when you're a romantic pianist but also a gamer

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hey guys yeah i completely remade the megalovania theme from scratch just to make this meme video.. i need to go to bed
Thank you so much for watching!

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SethEverman År sedan
I don’t deserve sub
I don’t deserve sub 7 dagar sedan
h x0 = 0
Medix Månad sedan
H. E. L. L. O.
Knight Slayer
Knight Slayer 2 månader sedan
I'm 500th comment. h
Keegen Kohlmaier
Keegen Kohlmaier 2 månader sedan
Timothy NICOLAIDES 2 månader sedan
GachiBasser 3 timmar sedan
MADD LADD 4 timmar sedan
X files my g
Casper H. Ipsen
Casper H. Ipsen Dag sedan
Popi89ferezzx Dag sedan
How do I like a video more than once?
Mauricio Procopio
Mauricio Procopio Dag sedan
I’m just here because of toeluva and foottickl3rguy
GO CURIOUS 2 dagar sedan
Bringing The drum set near the couch was painful
MonadoKid 3 dagar sedan
Oh god, from 0:00 to 0:50 is probably the best part
Coco Chen
Coco Chen 3 dagar sedan
Can I have the sheet music.......
Saf Day
Saf Day 3 dagar sedan
B52 Nam
B52 Nam 4 dagar sedan
anyone know the name of the second song ? thanks
1 Sub with 1 Video
1 Sub with 1 Video 4 dagar sedan
Everybody is a gangsta till he pulls out the COUCH
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 6 dagar sedan
SukiTheBean 6 dagar sedan
0:42 *vibin*
D D 6 dagar sedan
I want that Mulder and Scully cut out.
CryBaby 7 dagar sedan
Jetpack Runner arived
NetMan 7 dagar sedan
Me: goes to comments Seth: 'h'
Database Transfer
Database Transfer 9 dagar sedan
Is this a sethbling reference?
Shay 4
Shay 4 9 dagar sedan
when you're a romantic pianist but also a gamer= Sud Korean
Lil' Cosplayer YT
Lil' Cosplayer YT 9 dagar sedan
I thought that it would be like It's Raining Somewhere Else except romantic but this is honestly better
jt 10 dagar sedan
Not gwyns theme 2/10 fuck you
Seb 10 dagar sedan
seth go baldo mode
Matties Business Email
Matties Business Email 10 dagar sedan
How did I know what it was gonna be?
SONRISA. 10 dagar sedan
Hahaha i love this
Mr Cybusy
Mr Cybusy 11 dagar sedan
H h h h h h a a a a a m m m m m m b b b b u u u u r r r br r r
Generic Idiot
Generic Idiot 13 dagar sedan
I love the clusterfuck type vids... there’s just so much hitting you at once, the transitions are clean, it’s just so beautiful in a chaotic way.
Lime 222
Lime 222 14 dagar sedan
many romance
Mati Feder
Mati Feder 16 dagar sedan
What about full version?
Lucdera 16 dagar sedan
Well, that escalated quickly.
James Ruppert
James Ruppert 16 dagar sedan
Very much appreciate the oakley batwolfes
Skyl3rsn00p 16 dagar sedan
no one: 3:32
Jiska B.
Jiska B. 17 dagar sedan
Moving your drun there must have been an effort
Jannis Wildermuth
Jannis Wildermuth 17 dagar sedan
Welp, here I was thinking he meant the romantic era of western classical music...
Swaqqer-ッ 17 dagar sedan
demon 11rus
demon 11rus 17 dagar sedan
Не понимаю русский не русский
Pythxnz 17 dagar sedan
Seth: well know that I got the girls attention... *megalovia intensives*
02FoolsgoldGT 17 dagar sedan
love Celine Dion
Peter Marsella
Peter Marsella 18 dagar sedan
Dude I still can't believe sans died on the Titanic
Kujjiii 18 dagar sedan
The subtitle ist on Point
James Ekholm
James Ekholm 18 dagar sedan
0:35 wheres that from?
yeetboh2010 19 dagar sedan
legend of zelda wouldve gone well too
Theofilos Myst
Theofilos Myst 19 dagar sedan
When you write h and u get 89K
Hash Brems
Hash Brems 19 dagar sedan
Gamer time bois
rubiño 123
rubiño 123 19 dagar sedan
Soy el único que se esa desvelando y no sabe ni que pedo??
Emilio Mondragon
Emilio Mondragon 20 dagar sedan
He just take the drums out for 4s of video
qwertykid 20 dagar sedan
I'm getting distracted by how short that David duchovny cutout looks
Shelby Edwards
Shelby Edwards 20 dagar sedan
Mulder and Scully in the background bringing me life and existentialism.
brodykag 101
brodykag 101 21 dag sedan
🅱️ery 🅱️unny 🅱️eth 🅱️verman
Klemenix 21 dag sedan
Bruh why did i knew megalodovania was going to play...
Grand Chariot
Grand Chariot 21 dag sedan
is that river phoenix?
Naro P
Naro P 21 dag sedan
Can we have a complete version of this pls?
aruna 22 dagar sedan
please please be my boyfriend or else i’ll kill myself
Megan King
Megan King 22 dagar sedan
The chaotic energy of this is far beyond what any of us could achieve
Ninja jutsu style
Ninja jutsu style 22 dagar sedan
Teacher: So what instrument do you play Him: It's kinda complicated
whiterottenrabbit 22 dagar sedan
Dude, seriously, where the fuck can I get those sunglasses?
Axel 22 dagar sedan
He had us in the first half🤣
ibra_R6 22 dagar sedan
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Everyone: h
Paolo Kim
Paolo Kim 23 dagar sedan
perfection 👌
Esteban RUBINO
Esteban RUBINO 23 dagar sedan
Kmac2021 ?
Sela Fitria
Sela Fitria 23 dagar sedan
Found this and realized i just mirroring myself in here, but cant play music