Topic, A7S - Breaking Me ft. A7S

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Listen to “Breaking Me” from Topic feat. A7S
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Directed, shot, edited by Daniel Priess
vfx by Sebastian Bosse
Still photography by Jakob Bindert
Thanks to Dilara for your great dancing performance in the video, go check her out:
SEshow: DilaraLs
Music video by Topic performing Breaking Me (Lyric Video). © 2019 Topic, under exclusive license to Universal Music GmbH

JINX_x 16 minuter sedan
Aside from the music, the video is soooo 🔥!!!
Salvatore Atzori
Salvatore Atzori 6 timmar sedan
Top super
Yasa Poletaeva
Yasa Poletaeva 8 timmar sedan
Great content Topic! Keep being creative!Thank you for sharing your musical gifts! I’d like to share with you my music video that I recorded recently in Florida - please let me know your thoughts, and huge thanks in advance!
Anhalter DeGo
Anhalter DeGo 9 timmar sedan
Heard this in Radio i Like this
Пелин Осман
Пелин Осман 10 timmar sedan
En guzel saki ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ce super
Elifsu Erol
Elifsu Erol 11 timmar sedan
Türkler ele geçirek burayı hadiii
Anna Cagnazzi
Anna Cagnazzi 12 timmar sedan
Anna Cagnazzi
Anna Cagnazzi 12 timmar sedan
annia segovia
annia segovia 14 timmar sedan
vine a dar con esta cancion porque crei escucharla en un trailer de una serie Tailandesa ....
joana Firmino
joana Firmino 15 timmar sedan
Clip feito em.lisboa conheço essa rua Rosa de Lisboa
Yunus CEYHAN 15 timmar sedan
Love from Turkey ! If you walk on the streets of TR you'll probably hear this song playing in a coffee , shop or just a cab passing through you.
Darek Klich
Darek Klich 16 timmar sedan
The spiffy hawk interestingly wait because smile dimensionally decide times a workable hearing. mundane, hilarious letter
canada ball
canada ball 21 timme sedan
May god bless you for who sees this comment
Ricardo Filipe Raposo
Ricardo Filipe Raposo Dag sedan
Milenko Jovanovic
Milenko Jovanovic Dag sedan
Ich wahr im hintter gitter, 11 mochnat wegen nicht, ich habe frei schpureh. Ich jetzt so gar ohne worter.
Donna C
Donna C Dag sedan
You're breaking me💔
Agata k
Agata k Dag sedan
i remember coming down from shrooms all night w my friends and we were in the car in the mountains laying down tired as hell like around 6 in the morning and this song came on i miss feeling free and happy now i feel trapped and alone
Mallorie Boone
Mallorie Boone 38 minuter sedan
🤣🤣 mine was acid.. and I was in the shower.. trying to actually dance.. 🤦‍♀️
Makaila Dag sedan
Whys the girl look like WWE star Paige a little, only tanner lol (ik its not her but still)
NADDEL HU Dag sedan
He is soooo good.❤💃
Nuno Sardinha
Nuno Sardinha Dag sedan
OMG part of this video it's in Lisbon. Pink street. My Capital. It's good to know big artists from big countries bring until the small ones this kind of opportunities. Jonas Blue have a video in Lisbon too. Thanks
Jayaprakesh R
Jayaprakesh R Dag sedan
I'm from india Kerala this is superb
Technical Keys
Technical Keys Dag sedan
Legends Are Still Listening This Song.....Hit a Like If You are Watching This In December 2020..❤❤🔥🔥🔥🤡🤡🤡🤡
Karvini :3
Karvini :3 4 timmar sedan
Yes ❤️
Technical Keys
Technical Keys Dag sedan
Legends Are Still Listening This Song.....Hit a Like If You are Watching This In December 2020..❤❤🔥🔥🔥🤡🤡🤡🤡
Hailimborn Nongkhlaw
Hailimborn Nongkhlaw 2 dagar sedan
Nice song
Cooldragon Extracool
Cooldragon Extracool 2 dagar sedan
Hey what’s going on guys cooldragon here and today I am listing to break me by topic and A7S, sorry there I don’t remember who it was by but enjoy the music video! Byeee
Milenko Jovanovic
Milenko Jovanovic 2 dagar sedan
Ich war im auslad.
