jigsaws are the worst in terms of binding on thin metal
Molpe the first Siren
Molpe the first Siren Dag sedan
You are so AMAZING!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
Talha Kök
Talha Kök Dag sedan
Just use a fucking angle grinder to cut the metal
Bryan Hempstead
Bryan Hempstead Dag sedan
u the best
aola wili
aola wili Dag sedan
Wow Courage nice job
Deadman Dance
Deadman Dance Dag sedan
Just love how you get frustrated. Definitely can relate in all my pedal and cnc projects 😂😂😂
Carla Johnson
Carla Johnson Dag sedan
Why don’t you add some sensors so when you open the scissors it will turn on
aola wili
aola wili Dag sedan
Just what every lamp at eye level needs. More sharp jagged edges...
Sumit Rane
Sumit Rane Dag sedan
You are amazing
Lee Hatann
Lee Hatann Dag sedan
Why did you not laser cut the sheet metal like you did for the paper template? Also my brother gets those kiwico boxes for my niece.
Niels 2 dagar sedan
why use a jigsaw and not an angle grinder?
Hebah 2 dagar sedan
I would absolutely buy it!!!! It’s just an desk lamp, very different!
ThatDonkeyDude 2 dagar sedan
You're chaotic good nature is so wholesome lol
Jompa75 2 dagar sedan
lane horsey
lane horsey 2 dagar sedan
i admire and respect you. Me? i would have stopped at the perfectly suitable laser cut templates. your laser wouldn't cut steel??
Micheal After
Micheal After 2 dagar sedan
Her: So you can litterally cut the lights Me: subscribed edit: that lamp is fucking fire. I actually want it now
Raimondas Prorega
Raimondas Prorega 2 dagar sedan
My advice for the next time: LEDs last longer if they are cool, so heatsinking LED Strip to a metal base (as a big cooling surface) is better then using some heat-absorbing material like in 8:21- 8:27 and making them heat faster. And LED lights do heat up, not as much as halogen light bulbs, but they heat up. Just saying. By the way: good idea for the project. :)
Adrian Leighton
Adrian Leighton 2 dagar sedan
please, for the love of your limbs, use a 'sharp' tooth saw edge against a fixed piece >
Jaden Versluis
Jaden Versluis 2 dagar sedan
Wouldnt it have been way easier to cut it out with a grinder with a cutting disc??
cjandsuch 2 dagar sedan
was looking through the IMDB for the new adventure time special, and i was today years old when i found out that siMONE VOICES A CHARACTER.
MrGuesp 2 dagar sedan
What are your 10 favorite things about scissors?
Danger_5150 2 dagar sedan
Looks like you need a man to help you there
Daniel Simonson
Daniel Simonson 2 dagar sedan
You need a plasma cutter
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 2 dagar sedan
Just what every lamp at eye level needs. More sharp jagged edges...
Frost Bytes
Frost Bytes 2 dagar sedan
Oh no, it looks like the lamp has found a new way to kill the “i” in Pixar....
William Jensen
William Jensen 2 dagar sedan
you should make a podcast
DollEyeStudios 2 dagar sedan
Usually when Simone is mad, she kind of keeps it in, but not this time. This was her breakthrough moment.
Rick Calder
Rick Calder 2 dagar sedan
I just got through the Mahogany Books part at the beginning. That offer you made is amazing!
Gunhaver 2 dagar sedan
Stroller sales suddenly skyrocket world wide
Adam Kramer
Adam Kramer 2 dagar sedan
you should do something with the switch mechanism and when you open the scissors light turn on when close scissors light turn off
Taijon Williams
Taijon Williams 2 dagar sedan
I like it but you should have put a magnet on the two hinges and when you close it the lights went off
Sean Walker
Sean Walker 2 dagar sedan
'A limp, sloppy, scissor sandwich', Quote of the day, two thumbs up.
faber4044 2 dagar sedan
She built a custom scissor lamp opposed to an ordinary scissor lamp
Giraffe Banaan
Giraffe Banaan 2 dagar sedan
You look like you would be great friends with Lindsay Doe from Sexplanations :)
TheDjordjeSS 2 dagar sedan
I have to ask why are you cutting sheet metal with that? There are actually scissors with which you are supposed to cut metal (they look like the one for the garden).
Lee Ray
Lee Ray 2 dagar sedan
Imagine if her and Jenna marbles made a video together...pure gold content
VideoHubo 2 dagar sedan
A really great idea that you have with the books, because as we all should know, education helps to understand and read the processes and problems. I hope I'm not too researched when I ask you a personal question. Are you originally from germany?
L C 2 dagar sedan
Why not laser cut the sheet metal? Nice project though.
mose lan
mose lan 2 dagar sedan
“Cut the lights “#big brain #lv 2000
J T 2 dagar sedan
Thanks for making me aware of Mahogany Books. Just ordered James Baldwin from them.
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