Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It [HD REMASTERED]

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Tina Turner Official

11 år sedan

Official video of Tina Turner performing 'What's Love Got To Do With It' from the album 'Private Dancer'.
The video was shot in New York City during the summer of 1984.
Kygo x Tina Turner - “What’s Love Got To Do With It” now available everywhere smarturl.it/xWLGTDWI
Listen to Tina's best songs here: lnk.to/TinaSTR
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Facebook: TinaTurner/
Instagram: tinaturner
Twitter: LoveTinaTurner
Official Website: www.tinaturnerofficial.com/
Official SEshow Channel: seshow.info

Calvin Pete
Calvin Pete 6 minuter sedan
How can I explain to the homies that this song is the shit
Lee Thompson
Lee Thompson 5 timmar sedan
my uncle used to have a tiner turner wig lol
Leasim Seyer
Leasim Seyer 5 timmar sedan
*esepro que esta generación sepa apreciar esta música y que sepan que 9ara nosotros fue dejar los sentimientos en voz de Tina Turner*
CK 5 timmar sedan
Came here from the awful Kygo respray.
xCloud xWolfyx UwU
xCloud xWolfyx UwU 6 timmar sedan
such an amazing song and i'm still listening to it everyday now in 2020!
Kayoko Hatsumi
Kayoko Hatsumi 8 timmar sedan
Hits different in 2020
Ayse Durmaz
Ayse Durmaz 8 timmar sedan
You are the best, Tina :)
David Sims
David Sims 9 timmar sedan
The queen not madonna
Sarah Mccormick
Sarah Mccormick 18 timmar sedan
0:00 World trade center 😪😪😪😪😪☹️☹️☹️
Jayne Goddard
Jayne Goddard 20 timmar sedan
PRASHANT CHAVAN 21 timme sedan
27 OCT 2020 Dear Listeners, this is your Capt. at the flight commands .. from Philadelphia to Ohio ... Welcome aboard ... the best thing is new when I'm acting confused .. there's a name for it . there's a phrase that fits .. what's love .. what's it got to do .. who needs a heart when a heart can be broken ... I am checking out new directions but I have to say I've been thinking of my own projections ...
TTArchive 22 timmar sedan
I come back to this music video each day to put a smile on my face, oh the days. ❤️
oscar Ocampo
oscar Ocampo 23 timmar sedan
Tina turner triunfo sin el desgraciado de Ike Turner
Arturo Castro Cofre
Arturo Castro Cofre 23 timmar sedan
Esto es música
Carmen clarke
Carmen clarke Dag sedan
Love 😪🥶🤧🥶
Dylan Owens
Dylan Owens Dag sedan
What a woman true inspiration to us all
Rico Dag sedan
2020 having a blast.
jahnaya Dag sedan
Reminds me of my nanny ❤
Sharon Mwikali
Sharon Mwikali Dag sedan
Her legs are to die for
Genesis Guifarro
Genesis Guifarro Dag sedan
música de la buena y la mejor.
Romero Constantini
Romero Constantini Dag sedan
2:21 best part of the whole video!
Leslee Garrard
Leslee Garrard Dag sedan
Love ms. Tina
Joanne Crawford
Joanne Crawford Dag sedan
Love this song
mathys gobeil
mathys gobeil 2 dagar sedan
tina turner hair be like: karen mode activated
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper 2 dagar sedan
I have a playlist of songs from the '80s that I listen to while studying. I put this after "I want to know what love is"
Kevin Lyn
Kevin Lyn 2 dagar sedan
Gwaaan tina ride big riddim
Patricia Morales
Patricia Morales 2 dagar sedan
John Matos
John Matos 2 dagar sedan
Who’s listening to this in the Year 3000!
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia Dag sedan
heu ! in paradise
Jason Holder
Jason Holder 2 dagar sedan
Bitch I am done with u too, go be with the people u have been trying to impress.
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia Dag sedan
Lack of education
Oswaldo F Mercury Mendivil leon
Oswaldo F Mercury Mendivil leon 2 dagar sedan
🆃🅸🅽🅰 🆃🆄🆁🅽🅴🆁 - *Anna Mae Bullock* más conocida como Tina Turner, es una cantante, compositora, bailarina, actriz y coreógrafa de nacionalidad suiza y origen estadounidense, cuya carrera se desarrolló durante más de cincuenta años, además de ser una de las principales y mayores componentes de rock siendo considerada como la «Reina del Rock». Se retiró del escenario en 2009 a la edad de 70 años después de una carrera musical de 50 años. 🎬 #RMTinaTurner #RMWhatsLoveGotToDoWithIt #RMQuéTieneQueVerElAmorConEso? #RMúsicaPop #RMSoftRock #RMRock #RMDiscoRockPop #RecuerdosMusicaDiscoRockPop 1984 gran año musical de TINA TURNER entra con fuerza esta cancion de su album "PRIVATE DANCER" tambien cancion escrita por *Mark Knopfler,* album grabado y mezclado en Londres, con temas:"Better Be Good To Me" y "1984" *(David Bowie),* esta cancion de este video fue No 1 el 31 de Agosto de 1984 por 3 semanas en USA, buen recuerdo de la considerada "las mejores piernas" del Rockanpop en esa epoca.
