Kygo, Sasha Sloan - I'll Wait (Lyric Video)

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Lyric video for Kygo’s “I’ll Wait” ft. Sasha Sloan

Directed by Johannes Lovund
Produced by Palmtree Productions
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DoppleDangle Six
DoppleDangle Six 20 minuter sedan
This song motivates me to move. Live it up.
parekoy channel
parekoy channel 22 timmar sedan
Nice music best backgroung for travel vid
Elisa Hys
Elisa Hys Dag sedan
Kygomusic addicted here🙋‍♀️
Pernille Andersen
Pernille Andersen Dag sedan
I can tell this is not Norway nor Sweden 👌
Marty Max
Marty Max Dag sedan
Beautiful rhythm 😘
Naima Akter
Naima Akter Dag sedan
I'll wait😌
Nebojsa Kelecevic
Nebojsa Kelecevic Dag sedan
I'll wait 🌹
Mileta Alsakhi
Mileta Alsakhi 2 dagar sedan
I’ll wait By Kygo good music
Finding Happiness
Finding Happiness 2 dagar sedan
Amazing footage
Lama Sam
Lama Sam 2 dagar sedan
Ivona Begić
Ivona Begić 2 dagar sedan
My ex and I broke up at 16. September , this is my new fav. song ❤️
Estefani Cruz
Estefani Cruz 2 dagar sedan
Abdullah Abbas
Abdullah Abbas 3 dagar sedan
I'll wait
Insha Hasan
Insha Hasan 3 dagar sedan
Seems like I'm late, discovered this song on 22 of September... Now I'll have to WAIT😂😂❤️❤️
DG SkyWolf
DG SkyWolf 3 dagar sedan
LuLu I'm always thinking of you My Ramen Babe never forget Your my Second True Love you have a place on my Heart as it beats through time and Know that Your one of the few that can only make me love again if I ever truly break apart from the Existence of love. ♥️
muhammad irfan
muhammad irfan 3 dagar sedan
I love most of your songs, such gryffin's songs, cause all of them have the memories in my life, especially the good old times when everything is easier, but for now this song is the most that touch my heart and also my most favorite for now, thanks for the hard times cause it reveals the true one,
kautra12 4 dagar sedan
I broke up with my girl few days ago, so this song suits me perfectly, even the date fits 16th of September
Rudy James
Rudy James 4 dagar sedan
Decent track...
Turtogtokh Oyunchimeg
Turtogtokh Oyunchimeg 4 dagar sedan
jojo jovi1
jojo jovi1 4 dagar sedan
Green day :wake me up when sept ends Sasha sloan:nah ill wait
Nasha nove
Nasha nove 5 dagar sedan
I'll wait till the time we meet again dear... I miss you forever 😢
Serchhip Chelsea
Serchhip Chelsea 5 dagar sedan
Hard to skip this song.
jatin kk
jatin kk 5 dagar sedan
Who else listening at 21 of September I know I am a legend
Kimberly Puyot
Kimberly Puyot 6 dagar sedan
So yea I just wanna tell u that's it's sep20 2020 luvyu
Cosmin Daniel
Cosmin Daniel 6 dagar sedan
16 of September..
Ceci leyva
Ceci leyva 6 dagar sedan
I love You kygo
Anna Kakorin
Anna Kakorin 6 dagar sedan
anthem of long distance relationships
Abhilash Shetty
Abhilash Shetty 6 dagar sedan
Abhilash Shetty
Abhilash Shetty 6 dagar sedan
bUrEk Sa SiRoM
bUrEk Sa SiRoM 6 dagar sedan
kygo is making everyone's type of music
Patrick UG
Patrick UG 6 dagar sedan
Listening on 19 of September
Brkaat Bagla
Brkaat Bagla 6 dagar sedan
couple thousand miles is just a little space i love u skr ♥️
Rodrigo Perez
Rodrigo Perez 7 dagar sedan
pandhega niti
pandhega niti 7 dagar sedan
i miss with this song :)
S J 7 dagar sedan
Missed it by just 3 days
Nachtzahn202 7 dagar sedan
it hits different when the 16th of September is your birthday
Kimberly Njoki
Kimberly Njoki 7 dagar sedan
Gotta ask.... Is she still waiting?? Cause i'd be hella gone before one week!!!
Happy Life
Happy Life 7 dagar sedan
Kygo super sensational
Otaku Nightcorer
Otaku Nightcorer 7 dagar sedan
I waited for months to listen to this song on 16th but unfortunately i forgot, now i will have to wait for one whole year. 😕😣😔 Please someone remind me next year.
Colin Rose
Colin Rose 8 dagar sedan
Today is the 16th of September
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