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Time for another fantastic round of All Sports Golf... with Zac Efron!!
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Ethan McCallister
Ethan McCallister 12 minuter sedan
Just saying Corey’s amazing foxtail was from significantly farther than Ty’s
LRM Arts and Science Theater
LRM Arts and Science Theater 50 minuter sedan
Anyone else notice that Coby is not bald
Zach Dean
Zach Dean 2 timmar sedan
How is this scored?
gurizin 021
gurizin 021 5 timmar sedan
Kd os br nessa poha
Vlogs extreme
Vlogs extreme 7 timmar sedan
Who agrees with me in all sports golf battle 5 they bring in Tom Brady.
BE A HONEST PERSON 10 timmar sedan
subscibe my channnel BE A HONEST PERSON nice vedio
Himanshu Jadoun
Himanshu Jadoun 11 timmar sedan
Zac efron had pretty much skills that he got 3rd.., if he hadn't that two mistake i think he will be the 2nd place or may be 1st....!!!
Pack McD
Pack McD 13 timmar sedan
You guys need to put a flin golf asgb5
Suman Bansal
Suman Bansal 14 timmar sedan
Ty goes around giving people golden boy Doesnt want golden boy 2.0
Jessica Josey
Jessica Josey 15 timmar sedan
Team Coby
BL Sg 15 timmar sedan
My worst sport out of all of the sports that dp used is Croquet
Ga Perm
Ga Perm 17 timmar sedan
No one: Absolutely nobody: Garret: B4C0n ChEEseBuRgER AnD PizZA
alida flus
alida flus 13 timmar sedan
Yeah, you can definitely hit a golf club with a tennis ball 0:43
Not So Funny Animator
Not So Funny Animator 21 timme sedan
alida flus
alida flus 13 timmar sedan
Кто Русский
Posei X
Posei X 21 timme sedan
Ty is one guy who is awesome @ everything
TheVistaWarrior 21 timme sedan
they should add one of those massive airplanes for the next
Owen Davis
Owen Davis 21 timme sedan
I wonder where Zac got those “amazing” golf skills?! *cough* *cough* High School Musical
Only Boy
Only Boy 23 timmar sedan
You are amazing iam only 13 that likes you
Grayson Yausie
Grayson Yausie Dag sedan
The dislikes on this video are people who are saying “dis I like”
Thomas Grigg
Thomas Grigg Dag sedan
what kind of shoes is ty wearing?
Joshua Kovacic
Joshua Kovacic Dag sedan
Is if just me or is Garrett's first shot always rough.
Samuel Day
Samuel Day Dag sedan
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not the twins! twins4life!
Damy Valentijn
Damy Valentijn Dag sedan
He forgot a S
mandiville75 Dag sedan
Suggestion : Cricket trick shots, VideoGame Stereotypes, Frisbee Battle
Jaime Godwin
Jaime Godwin Dag sedan
You guys are the best
Sufia Sami
Sufia Sami Dag sedan
gosh that prize is scary i would not if i were you Tyler
Вадим Евсеев
Вадим Евсеев Dag sedan
Кто Русский
What The Trickshot
What The Trickshot Dag sedan
Yeah, you can definitely hit a golf club with a tennis ball 0:43
cruz amadeo
cruz amadeo Dag sedan
Que pollo mañana yvut4fyfyf dtrdcdx€dtx dt xxdt de dd ext del drt
Nickolis Schaeffer
Nickolis Schaeffer Dag sedan
Tbh, I wanna see a just golf golf battle
Abrar wasi vlogs
Abrar wasi vlogs Dag sedan
Nice dp
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Dag sedan
Namames son una verguenza para el futbol xd
soloconcert Dag sedan
If you see those people in real life most of you would not watch, but on youtube is different.
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Dag sedan
Sometimes I wonder how a small ball gets larger and larger in front of my eyes. And Suddenly it hits my head.
Chinmay Kulkarni
Chinmay Kulkarni Dag sedan
After seeing this video of zac with dp now I know what YT will recommend me... The gym time with dp video on Zac's channel ...
Freddie Pflueger
Freddie Pflueger 2 dagar sedan
Has the guest ever won
broken twenty6
broken twenty6 2 dagar sedan
Hi dude perfect.can u help us here in philippines.can anyone here help me :( Im a single mom with 2 kids.15 and 6mo. Old..can u help me pls for my baby diaper and milk only.pls :( im begging pls.if anyone see my message pls help.thank you :(
Paul Sherriff
Paul Sherriff 2 dagar sedan
psoc _
psoc _ 2 dagar sedan
Nick Poverman
Nick Poverman 2 dagar sedan
No Social Distancing going on here in the middle of CA having a spike.
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Dag sedan
This was last year lol
Andrew Warner
Andrew Warner 2 dagar sedan
8:45 magical golf bag in the background
Neel Patwardhan
Neel Patwardhan 2 dagar sedan
How did cobys hair grow back
Michał Trandowski
Michał Trandowski 2 dagar sedan
I do not know who it is
Ryan G
Ryan G 2 dagar sedan
8:45 When you thought golf couldn't be more of a lazy sport.. Did that dude have a remote controlled golf bag in the background??
