Back To You

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Selena Gomez - Topic

2 år sedan

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Back To You · Selena Gomez
13 Reasons Why
℗ 2018 Interscope Records
Released on: 2018-05-18
Producer: Ian Kirkpatrick
Producer: Trackside
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Tony Maserati
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Chris Gehringer
Composer Lyricist: Parrish Warrington
Composer Lyricist: Diederik Van Elsas
Composer Lyricist: Amy Allen
Composer Lyricist: Micah Premnath
Composer Lyricist: Selena Gomez
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Vishwajeet Surwase
Vishwajeet Surwase 6 dagar sedan
Everyday when I think about 13 Reasons Why I feel really bad for Hannah Baker 😔😔
Gaelyn Brown
Gaelyn Brown 7 dagar sedan
I fell in love with a gay boy as a straight girl. I can never be with him, but I haven't and I dont think ever can forget him.
DeShun Sullivan
DeShun Sullivan Dag sedan
@Gaelyn Brown Damn I bet you were hurt. At least he didn't pretend to be straight just to make you happy. It's better you found out sooner than later because you'd be looking stupid in the end.
Gaelyn Brown
Gaelyn Brown Dag sedan
@DeShun Sullivan I found out after I asked him out. I still see him twice or more a week.
DeShun Sullivan
DeShun Sullivan Dag sedan
Wait so let me get this straight, You fell in love with a gay guy? Knowing he was gay lol? Or you found out afterwards?
Prajakta Atre
Prajakta Atre 3 dagar sedan
I understand 😣😶
big frog
big frog 10 dagar sedan
so.. what happened to her??
Owen Galus
Owen Galus 12 dagar sedan
Can we take a moment and honor Justin and Jessica. This song belongs to them.
maria lopez
maria lopez 15 dagar sedan
i wanna hold you
darshan sonawale
darshan sonawale 15 dagar sedan
Clay and hannah is perfect 💖💯😭
Syifaa Ray
Syifaa Ray 16 dagar sedan
Is she making the 😗 face? I'm genuinely curious.
Good morning, sunshine.
Good morning, sunshine. 18 dagar sedan
"you can break my heart in 2 but when it heals it beats for you" This makes me miss my ex- oops, I don't have one lol
Adham AHmed
Adham AHmed 19 dagar sedan
i miss 2018 so much man, i never realised how simple and good life was, now look at us. stressed and old man.
sarang pahwa
sarang pahwa 19 dagar sedan
Please watch 'Sadhguru' Selena..
Crowned One
Crowned One 19 dagar sedan
Netflix actually makes her look ok
Yashashree Barhate
Yashashree Barhate 19 dagar sedan
This song is so good ❤️
Tropical House Lyrics
Tropical House Lyrics 20 dagar sedan
This reminds me of how easy it is to end up in the wrong path when you're growing up, trying to figure out who you are and what you like. To all of you out of there, take care and reach for help whenever you need it💕
suchi bansod
suchi bansod 20 dagar sedan
still here ,,when r u coming ??
Olivia Hines
Olivia Hines 21 dag sedan
70%-how much they love this song 30% what is wrong with Hannah’s lips???
Wealthiest man Alive
Wealthiest man Alive 21 dag sedan
The lip is visible was she been raped?
Devanshi Dheer
Devanshi Dheer 21 dag sedan
This makes me cry
Sushma Narayan
Sushma Narayan 23 dagar sedan
She has the most distinctive amazing voice I’ve ever heard Btw anyone knows why she wrote this song I’m not keeping up with her history 😅 Love you Selena
Emma Warby
Emma Warby 23 dagar sedan
Fans think for Justin Bebier. Idk, thats what I found when I looked it up.
Nikhar Pathania
Nikhar Pathania 24 dagar sedan
, 💓💓
Always gaming
Always gaming 24 dagar sedan
She touches my heart like no one else. I admit she must not be the best, but for me she is. Thou she can't belt like demi or Ariana, she has that feel. Even if you have not went through anything like what she is singing about, she has the power to make you feel the pain and the joy. Most singers don't have the feel. I love her voice and her tone. She has the soothing and relaxing effect. The high notes don't make me feel that. Belting does not makes me feel that. Selena Gomez makes me feel that. You will feel like you are in love, even though you have never been in. You will feel the heartbreak, even though you have been there. You will feel everything with her music. I feel so good while jamming to her music. I feel empowered. I feel everything she is singing about 😭❤️
Rohini Lokhande
Rohini Lokhande 28 dagar sedan
Niharika Manoj Anthikatt
Niharika Manoj Anthikatt 29 dagar sedan
Just literally listening to this song just makes me soooo happy! Best song of all time, it is a beautiful piece! This song is the song that officially made me a Selena fan, love you! 🔥
Niharika Manoj Anthikatt
Niharika Manoj Anthikatt 29 dagar sedan
Yes yes....everyone pls reply and give me a like
Ananya A B
Ananya A B 29 dagar sedan
@Niharika Manoj Anthikatt okiee every1 go lyk nihas comment..😂
Niharika Manoj Anthikatt
Niharika Manoj Anthikatt 29 dagar sedan
Nothing much chechi
Ananya A B
Ananya A B 29 dagar sedan
Wats up kuttii!!
