Beat Saber - Blinding Lights - The Weeknd (Custom Song)

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Can't get enough of this song!

Mapped by ExtraCheesy
Lighting by DGRJ4Life
Get the chart here:
Sabers used are "Plasma Katanas", they are included when you install the custom sabers mod!
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Cat Squad
Cat Squad Dag sedan
It would be cool if this got pinned
ZadenXD Parrot
ZadenXD Parrot Dag sedan
I love how he spins his controller a hes amazing keep doing what u doing ;)
Shawn Hernandez
Shawn Hernandez Dag sedan
Watch this in .75 speed!! Won't regret it😁👍makes it even better
Lithium Dag sedan
Why do I feel like he has already played the level cus how else would he know when to spin the saber or he’s just really good at reading ahead
FinFormula 2 dagar sedan
Njs: 1000
Misatay 2 dagar sedan
My favorite song And you played it and I love you.
ThunderChicken 2 dagar sedan
Cant stop watching this xD!
Liam 3 dagar sedan
Damn I can barely beat this song and you’re here flipping your controller and not even trying.
Magic Potato
Magic Potato 3 dagar sedan
This would be cool as a music pack or something.
cadengaming 4 dagar sedan
hopefully i can get as good as you!!!
mike hawk
mike hawk 4 dagar sedan
Oh you fucking show off jk but still why do spin the blades
Dallin Curtis
Dallin Curtis 4 dagar sedan
Did anyone see his mouse cursor lingering on the bottom of the screen?
help me get 900K subs without any videos
help me get 900K subs without any videos 5 dagar sedan
lol I love to troll my brother using this
The AnimeBoi
The AnimeBoi 5 dagar sedan
This video make a blinding light over the surface of my eyes
Gamer_hyper 6 dagar sedan
I wish i had a vr
Tri Murni
Tri Murni 7 dagar sedan
Monika Perez
Monika Perez 7 dagar sedan
Impressive 👏🏽 smash like you think so to
Anime_Watcher2 8 dagar sedan
ngl pretty tame and nice song.
Gigipoulpy Ssa
Gigipoulpy Ssa 8 dagar sedan
Wow, juste wow, I love it !!!⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩
The Democratic Republic of Parland
The Democratic Republic of Parland 8 dagar sedan
My mom: You have to get your whole room done in five minutes, also the bathroom and vacuum and mop both Me: "Turns on Alexa" Me again: 0:04
JJ Cherit
JJ Cherit 8 dagar sedan
AtomicDragon gamingandjunk
AtomicDragon gamingandjunk 8 dagar sedan
I swear you put a revolver trigger on your controllers to do the spin
Callum Clark
Callum Clark 9 dagar sedan
Player: What are you? Bad VR FPS: Death.
BLOOD MOON 9 dagar sedan
Me at the start of the video-- this is going to be cool to watch Me after the video-- O-O my head is blown that was insane
Requiem 10 dagar sedan
We're reaching flex levels that shouldn't be possible
A ReAL PuRPLe ShEP 2 10 dagar sedan
0:19 if you slow the video down a little bit you will see that he spinned the left handed joystick
kꜞt 10 dagar sedan
My hands are in immense pain from them smacking together
Herogrind06 10 dagar sedan
anyone know what headset/controllers he is usin
Andrew Waller
Andrew Waller 11 dagar sedan
hey can you give us a link to the saber you're using
BirdBrain 11 dagar sedan
Revolver Ocelot? More like Oculus Ocelot
Xian Roi
Xian Roi 12 dagar sedan
How do you this madniss
Xian Roi
Xian Roi 12 dagar sedan
Same as me
Lord Cabbage
Lord Cabbage 12 dagar sedan
I remember this song because “I’m blinded by the light” and “I’m drowning in the night” are... pretty ugh strange
ᗪεɱσηɨςΔηgει 13 dagar sedan
He always dances in his videos. Its so cute.
2020isalmostdoneboiiis 15 dagar sedan
Ripoff of the weeknd The week days-deaf lights
airophobia 15 dagar sedan
0:19 lil flex didja see that saber flip doe
Maddox Gamer 2411
Maddox Gamer 2411 16 dagar sedan
This song 🤭🤭
ccdd 16 dagar sedan
Noob question but can I put this song on my Oculus quest?
ZIGGYHUS 16 dagar sedan
yes you can, but it's a litte tricky
ivan231 21
ivan231 21 17 dagar sedan
This game just adds a new level to songs.
Emily 17 dagar sedan
I was just singing the song while the vid was playing
Tyler Smithy
Tyler Smithy 17 dagar sedan
Master Yoda? Is that you??
Lord Assface
Lord Assface 18 dagar sedan
I’m out of breath just watching 😂😂😂
Void0308 18 dagar sedan
Lukas graham is danish. that's one good thing about Denmark I guess
wautr 18 dagar sedan
yo how much for lessons
hurtubise outlook
hurtubise outlook 19 dagar sedan
This song is so good, it’s got good music, beat, perfect voice
Pandu gamer •
Pandu gamer • 19 dagar sedan
My guy spins his controller boi he is a god
Elizabeth Gutierrez
Elizabeth Gutierrez 19 dagar sedan
This is so cool
Alexander Yeet
Alexander Yeet 20 dagar sedan
No one: Me:*watching at 3am* neat.
Jfran 20 dagar sedan
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Fisharmy 21 dag sedan
Mace Windu wants to know your location .
Meyke Salarie
Meyke Salarie 21 dag sedan
Its nice but I’m getting a bit dizzy from al the looking sideways
M Farrrel Nabil
M Farrrel Nabil 21 dag sedan
nice game tempex
I consume to much caffeine
I consume to much caffeine 22 dagar sedan
You're so pro I feel the same fear any cube feels when it sees you
Shirae Brownfield
Shirae Brownfield 22 dagar sedan
Lostour Marbles
Lostour Marbles 22 dagar sedan
I saw that too and respect
Jacob Leza
Jacob Leza 22 dagar sedan
I wonder if he would be good as a professional rally driver because they have to have some serious focus
ZuperPiplup13 23 dagar sedan
My brain:☠️
DexVader and Kittencuteness6
DexVader and Kittencuteness6 23 dagar sedan
I need to try to spin controllers like that- I’m so bad I’d need a tutorial Edit: I need tips fast from the experts lol
SanitationWizard 23 dagar sedan
can you release the map download this one looks really fun
lydia hannoff
lydia hannoff 23 dagar sedan
pls can play on gold by imagine dragons pls thx