PRASHANT CHAVAN 21 timme sedan
27 OCT 2020 Dear Listener, please post your comment(s) only in English ...
Lewicinda Baker
Lewicinda Baker 2 dagar sedan
My Girl Leggs and all
Jennifer J.
Jennifer J. 2 dagar sedan
Kornelia Veleva
Kornelia Veleva 2 dagar sedan
Страхотна песен ❣ най добрата певица 🥰
Antônio Gabriel pereira Pereira
Antônio Gabriel pereira Pereira 2 dagar sedan
uma cantora explendeda que contagia com suas cançoes que reflete nossas historias do passado senssaçional
PRASHANT CHAVAN 21 timme sedan
27 OCT 2020 Dear Listener, please post your comment(s) in English ...
يوتيوب الوعد قدام
يوتيوب الوعد قدام 2 dagar sedan
amazing song
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson 2 dagar sedan
I absolutely adore this song. Keep strutting you stuff Tina, a very strong woman and a musical inspiration. Love you!
Rosângela Teixeira
Rosângela Teixeira 3 dagar sedan
Ouvindo no Brasil 🇧🇷 2020
Rosângela Teixeira
Rosângela Teixeira 3 timmar sedan
@Comandante Augusto Sim! Mas prefiro essa versão antiga. 😊
Comandante Augusto
Comandante Augusto 3 timmar sedan
Já ouviu a remix do Kygo?
Lorrayni Fidelis
Lorrayni Fidelis 5 timmar sedan
Eu aqui ❤
stefy stefy
stefy stefy 3 dagar sedan
Le torri gemelle 💔
Gerald Jelks
Gerald Jelks 3 dagar sedan
You are a ain't shit bitch .truth coming out on you . .you low down dirty trick
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 2 dagar sedan
What are you saying ? You are a son of a bitch.....
Rayane Freitas
Rayane Freitas 3 dagar sedan
Comandante Augusto
Comandante Augusto 3 timmar sedan
Paula Henderson
Paula Henderson 3 dagar sedan
Shark 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈 attacks r machines utah tell the world again again and again
Lazáro Tenório
Lazáro Tenório 3 dagar sedan
Que música é essa the beste live som top
Life with Melanie
Life with Melanie 3 dagar sedan
True talent. Oh watching this reminds me of the hair back then. The hairspray we used to use, lol. Love Tina. She will forever be an icon no matter what year it is.
David Walter
David Walter 3 timmar sedan
Hello how are you doing melanie
David Walter
David Walter 3 timmar sedan
Lol really?
7editlimit 3 dagar sedan
im here. still...
N Ala
N Ala 3 dagar sedan
Beautiful. ❤️
Ferdinando Giano
Ferdinando Giano 3 dagar sedan
This song is immortal!
Catarina Costa
Catarina Costa 3 dagar sedan
Eu gosto muito de ouvir está música e tão bonita e é a minha farvorita
Carmela Terrazzino
Carmela Terrazzino 3 dagar sedan
Extraordinaire bravo 😊🎊
zr24X4ROCKS 3 dagar sedan
I love TINA !!!!
nflemingful 4 dagar sedan
I am so over 2020. At least time travel will be a doozy.
siobahn timmons
siobahn timmons 4 dagar sedan
Joyce Shika
Joyce Shika 4 dagar sedan
I luv her so much
Ibikari1 4 dagar sedan
Black Americans are just so cool
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 3 dagar sedan
not always ! they are like all the people around the world
Hacer Alpteker
Hacer Alpteker 4 dagar sedan
Sanije Kadriu
Sanije Kadriu 4 dagar sedan
Julia Chincha
Julia Chincha 4 dagar sedan
Me encanta esta musica que power!!!
Jorvan Charles
Jorvan Charles 4 dagar sedan
October 23rd 4 days to ma BD 2020
Lishomwa Lishomwa
Lishomwa Lishomwa 4 dagar sedan
I miss the 80s and 90s... RIP.. return if possible please...coz those two decades where simply the best there was and the best they shall ever be
Mama Crow
Mama Crow 4 dagar sedan
i thought this was michael jackson wtf?
Marisol Sanzana
Marisol Sanzana 4 dagar sedan
Que Canción más Buena del Verbo Buena...Sexsy...Sensual como es ella...La Amoooooo🎶🎶💋👠👠💋
Courtney And Joe
Courtney And Joe 4 dagar sedan
her hair in this video 🥺🥺
Paula Curran
Paula Curran 4 dagar sedan
She's been tasered lol
None of them are Gods
None of them are Gods 4 dagar sedan
Casey Bourbon
Casey Bourbon 4 dagar sedan
the skies are BLUE............not.................. WHITE!!!!!!!!!!