SAVANNAH HANSON 29 dagar sedan
All the music from 13 reasons why are amazing songs and I like the series
Idk why but her lip in the polaroid is tripping me out
kikilovesanimie Månad sedan
Righttttt😭 It looks mad weird and ugly kinda gets me grossed out and mad
Ma. Christina Yu Diet
Ma. Christina Yu Diet Månad sedan
What happened to hanna's lips
dino dan was the og
dino dan was the og Månad sedan
This song is so upbeat and it sounds so hopeful but at the same time it just makes me hurt somehow
Emily palacios
Emily palacios Månad sedan
my heart hurts
Harry Valiente
Harry Valiente Månad sedan
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charm caster
charm caster 16 dagar sedan
@Kanishk Priyadarshanam I'm Gay...Oh fuc.
Kanishk Priyadarshanam
Kanishk Priyadarshanam Månad sedan
But...... I'm atheist
elizabeth grace
elizabeth grace Månad sedan
Harry Valiente
Harry Valiente Månad sedan
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Harry Valiente
Harry Valiente Månad sedan
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mais matani
mais matani Månad sedan
I love this song💕🔥
bia Månad sedan
eu amo essa música, eu amo a selena gomez, i love this song, i love selena gomez
maqshaf ahmed
maqshaf ahmed Månad sedan
is it weird that i wanna watch 13 reasons why again?
E Månad sedan
This is cute and all but whats up with her lip?? Its like a dry rose petal or she got a botched lip filler or sum
Gunjan Saraswat
Gunjan Saraswat Månad sedan
I haven't seen 13 reason why, but this song is very warming!! I am here for selena❣️
Gemma Wildermuth
Gemma Wildermuth Månad sedan
I don't know why but 1:42 is just magical 😍 Edit: Especially at a loud volume!
Smitty Skymo
Smitty Skymo Månad sedan
Gua aja
James Sebastian Rosales Moran
James Sebastian Rosales Moran Månad sedan
Me gusta la canción, la serie no I don´t like 13 reasons why, but Back to you is so pretty.
L RC Månad sedan
hey, you yes YOU! keep reading i know you loved them. They just werent right for you. I know, you really though you were soulmates well who says that soulmates have to be found when your a teen? they may be your soulmate or endgame but it was just the wrong time. maybe later you'll be together, but don't count on it. let life happen. let them want you. you dont have to chase after someone who chose to run away. take time for yourself. just let them know youll be there and your not running away. let them chase you. sorry if that didnt make sense to you, but if it did please live by that. There are so many people out there that love you! KEEP GOING!!!! pain is temporary. why waste time chasing someone who hurt you? is that your self worth. let them grow, let your self love be established. if they never chase you dont force it. if you really are soulmates its a two way thing, you both love eachother. if your endgame, notice how it isnt called "nowgame" give them time give you time. dont pine for something, believe in something that feels real and healthy. now listen to this song and wallow. then pick yourself up bbg your crown is slipping.
Sofia Lorraine Dequito
Sofia Lorraine Dequito Månad sedan
If a song makes you feel like you miss someone even if it's not real, then that song is magic
empathy empathy
empathy empathy Månad sedan
what episode was this in?
Morena Morena
Morena Morena Månad sedan
13 reasons why?