TJ DOESEVERYTHING 5 timmar sedan
Yes but golf is not a lazy sport it is more of a boring sport
phil 2 dagar sedan
52 million subs jeez
KUSHARG BALHA 2 dagar sedan
Does anyone notice garret worn the same shirt at all sport golf battle 3 also If you didn't notice hit =like
Jebish Bhetwal
Jebish Bhetwal 2 dagar sedan
tylers shot was controlling my heart and my breath
Pixel R
Pixel R 2 dagar sedan
Sometimes I wonder how a small ball gets larger and larger in front of my eyes. And Suddenly it hits my head.
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez 2 dagar sedan
Namames son una verguenza para el futbol xd
viral junkie music
viral junkie music 2 dagar sedan
10K so I can buy a egg
10K so I can buy a egg 2 dagar sedan
Jj Music
Jj Music 3 dagar sedan
It's very obvious that they're all american because they are all toe punting the football, and yes it's called a football not a soccer ball.
CashRocks 3 dagar sedan
Go coby go coby go coby hahahaha what happened
Ponto Extra - Canal Esportivo
Ponto Extra - Canal Esportivo 3 dagar sedan
Zac Efron: Rolê Aleatóriokkkkkkkkkkkkkj
Memes Production 2456
Memes Production 2456 3 dagar sedan
Cory... It has been a year since you have gotten a victory
Fruechs 3 dagar sedan
I feel like Cody’s clubs are a different color every time
Brylin Walker
Brylin Walker Dag sedan
I have that skin
MwB GhOzT 3 dagar sedan
Didn’t coby shave his overtime? how come it’s like all their now?
MwB GhOzT Dag sedan
Gaurav Garg oh yeah
Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg Dag sedan
Prefilmed video. haven't you watched the documentary
DESIGNER 3 dagar sedan
Why cobes have Füller hair then in overtime? Please answer lul
Badtamiz Hassan
Badtamiz Hassan 3 dagar sedan
plz put cricket in the next all sports golf battle
Luis bronco
Luis bronco 3 dagar sedan
hey la verdad imprecionante video me gusto deseo el nuevo video me despido les envio kisses gracias
Eric yap Hock soon
Eric yap Hock soon 3 dagar sedan
Eric yap Hock soon
Eric yap Hock soon 3 dagar sedan
alida flus
alida flus 3 dagar sedan
Let others win tyler not only ur channel🙄🙄
Eric yap Hock soon
Eric yap Hock soon 3 dagar sedan
alida flus
alida flus 3 dagar sedan
We have not seen panda for a long time
Eric yap Hock soon
Eric yap Hock soon 3 dagar sedan
Eric yap Hock soon
Eric yap Hock soon 3 dagar sedan
Eric yap Hock soon
Eric yap Hock soon 3 dagar sedan
95% perfect
95% perfect 3 dagar sedan
You need to have live tours in every state!
Gonzalo Leyes
Gonzalo Leyes 4 dagar sedan
Like si hablas español xd
Emily Dumitrescu
Emily Dumitrescu 4 dagar sedan
its getting boring that ty wins every time thats why i dont watch mutch battles anymore
Nicolas Greiffenstein
Nicolas Greiffenstein 4 dagar sedan
Am I the onlyone that hate the fact of tyler winning? In this and all other videos
M&M 4 dagar sedan
Who released that coby had a bold cut in the last video and doesn't have one now..
Rose Nascimento
Rose Nascimento 4 dagar sedan
Uma pena não ter legenda em português Br. Sem legenda o vídeo já é super divertido, imagina se tivesse legenda!
Aiden Foos
Aiden Foos 4 dagar sedan
I’m the biggest fan of Zac Efron
Mel Mijling
Mel Mijling 4 dagar sedan
With a dogball
HQ Golf
HQ Golf 4 dagar sedan
Zac look like Justin beiber
HQ Golf
HQ Golf 4 dagar sedan
We have not seen panda for a long time
TheNext Vision
TheNext Vision 4 dagar sedan
Let others win tyler not only ur channel🙄🙄
aola wili
aola wili 4 dagar sedan
Two of them look like Zac Efron and Josh dun
B gaming
B gaming 4 dagar sedan
That looks so fun!
aola wili
aola wili 4 dagar sedan
Garret “I’m gonna tee it a little lower. Missed above it!
Sangita Tiwari
Sangita Tiwari 4 dagar sedan
U guys are awesome my 6yrs old boy loves to watch u all and enjoys a lot...I never find him so so happy ..... thank u to all of you
Axel Garcia
Axel Garcia 4 dagar sedan
It hurt watching them kick the soccer ball
JDG Moneyyy
JDG Moneyyy 4 dagar sedan
Who else is watching all the dude perfect vids during quarantine.
ethan fritts
ethan fritts 4 dagar sedan
I loved it
RMB Art 4 dagar sedan
Ummmm their not social distancing!
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