old town road, but played on my synth

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just had some fun playing around on my synth while playing "old town road" by lil nas x... honestly i don't know where this video went in the end but enjoy!

Thank you so much for watching!

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SethEverman År sedan
hey guys thank you for the nice comments and always being so supportive! i just played around with "old town road" for a few hours and this is... well.. this is the result...! yeehaw like and subscirng
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Nospacito Playz1 Månad sedan
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baraa is cool
baraa is cool 2 månader sedan
hatschi k
hatschi k 2 månader sedan
Im the 500 comment now the Champions are full.
andrew sangil
andrew sangil 2 månader sedan
Red Diamond
Red Diamond 27 minuter sedan
Ah yes, my favourite instruments: YES, DEPRESSION AND PAIN and my favourite genres: MARIO KART AND HELP
nani 5 timmar sedan
LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH (nickelback style)
Samuel Silva
Samuel Silva 11 timmar sedan
HA AT 1:16 HE LAUGHED GOOOTCHHAAA. Not even the great Seth can resist the HillBilly charm.
Magnogen 11 timmar sedan
Everyone gangster till seth looks at his keyboard
Amy Wilsson
Amy Wilsson 12 timmar sedan
This video always makes me feel better
Ondra Wiener
Ondra Wiener 13 timmar sedan
*music playing Me: Wait a sec isn't that Nickel- _*__1:33__ hits_ Me: *oh no*
Manuel Orellana
Manuel Orellana Dag sedan
Why did the start sound like Unturned's theme? ._.
WHATSKraKin Dag sedan
What instrument do you play? Me: *yes*
Pleb Plays
Pleb Plays Dag sedan
Who else wanna slap a bald man's head after learning about seth
Carp Dag sedan
Seth has that cute little lead protag who doesn't smile kinda smile, But said lead protag only smiles once per season so it's special
Courtney Page
Courtney Page 2 dagar sedan
ASIRI Designs
ASIRI Designs 2 dagar sedan
1:27 He can smile?!?!?! What have you done with Seth.
orion uwu
orion uwu 2 dagar sedan
Genre: Help Instrument: *Pain*
Eli Ile
Eli Ile 2 dagar sedan
This is so dope!♥
Kevin Fourzan
Kevin Fourzan 2 dagar sedan
I love how Hillbilly genre broke Seth's unbreakable poker face
James Barwick
James Barwick 2 dagar sedan
too much emotion was shown in this video
big_spice 2 dagar sedan
That Mario Kart one is fucking genius I want people to start making versions of songs that sound like Mario Kart songs
TheSlowDrifter 3 dagar sedan
tunnass 9292
tunnass 9292 3 dagar sedan
nice hat
SIKHA DEBNATH 3 dagar sedan
Ya my fav instrument Depression
Péter Mátis
Péter Mátis 3 dagar sedan
Yeah um what happened to the english captions?
Veaceslav VOLCOV
Veaceslav VOLCOV 3 dagar sedan
Hello Mayakovsky 🙂
Yash Pathak
Yash Pathak 3 dagar sedan
Lancer 4 dagar sedan
So this is what Agent 47 is doing after retirement
Soldier333 4 dagar sedan
Instrument: Depression Finally a song I can play with the instruments I have at home
ERRORlp 4 dagar sedan
Idk why but you look like Anton Szander LaVey
Morgan Lane
Morgan Lane 4 dagar sedan
0:22 sounds so familiar, but I can't work out what song!
Sir A_tv
Sir A_tv 4 dagar sedan
This is still a PHAT bop
1 Sub with 1 Video
1 Sub with 1 Video 4 dagar sedan
Everybody is a gangsta till he pulls out the COUCH
BottleOJamie 4 dagar sedan
Fuck off
Seth Heppner
Seth Heppner 4 dagar sedan
Lil Nas X: “Write that down, write that down!!”
Random Person
Random Person 4 dagar sedan
If there's knickleback, Why no penny back and quarter back and dime back?
Илья Коренев
Илья Коренев 5 dagar sedan
The bald guy)
Лол Кек чебурек
Лол Кек чебурек 5 dagar sedan
im russian шооооо
Лол Кек чебурек
Лол Кек чебурек 5 dagar sedan
bad ray))
Patasaurus Rex
Patasaurus Rex 5 dagar sedan
Seriously am I the only one that heard the intro to Old Town Road and immediately thought of Everyday is Exactly the Same by Nine Inch Nails?
КРОШ 6 dagar sedan
0:22 1 hour edition pls
Gaming with BTSMEMESOFFICIAL 6 dagar sedan
Friend : Wow what's that instrument you're playing called? Me : oh it's the usual, *D E P R E S S I O N*
Shrikanth Maddirela
Shrikanth Maddirela 6 dagar sedan
*seth can't hold back his smile* this made my day
Sage Pini
Sage Pini 6 dagar sedan
Free serotonin at 1:26
King Goose
King Goose 6 dagar sedan
old town road, but played on S E T H
Hiago Gomes
Hiago Gomes 6 dagar sedan
Who is the guy who appears next to Chad Kroeger?
AQG Arts
AQG Arts 6 dagar sedan
If you looka closely, you'll see Seth turning into Billy Cyrus. Or smiling...
Olivia 6 dagar sedan
Why nobody talking about the dead mario on the couch rip man
Aver 187
Aver 187 7 dagar sedan
Who's sad that the English captions were removed?
qvq 7 dagar sedan
Khati Bengali Gaming
Khati Bengali Gaming 7 dagar sedan
He is the baldboy not cowboy
Olek Bolek
Olek Bolek 8 dagar sedan
i... i mean... i... holy shit. you're a fucking legend
Susan 8 dagar sedan
Therapist: Cowboy Seth isn't real, he can't hurt you... Cowboy Seth:
Türkçe HipHop Channel
Türkçe HipHop Channel 8 dagar sedan
Sol 8 dagar sedan
A man so famous, they made an emoji of him.
smoothlikecarmel 8 dagar sedan
Don’t act like you didn’t almost take the left hand for French Film Music from Amelie 😂😂
justkiddjng ng
justkiddjng ng 8 dagar sedan
Bald town road.
Chorý Wastelander
Chorý Wastelander 9 dagar sedan
Did you know that when you tap on number on num lock it plays diffrent style of old town road?
No one
No one 9 dagar sedan
I don't think i've ever seen Seth's bare knees until now
Z_remium 9 dagar sedan
you should keep the cowboy hat on it looks good
Alex Fath
Alex Fath 10 dagar sedan
1:27 *Giggles in balding*
Jerson Saiyajin
Jerson Saiyajin 10 dagar sedan
I play depression everyday
Tacohead. Gaming sau ceva nu stiu
Tacohead. Gaming sau ceva nu stiu 10 dagar sedan
1:26 just in case you want to see seth fail at not laugh
JJ 10 dagar sedan
The hip hop was catchy