Lindsey Stirling - Til The Light Goes Out (Official Video)

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Lindsey Stirling

2 månader sedan

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Directors: Stephen Wayne Mallett & Lindsey Stirling
Production Company: Green Glow Films
Choreographer: Jillian Meyers
Stunt Coordinator: Nate Lee
Editors: Lindsey Stirling & Stephen Wayne Mallett
Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves Mallett
Producer: Hans Boysen
Cinematographer: Niels Lindelien
Head of VFX: Daniel Craven
VFX By: Alex Bradley, Mitch Reaser, Steve Gallant
Colorist: Loren White
Rep for Stephen Mallett: Laure Scott
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KaPlayzViola Timme sedan
I feel Artemis Vibes ❤️❤️
OXE EXO 2 timmar sedan
2:50 - 3:05 can we appericate that split second frame where she shoots him with an arrow and he 360 cuts it in half and debris flys at the camera! All that split second PERFECTLY shot bad assness is what i love about vids like these.
Special 5323
Special 5323 3 timmar sedan
this was more epic than expected! Awesome
Arielle Roseman
Arielle Roseman 8 timmar sedan
This is my bff sub she can’t sub so I did it for her we love ur songs love u
Jeanette N
Jeanette N 11 timmar sedan
Joakim Andersson
Joakim Andersson 18 timmar sedan
Probably the most american thing I have seen in my life
Александр Солодухин
Александр Солодухин 21 timme sedan
change first word to correct please - Till
James Lowrance
James Lowrance 21 timme sedan
SO good!
Dimiona Dag sedan
Спасибо Тебе за то что Ты Есть .
gregaj7 Dag sedan
Quite the production, and my kudos to the editor of the video/audio. A violin in the form of a crossbow, fascinating. Looks like many a demon was fought and defeated, including a "Jezebel". According to the comment by "Kandee Johnson", you all had fun making the video. I praise YHVH-God, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, for your success in an industry that tries its very best (being run by the Synagogue of Satan) to pulverize faith in Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach-Hebrew).
River of Light Yoga
River of Light Yoga Dag sedan
This makes my heart pound, the music and the visuals!!
Inaya Shahid
Inaya Shahid Dag sedan
I knew Kandee was the witch
FeelGoodPain Dag sedan
0:30 is a very awesome really feels nostalgic....i heard that part somewhere else really similar....oh yeah right....look for russian singer "Viktor Saltykov - White Night"
Allison Clemons
Allison Clemons Dag sedan
I love it was so GREAT!!! I love how you work so hard to do this video, I love your music.
Horus Garcia
Horus Garcia Dag sedan
God created Lindsey for us. Thank you.
Michael Fletcher
Michael Fletcher 2 dagar sedan
First - I love her music and this is a great song. The video tells a great story and that goes well with the music BUT one of the things I have always love about Lindsey is the joy she has playing and dancing or moving according to what she is playing. There are many places in this video where how Lindsey is pulling the bow does not match to the music in my ear. I feel more effort went into the video and choregraph than went into her artistry of her playing and moving.
Eric Boudot
Eric Boudot 2 dagar sedan
trot fort lindsey sterling arbalète violon .
Владимир Власов
Владимир Власов 2 dagar sedan
It's amazing!
Lindsey's dancers and the choreography? AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL! They DON'T get enough credit. Their names, anyone? Who's the choreographer? The dancer with the spear who was executed by the evil witch as she performed an amazing leaping spear attack on the evil male barbarian rager-like guy? Scrumptious. Inspired leaping attack, too. Definitely saw elements of Kipura miscalled Capoeira in the fight choreography.
Who else saw a melange of the Dance of Netflix's OA, hip-hop dance and traditional European dance in the choreography?
Alma Villafuerte
Alma Villafuerte 2 dagar sedan
En español: Fusiona todo lo que me gusta Danza, Melodia, una historia surrealista, una heroina frente a la oscuridad . Me encanta esta hermoso. Saludos desde Mexico Lindsey Stirling
Rain 2 dagar sedan
Such a fan here I’ve loved here ever since she first got famous for America’s got talent and looking at where she’s now 😍 such a talented and creative soul ❤️ I mean , who’s a ballet dancer and a violinist and could be awesome on both talents , aaaand does her own editing and almost everything else making these videos 💣❤️ she also has a great team 🙌🏼
mark soltys
mark soltys 3 dagar sedan
Beware the Ancient Battle Cry.... One May not expect it.. Wonderful Display!!!
Hopeless Bird
Hopeless Bird 3 dagar sedan
Toolrific 3 dagar sedan
Fighting the darkness.
Trash Rabbit
Trash Rabbit 3 dagar sedan
Hey Ubisoft! THIS! Put this in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Please? I'll send you cheesecake 😀
Андрей Соловьёв
Андрей Соловьёв 3 dagar sedan
Lindsey, I'm from Russia, I watch all your videos. Honestly, not everyone comes in. Sorry!!!!!
Ayelen Gomez
Ayelen Gomez 3 dagar sedan
Que hermoso música! Como siempre, un deleite para los odios ✨🤩. Y que buen video.