Semih Burak
Semih Burak 2 dagar sedan
lalalaylalalay part isnt in accord with tha vocals sound
Josip Lisnic
Josip Lisnic 2 dagar sedan
Good song
tr. Gerizekâlılara Beyin Vakfi
tr. Gerizekâlılara Beyin Vakfi 2 dagar sedan
We wanna songs like this. There's no bad things. I like that.
Shhhmusic 2 dagar sedan
Hi guys, listen to my new remix! Thanks
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto 2 dagar sedan
wow .. beautifull. starts being one of my favorites, nice man keep it up this way.
yoselin Yugar
yoselin Yugar 2 dagar sedan
Temasooooo 🔥🔥
Bastian Kiesenberg
Bastian Kiesenberg 2 dagar sedan
Richtig krass das Lied
Adriano Federici
Adriano Federici 2 dagar sedan
Channie Lizsoo
Channie Lizsoo 2 dagar sedan
I'm still listening, it's a very good song.
1 000 views video challenge
1 000 views video challenge 2 dagar sedan
For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life...
Tobias Bloksma
Tobias Bloksma Dag sedan
What does successful mean?
Srijoni Karmakar
Srijoni Karmakar Dag sedan
You too!
Marianna Dag sedan
TheguyAdrian 2 dagar sedan
Viktoria Motnyk
Viktoria Motnyk 2 dagar sedan
Abdi nasir King
Abdi nasir King 2 dagar sedan
Are you from tik tok
IDEAS CON LÛNÃ 3 dagar sedan
Love you cans
natanael garcia
natanael garcia 3 dagar sedan
musica eletronica é outro nivel
edlyn toast
edlyn toast 3 dagar sedan
There was another song just like this
LiMELiGHT Dag sedan
What song ?
speed force
speed force 3 dagar sedan
vengo de jordan rys
Janelle Drl
Janelle Drl 3 dagar sedan
Références de la veste???
controle sem fio
controle sem fio 3 dagar sedan
"agora eu estorei to andando de mini , ja ate troquei as bobina mas quando acelero parece uma chamine"
SxhriMore 3 dagar sedan
School: no messing around! you have exams soon! Everyone: your breaking me 😌
Cohen Mars
Cohen Mars 23 minuter sedan
You’re *
Floating Boi
Floating Boi Dag sedan
c r i n g e
Andreea Luchian
Andreea Luchian Dag sedan
alessandro ventura
alessandro ventura Dag sedan
nucchin a mammt
SxhriMore 3 dagar sedan
I swear I could listen to this song forever, the music is so godly
Ultra Pips
Ultra Pips 3 dagar sedan
D I E G O 3 dagar sedan
Hayal Yorgunoğlu
Hayal Yorgunoğlu 3 dagar sedan
Ben bir Türk olarak sizi dinliyorum ve şarkılarınıza bayılıyorum iyi ki varsınız Türk olanlar 👇
Hayal Yorgunoğlu
Hayal Yorgunoğlu 22 timmar sedan
@Candy Boy 🥰 çok teşekkürler
Candy Boy
Candy Boy Dag sedan
Aradığım yorum 👏🏿
Roberto Pinto
Roberto Pinto 3 dagar sedan
The video was recorded in Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹
christopher grady
christopher grady 3 dagar sedan
Monica Vatafu
Monica Vatafu 3 dagar sedan
O muzică pentru inima mea.
Yaiza Acuña de vargas quintero
Yaiza Acuña de vargas quintero 3 dagar sedan
You like
Yaiza Acuña de vargas quintero
Yaiza Acuña de vargas quintero 3 dagar sedan
Thanks for all the support!
Yaiza Acuña de vargas quintero
Yaiza Acuña de vargas quintero 3 dagar sedan
I like video
Yankolo 3 dagar sedan
Sorry to bother you, mind checking out a new artist tryna improve and grow? Search "Yankolo - Sunset" if you have a moment! Either way have a good day 🙏🏼
Talabaktula Purnakumari
Talabaktula Purnakumari 3 dagar sedan
Me in real class : you breaking me lalalalai Thachers and my friend: what are you doing Who breaking you Me : I am singing in BREAKING ME Song Thachers and my friends : what 😐 Me : 😁😂😂😂😂
Apawngia chhachhai Apawngia
Apawngia chhachhai Apawngia 3 dagar sedan
The girl look like turkish actress HANDE ERCEL😕😕😕😕😕😦😦😦😦😦
Olly S
Olly S 3 dagar sedan
I’ve had this song in my head all weekend, it’s so good!