Jimmy Woodward
Jimmy Woodward 4 dagar sedan
Amazing beautiful woman and a wonderful singer 😍❤️😍💞
Jay Singer
Jay Singer 5 dagar sedan
All I can think about is the David Alan Grier parody of this on “In Living Color”.
Chaz Johnson
Chaz Johnson 5 dagar sedan
I admire her boldness 😍
sharkpuppet cousin
sharkpuppet cousin 5 dagar sedan
1:43 ohhh
killuas girlfriend
killuas girlfriend 5 dagar sedan
only came here bc my dad likes her music
MRYEMAN 5 dagar sedan
look at wtf they wearing god damn...like 1:25 How's my man tryna act tough lookin like an electrocuted cheetah? lol
Ashley Rodríguez
Ashley Rodríguez 5 dagar sedan
los PADRINOS MAGICOS de TIMMY TURNER También fueron los de TINA TURNER en el Capitulo de la Pecera conociendo la Casa de Cosmo y Wanda jajajaja 4:20 happy hour
Joshi E.
Joshi E. 5 dagar sedan
The 80s were so fun!
kids happy to play
kids happy to play 5 dagar sedan
No another lokdown please let's as freeee go way covid
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 5 dagar sedan
Everyone enjoyed the radio in the 80s music telled a story top song thanks tina
Jason Subgut
Jason Subgut 5 dagar sedan
Someone has to do a remix of her songs. Have her parts playing and than someone cutting in and singing what they feel and think. Other than that, I watched her movie. She's strong.
latenitehour 3 dagar sedan
@Andres Romero Madmax
Jason Subgut
Jason Subgut 4 dagar sedan
@Andres Romero what's Love got to do with it? 1993 music/drama
Andres Romero
Andres Romero 4 dagar sedan
Which movie omg ?
Cassandra Bloomfield
Cassandra Bloomfield 5 dagar sedan
I listen to it still
Linda Lord
Linda Lord 6 dagar sedan
She is ageless! We will always listen to her.
Zora Reljic
Zora Reljic 6 dagar sedan
Tolle Frau,,,, tolle Stimme,,,, 🌼☀️💫
Bethany Miller
Bethany Miller 6 dagar sedan
Yes what does love got to do with it?
nice one
nice one 6 dagar sedan
Damn she was 50 years old lol
Golden Cube
Golden Cube 4 dagar sedan
@nice one oh thanks! I kinda forgot, sooooo
nice one
nice one 4 dagar sedan
@Golden Cube she was born in 1939 and she did the video in 1989 my friend...50 years old she's 80 now
Golden Cube
Golden Cube 4 dagar sedan
I think she was 40, but I might be wrong
OneDay! 6 dagar sedan
Vem mer är här för att Caspar kommer äga denna på fredag^^
Soccerz 6 dagar sedan
If "what is love" was sung by women
Lilo 6 dagar sedan
Islak elle prize dokunmuş saçı 😄
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 6 dagar sedan
Lawrence Ngugi
Lawrence Ngugi 6 dagar sedan
Angela Suong
Angela Suong 6 dagar sedan
Pedro Cardozo
Pedro Cardozo 6 dagar sedan
Buenísimo este video..idola..me llega recuerdos bellísimos de mi juventud escuchando esta canción 👍😊👍 saludos del Paraguay..excelente..👏😊
Francoise francoise
Francoise francoise 6 dagar sedan
Just wonderffull woman....
danielle armas
danielle armas 6 dagar sedan
lana del rey doin time
Simply Mar
Simply Mar 7 dagar sedan
XILEGRA Pacheco 7 dagar sedan
Cómo ella no hay con mucho cariño desde Colombia xilegra
Pedro Caldas
Pedro Caldas 7 dagar sedan
Temwani Maiwanga
Temwani Maiwanga 7 dagar sedan
Music used to be golden I wish I could go back in time😢😢😢
Marcelo Soares Lima
Marcelo Soares Lima 7 dagar sedan
This song was part of my youth. Thanks Tina for remind me!!
Music By Allona
Music By Allona 7 dagar sedan
I once thought this song was about her marriage to Ike.
The Media Arts Still Sport
The Media Arts Still Sport 7 dagar sedan
fact check green leaf
wizzard game
wizzard game 8 dagar sedan
tina turner is the cool aunt everyone has
Sandra suely Gonçalves
Sandra suely Gonçalves 8 dagar sedan
Tyrus Cabot
Tyrus Cabot 8 dagar sedan
I am thrilled that this legendary artist and classic song has over 100 million views.
Bermuda Gang
Bermuda Gang 8 dagar sedan
i love you
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