MrLeva115 3 dagar sedan
That bass at the end when the song was over actually shook me. I’m listening in my car and I thought there was thunder right outside my windows
J.R. Turner
J.R. Turner 3 dagar sedan
By all means, YES, do a DVD of these videos edited together for the whole MOVIE/STORY. We will buy it. And a DVD of all your SEshow videos please offer them on your merchandise page, PLEASE!
Tigre Hernández
Tigre Hernández 3 dagar sedan
Hola buen día, cada día me sorprendes, al sacar nuevos vides eres grandiosa mujer, Dios te bendiga...... Haber q día vendrás a México e asistir a tus conciertos mi hija brenda y yo ( DR. JUBAL) somos tus seguidores...... Y felicidades x esa humildad q tienes q es lo mas valioso q puede tener el ser humano 2411149826
Orlando Francisco Ramirez Ambrosio
Orlando Francisco Ramirez Ambrosio 3 dagar sedan
It's so beautiful, I love it👌.
Diamond Dahlia
Diamond Dahlia 4 dagar sedan
Humans versus non-humans? Really? You're that prejudice?
Who is the goddess painted on the cavern walls?
what are the lyrics? The whole song is compelling, beautiful, haunting, inspiring, melodic, visual, soulful...and her album ARTEMIS is telling because ARTEMIS is the Goddess the Greeks copied directly from we Afrikans of Kemet miscalled Egypt. The true name of the goddess is BASTET. Yes, THE PANTHER GODDESS OF WAKANDA [ and she has a MALE MATE perhaps named BAST which the comics introduced as the first and primary Panther God of Wakanda for DECADES...]
Святослав Серов
Святослав Серов 3 dagar sedan
??? Иди учи историю Бастет - древнеегипетская богиня радости, веселья и любви Артеми́да - Богиня охоты
McKena Mack
McKena Mack 4 dagar sedan
Dude this should totally be a movie! I love the setting and the tension and just how everything brings this to life! The dancing is AMAZING!
AAKV K. 4 dagar sedan
Better than Twilight
aries758 4 dagar sedan
Привет Jasper Kyd - Family
life and music
life and music 4 dagar sedan зайди послушай
Harish Harish
Harish Harish 4 dagar sedan
lov u
Luka Lobjanidze
Luka Lobjanidze 4 dagar sedan
ვიოლინოს ქალღმერთი
Jordon Johnson
Jordon Johnson 4 dagar sedan
Can't wait for part two
imim995 4 dagar sedan
Amazing, brilliant absolutely brilliant 😀
Joseph Anderser
Joseph Anderser 5 dagar sedan
wonderfull like everytime Lindsey have a great inspiration !
Emma Thorpe
Emma Thorpe 5 dagar sedan
what are they chanting?
David Bastyr
David Bastyr 5 dagar sedan
Wow, quite the choreography and flow of the violin from Lindsey. Cinema like, impressive! Catchy song as well.
Gabriel Boudreau
Gabriel Boudreau 5 dagar sedan
This 1 was very cool. I loved it very much ❤
LePtitVendéen 5 dagar sedan
Very good song for the next season of The Witcher
Anika Tasnim
Anika Tasnim 5 dagar sedan
She needs her own army, she is so freaking talented it breaks my heart she doesn’t get the hype she deserves
William Bell
William Bell 5 dagar sedan
She has one 12.7 million strong with millions more in reserve.
Володимир Устименко
Володимир Устименко 5 dagar sedan
jos molen
jos molen 6 dagar sedan
no vocals very boring, i mean you're good with the violin but it's just one instrument
Blerina Zhezha
Blerina Zhezha 6 dagar sedan
I have been waiting for this video for like a million years!!! It turned out awesome 👌
Wonder Marvelous
Wonder Marvelous 6 dagar sedan
I love this
Enja der Let's Player
Enja der Let's Player 6 dagar sedan
super Video
Claudia Roxana Gutiérrez Avalos
Claudia Roxana Gutiérrez Avalos 7 dagar sedan
CoolKidWeirdo 123
CoolKidWeirdo 123 7 dagar sedan
Im loving this!! So empowering!! Id want to see the full choreography!😍😍
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 7 dagar sedan
Es la danza de las brujas esta chiada la wica
SKY Spears
SKY Spears 7 dagar sedan
Охуеный клип аж мурашки по кожи,молодец линдси
Ravens Moon
Ravens Moon 8 dagar sedan
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL women and music!! This video gives me chills it is so empowering
Petcu Mihai
Petcu Mihai 8 dagar sedan
Irealul este mai puternic decat realul.
Владислав Пастухов
Владислав Пастухов 8 dagar sedan
Шикарно! Unbelievable! Невероятно! Amazing! Ну короче russians в восторге.
Χρυσοβαλάντου Χαλκιά
Χρυσοβαλάντου Χαλκιά 8 dagar sedan
I love you Lindsey it's a beautiful violin
Sam Sampat
Sam Sampat 8 dagar sedan
what are the lyrics?