Ruby 3 dagar sedan
Best song ever
Elian Vindel
Elian Vindel 4 dagar sedan
FrenchGray 4 dagar sedan
This would make a good animation meme lol
F - Tech HD
F - Tech HD 4 dagar sedan
You played with my heart 🫀
Israel Temahuaya
Israel Temahuaya 4 dagar sedan
Una joya! 💎 ¿Algún Mexicano presente? 🇲🇽❤️
Yoel Loza
Yoel Loza 2 dagar sedan
No pe oe
Mariam Cam
Mariam Cam 2 dagar sedan
Pascal Dore
Pascal Dore 3 dagar sedan
Gabriella Tsimogiannis
Gabriella Tsimogiannis 4 dagar sedan
I didnt even realize how its the same chick throughout the whole vid, until now
naruto 43
naruto 43 3 dagar sedan
bro 😂😂😂
Sonya Bell
Sonya Bell 4 dagar sedan
Good song
Ismail Uyanik
Ismail Uyanik 4 dagar sedan
Joey Maina
Joey Maina 4 dagar sedan
Giuseppe Godino
Giuseppe Godino 4 dagar sedan
Josha Erlenkämper
Josha Erlenkämper 4 dagar sedan
Suzy Davies
Suzy Davies 4 dagar sedan
Do you have more songs
Moritz Kalb
Moritz Kalb 4 dagar sedan
Moritz Kalb
Efe Özkul
Efe Özkul 4 dagar sedan
Lucas Tavares
Lucas Tavares 5 dagar sedan
Vim pelo tik tok
E2 Live project
E2 Live project 5 dagar sedan
listen our live cover on my channel
Talbot Chantal
Talbot Chantal 5 dagar sedan
Wow 🔥
THE DWAYNE 5 dagar sedan
David Herman
David Herman 5 dagar sedan
Coolibeen !
Coolibeen ! 5 dagar sedan
Andreea Fanuica
Andreea Fanuica 5 dagar sedan
I love this music!🙂☺
Mia Lily Nell
Mia Lily Nell 5 dagar sedan
Thanks for the all the support me and my mum are going through a hard time because my dad is fighting with us
Janiya Greenidge
Janiya Greenidge 4 dagar sedan
Hope things work out between you guys🤗🤗🤗
Nicole Rudi
Nicole Rudi 4 dagar sedan
do you want to write? He shouldnt be bad to you !
Stevie P
Stevie P 5 dagar sedan
Cem Yilamz
Cem Yilamz 5 dagar sedan
Yevgen Playz
Yevgen Playz 5 dagar sedan
Maxi Bon
Maxi Bon 6 dagar sedan
Anastasiia Boitsova
Anastasiia Boitsova 6 dagar sedan
Lisbon ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Silviu Pop
Silviu Pop 6 dagar sedan
Te iubesc ești făină
Benjamin Benja
Benjamin Benja 6 dagar sedan
Que temasooooooo
Hana 6 dagar sedan
i. am. obsessed.
Richard Pantas
Richard Pantas 6 dagar sedan
Kopfschmerz 2016
Kopfschmerz 2016 6 dagar sedan
Wer hört hier noch lala Land-Ei
Julia José
Julia José 6 dagar sedan
eu n mi canso de ouvir esta musicaaaaaaaa
Elisabeta Schidowezki
Elisabeta Schidowezki 6 dagar sedan
0173 / 42 89 782
country love
country love 6 dagar sedan
I found this song on a thing called the radio
Mustafa Çoban
Mustafa Çoban 6 dagar sedan
Paolo laquila1
Paolo laquila1 6 dagar sedan
Kim Gall
Kim Gall 6 dagar sedan
The only difference between this song and ‘Jax Jones - Breathe’ are the lyrics imo.
grab your left nut make your right one jealous!
grab your left nut make your right one jealous! 5 dagar sedan
Ha never noticed till you said it yeah they do sound similar.
F - Tech HD
F - Tech HD 6 dagar sedan
Your breaking me /:
Дарья Ильченко
Дарья Ильченко 6 dagar sedan
Любимая песня 👍👍👍
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