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Månad sedan
when u listen 1st time you wont like ...just like raw mango but as time pass by they ripe taste good likewise as u keep listening SELENA songs r REALLY VERY NICE N BITTER SWEET
alka tandon
alka tandon Månad sedan
Officer Arooja
Officer Arooja Månad sedan
Can you give me a heart challenge to salena Gomez
뿡이뿡 Månad sedan
아 진짜 미친듯이 클레이가 해나 그리워하는게 넘 보여서 노래 들으면 자꾸 울음ㅜㅜ
Varshan Jay Murugan
Varshan Jay Murugan Månad sedan
maxduda56 2 månader sedan
I'd sing this song to my best friend if he ever forgave me
시한폭탄김햅번 2 månader sedan
셀레나 노래 중에 최애곡...이 노래의 아련한 분위기가 너무 좋음
Adonait Daniel
Adonait Daniel 2 månader sedan
13 reasons why fan YASS
miss faiha
miss faiha 2 månader sedan
this will be always one of my favorite song. it holds a special place in my heart always reminds of the time of me and my bestie singing this always. i love her so much. damn i miss her
Little miss Jocy
Little miss Jocy 2 månader sedan
Mmakhauta Malindi
Mmakhauta Malindi 2 månader sedan
Love this song
Lana P.
Lana P. 2 månader sedan
Amanda Brito Trindade Brito
Amanda Brito Trindade Brito 2 månader sedan
Se fosse com a Ariana 100MI em um dia né amadah? Não iria ser flop. Ah não iria
Lana P.
Lana P. 2 månader sedan
@Amanda Brito Trindade Brito why do you think it'll flop it aint even out yet
Amanda Brito Trindade Brito
Amanda Brito Trindade Brito 2 månader sedan
Tô nem aí se não entender. Mas essa música VAI FLOPAR
Lana P.
Lana P. 2 månader sedan
@Amanda Brito Trindade Brito what's your problem?
Amanda Brito Trindade Brito
Amanda Brito Trindade Brito 2 månader sedan
Ally Scott
Ally Scott 2 månader sedan
is it only me who has the feeling that this song is about chasing someone thats either dissapered or died
AYO JOY 2 månader sedan
Cause it is
Isabellaa 2 månader sedan
I’m going through a tough time rn and I’m just sitting here crying and hoping music will help
familam _of_1
familam _of_1 2 månader sedan
Let's be lonely together
lavender blue
lavender blue 2 månader sedan
I don't even have anyone to miss when listening to this song, I just like it a lot
Number Five
Number Five 2 månader sedan
Chiara Minniti
Chiara Minniti 2 månader sedan
Aaliyah 2 månader sedan
I used to stand in front of the window singing this song wishing that I had a guitar but I have one now but love this song
Anushka Deshpande
Anushka Deshpande 2 månader sedan
this song has dua lipa vibes
Vipul 2 månader sedan
I was about to comment the same
俺の庭 2 månader sedan
Zakina D'andria
Zakina D'andria 3 månader sedan
it's a wonderful song.🤗♾🥰🤩♾
ᄋᄋ 3 månader sedan
ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ사랑해 셀레나고메즈ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ
Bryan Arcillas
Bryan Arcillas 3 månader sedan
Why did they need to end like that...
grammie64a 3 månader sedan
Clips from: DuckTales: What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?! (2017) YMCA: Basketball Show (2020) 💜
grammie64a 3 månader sedan
Huey❤️Allison - Back To You (Selena Gomez) 💜
RUMA DAS 3 månader sedan
It is the most suitable song in my life ..
Haley Bittinger
Haley Bittinger 3 månader sedan
I am not a 13 Reasons why fan, but this song is amazing.
glow girl
glow girl 3 månader sedan
"You could break my heart in two, But when it heals it beats for you." Hits hard
sheikh owais
sheikh owais 3 månader sedan
I have watched 2 seasons... How are seasons 3 & 4...someone plz
rachel 3 månader sedan
ChristineKaye 3 månader sedan
"and I could fight but what's the use? I know..I'll go back to you.." tangina. Ang sakit :
Ellie Miller
Ellie Miller 3 månader sedan
This song just explains Jessica and Justin
maanon 3 månader sedan
justin, i love you forever ☺️
aplusjob 3 månader sedan
Damn it!!, THIS SONG!!!🌈💟💟💟
Isobel Simpson
Isobel Simpson 3 månader sedan
Adeyralis Kenney
Adeyralis Kenney 3 månader sedan
Jessica and Justin locker room scene and this song is playing
Elise ytb
Elise ytb Månad sedan
Adeyralis Kenney thank you !!
Adeyralis Kenney
Adeyralis Kenney Månad sedan
@Elise ytb Season 2 episode 13
Elise ytb
Elise ytb Månad sedan
Adeyralis Kenney what season please ? :)
Elizabeth Lozano
Elizabeth Lozano 3 månader sedan
what is 13 reasons y 🤔
Rama Musa
Rama Musa 2 månader sedan
It's a show on Netflix
gacha % jisoo tr
gacha % jisoo tr 3 månader sedan
Anyone 2020
Lavínia Vieira Cardoso
Lavínia Vieira Cardoso 3 månader sedan
Sakaisha Olala
Sakaisha Olala 3 månader sedan
I just found out in season 4 that selena was behind it all. I was zo suprised in a good way. Really proud and happy for her.