Elizabeth Mariela Sivila
Elizabeth Mariela Sivila 8 dagar sedan
W@u!!!.. Esta increilble.
antifadax dasrx
antifadax dasrx 8 dagar sedan
Смешные такие,эти танцы)
Alex Chermen
Alex Chermen 8 dagar sedan
Jhosua Vela
Jhosua Vela 9 dagar sedan
la gente que vea esto sera afortunada en todo entra y veras
monserrat reyna
monserrat reyna 9 dagar sedan
Necesito una coreografía completa 🥺💖
Jhuliette Mejia
Jhuliette Mejia 9 dagar sedan
Hello, good afternoon Lindsey, my name is Keysi I want to ask you a favor if you can teach me the choreography or tutorial of the song Til The Light Goes Out ... I will appreciate it. I love your music, you are unique, always keep going.
Marilore devemy
Marilore devemy 9 dagar sedan
J'adore la musique et le clip et j'adorerais voir toute la chorégraphie de la danse dans la grotte c'est vraiment beau a voir 😍❤️❤️❤️ par contre la fin du clip c'est un peu triste
Matthew 9 dagar sedan
Wonderful storytelling.
Sara Verno
Sara Verno 9 dagar sedan
THIS WAS BY FAR MY MOST FAVORITE SONG YOU HAVE DONE LINDSEY!!!! And I’ve been listening to you since the start! I’ve listened to your song on repeat at work and got all my customers interested in what I was listening to. I’m going to learn this dance, I’m in LOVE! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
commanderofwind 10 dagar sedan
Absolutely positively most rad bit of musical craftsmanship you got there my dear! Keep it goin!
Денис Тактаров
Денис Тактаров 10 dagar sedan
Suyi Candy Sugar
Suyi Candy Sugar 10 dagar sedan
No sé ustedes, pero el vídeo me recordó a las amazonas, lo fuertes que podemos llegar a ser las mujeres y la hermosa tierra en la que vivimos pero que poco a poco estamos destruyendo.
Debra Blasus
Debra Blasus 10 dagar sedan
A guy on Twitter recommended her to me. Am so thankful helps me in 2020 Anxiety times.😔🗽
broke_AF_ Games
broke_AF_ Games 10 dagar sedan
k, this was genuinely fantastic.
Tri Maulidya
Tri Maulidya 10 dagar sedan
wow, she is awesome. the best violinist
Inkk Vibe
Inkk Vibe 10 dagar sedan
Lindsey should star in a fantasy film or a series, she plays a perfect fantasy character.
Camila Oliveira Ribeiro
Camila Oliveira Ribeiro 10 dagar sedan
ワールドWLスタジオ 10 dagar sedan
Anurak Deephiw
Anurak Deephiw 10 dagar sedan
Misa-chan Moree
Misa-chan Moree 11 dagar sedan
como no amarla, amo como toca el violin y aparte su forma de expresar su musica es perfecta
Hatala Di Angelo
Hatala Di Angelo 11 dagar sedan
Can you make a video with just the dance choreography in it? I love the whole video, and the choreography.
Michael Lorsi
Michael Lorsi 11 dagar sedan
too awesome!
Dmitrij Rudenko
Dmitrij Rudenko 11 dagar sedan
molex 4
molex 4 11 dagar sedan
Cool!!! You are gorgeous and incomparable as always. But even the light of the sun tires the eye. I think it's time to do full-fledged dance performances WITHOUT VIOLIN IN HANDS.
Sharon Cullen Art
Sharon Cullen Art 11 dagar sedan
I just watched your making of the video then came to watch this. Absolutely amazing. I understood completely. And your wig work was awesome too! 😜
Benjamin Ludrovsky
Benjamin Ludrovsky 12 dagar sedan
IntheEnd, I'll aways be His son
Ed Keleny
Ed Keleny 12 dagar sedan
Still. The Cutest. Chic I've Ever Seen !
Shyke Prodz
Shyke Prodz 12 dagar sedan
Imagine: Seven Lions feat Lindsey Stirling 🔥🔥🔥
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis 12 dagar sedan
I'm surprised I hadn't realized you are a Tripple Threat. 😇 Sing. 💗 Dance 💃and Act 👍
B Mac
B Mac 12 dagar sedan
So visually stunning - an amazing video! The hard-work of you and your cast really pays off!
Anne Smile
Anne Smile 12 dagar sedan
Outstanding performance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💫🎻
Vicki White
Vicki White 12 dagar sedan
sorandomgrrl 12 dagar sedan
Breathtaking music and video! So beautiful!
DJ ANTRAP 12 dagar sedan
DBSTF - We Don’t Stop (lights out)
Latif Qureshi
Latif Qureshi 12 dagar sedan
An unbelievable artist.
Niko Lacson
Niko Lacson 12 dagar sedan
A true masterpiece through and through... I'm glad this existed.
Fayt Shadow
Fayt Shadow 12 dagar sedan
I rememeber when i bought your first've gone so far. Keep it going.
Lilibeth Valladares
Lilibeth Valladares 12 dagar sedan
If I Survive COVID-19 I wanna see her perform live :)
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