Miriam Mehmeti
Miriam Mehmeti 3 månader sedan
💗💗 So beautiful ❤️
Mark Ian TANOLA 3 månader sedan
Is everyone here for aaron fraser nash making hotel transylvania video?
powershel23 3 månader sedan
Selena , Selena, Selena, Selena, Selema
Aram Nazaryan
Aram Nazaryan 3 månader sedan
Everybody knows we got unfinished business, i always think that refers to smth sexual😂😂😂😂
Melissa Ibarra
Melissa Ibarra 4 månader sedan
Está canción está muy bonita,pero no debemos aferrarnos a personas que no nos quieren o nos menosprecian,si nos lastiman,deberíamos irnos a la primera,lo digo por experiencia,si se siguen quedando terminarán destruidos emocionalmente y ese sentimiento es terrible
Megan F C
Megan F C 4 månader sedan
Hands down Selena's best songs
Samyukta Ramesh
Samyukta Ramesh 4 månader sedan
The scene of Justin and Jessica at seasn 2 finale is playing before my eyes while listening to this song. Anyone else?
POWER 95.9
POWER 95.9 4 månader sedan
Lyrics: Took you like a shot Thought that I could chase you with a cold evening Let a couple years water down how I'm feeling about you (Feeling about you) And every time we talk Every single word builds up to this moment And I gotta convince myself I don't want it Even though I do (even though I do) You could break my heart in two But when it heals, it beats for you I know it's forward, but it's true I wanna hold you when I'm not supposed to When I'm lying close to someone else You're stuck in my head and I can't get you out of it If I could do it all again I know I'd go back to you I know I'd go back to you I know I'd go back to you We never got it right Playing and replaying old conversations Overthinking every word and I hate it 'Cause it's not me ('cause it's not me) And what's the point in hiding? Everybody knows we got unfinished business And I'll regret it if I didn't say This isn't what it could be (isn't what it could be) You could break my heart in two But when it heals, it beats for you I know it's forward, but it's true I wanna hold you when I'm not supposed to When I'm lying close to someone else You're stuck in my head and I can't get you out of it If I could do it all again I know I'd go back to you I know I'd go back to you I'd go back to you I'd go back to you What was there wasn't sure But I'd go back to you I know I'd go back to you You can break my heart in two But when it heals, it beats for you I know it's forward, but it's true Won't lie, I'd go back to you You know, my thoughts are running loose It's just a thing you make me do And I could fight, but what's the use? I know I'd go back to you I wanna hold you when I'm not supposed to When I'm lying close to someone else You're stuck in my head and I can't get you out of it If I could do it all again I know I'd go back to you I'd go back to you I'll go back to you I know I'd go back to you (I'd go back to you, I'd go back to you) I know I'd go back to you (Go back to you, go back to you) (Go back to you, go back to you) (Go back to you, go back to you)
Rachel’s ASMR Corner
Rachel’s ASMR Corner 4 månader sedan
Any body else sing “I know I’d go back to you, I’d go back to” during the instrumental part?? I just can’t help it!
Luciana Alessandra SALAS SANDOVAL
Luciana Alessandra SALAS SANDOVAL 4 månader sedan
ta chido
angela martirosyan
angela martirosyan 4 månader sedan
Shane Tower
Shane Tower 4 månader sedan
I keep going back to the same guy over and over. Is that a sign of true love or desperateness?
Srilekha Bededa
Srilekha Bededa 4 månader sedan
Sign of ur innocent love and he does not deserve it then
thesickheaven _
thesickheaven _ 4 månader sedan
I truly wish I could had been hannah’s friends . No one should feel that sad and get no help
Léa Gred
Léa Gred 4 månader sedan
Clay i love you
Tianne Murray
Tianne Murray 4 månader sedan
Still one of my favorite songs from this show 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Soma Dey
Soma Dey 4 månader sedan
I saw this song in my television when they were showing the trailer of the 13 Reasons Why season 3 I knew I had to fall in love with this song! Love You Selena!!!! Long live Sel!!!!!!❤
Joseph Alonso Vega Gamero
Joseph Alonso Vega Gamero 4 månader sedan
Gregory Dixon
Gregory Dixon 4 månader sedan
It was a mistake, I just noticed it...💚💚💚
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