Charli D'Amelio CRIES After Losing 1 MILLION Followers Because of THIS

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Charli D’Amelio broke down on Instagram Live on Thursday after receiving backlash from a video her family posted to SEshow. In the video, the TikTok star, her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, and their parents have dinner with SEshow star James Charles. However, after fans watched the video, they quickly slammed the 16-year-old and her sister, claiming they were disrespectful to the family’s personal chef, Aaron May. Even SEshow star Trisha Paytas weighed in.
Exclusives from #ETonline :

Pierre Milburn
Pierre Milburn 10 sekunder sedan
Dumb sensitive people this generation won’t last
Jaidden Willman
Jaidden Willman 8 minuter sedan
I like charli But you know for a fact she’s not acually gonna quit this is her life And she just wants the positive attention because she’s not doing good with the hate And I don’t see why ppl were so upset abou the food Dixie just obviously didn’t like snail And charli was joking
Football Hub
Football Hub 9 minuter sedan
itz su3adz
itz su3adz 11 minuter sedan
this f b treat her fans as nums
Cesar 13 minuter sedan
Who cares if she loses some of her followers....?!?!?!?!?!?!
Jakob-Matheo Ekroll
Jakob-Matheo Ekroll 13 minuter sedan
she has 100m followers... i dont even have 100
Mohammed Jacob
Mohammed Jacob 21 minut sedan
Ahhahhahahah charli
Mohammed Jacob
Mohammed Jacob 21 minut sedan
Me and the boys. Let’s go!!!!
Blessing Murray
Blessing Murray 22 minuter sedan
I mean Trisha isn’t lying ..
Empty Soul
Empty Soul 23 minuter sedan
I guess everyone likes seeing Charli cry And this is where they sing SOMETIMES I DONT WANNA BE HAPPY Charli People are doing insane stuff just to get 10
B. Irvin
B. Irvin 26 minuter sedan
When you post things like this on youtube as your career, you have to take the bad with the good. Thats the game you are in. Welcome to real life.
ʙᴇᴏᴍ-ꜱꜱɪ 30 minuter sedan
my respect and love for James literally went 📈📈📈 btw, charlie would probably be the last person i thought would act like that...but anyways. not my prob :).
Chicken baby and Slushy Gaming
Chicken baby and Slushy Gaming 38 minuter sedan
Charli damileo sucks
sophia gonzalez
sophia gonzalez 38 minuter sedan
Wait she’s 16..... I’m over here thinking she’s like 18.... she’s vaping??? Also shut the fuck up Trisha. My god.
James Apoussidis
James Apoussidis 39 minuter sedan
Yay she lost 1mil makes no different she has loads more what's the difference she is going to get it back in like 1 month or more
CalmestCape 39 minuter sedan
if u didnt earn it u dont keep it
jyxn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
jyxn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 40 minuter sedan
Brooke Bennison
Brooke Bennison 43 minuter sedan
They are amazing it was just a misunderstanding
Brooke Bennison
Brooke Bennison 43 minuter sedan
So what I still love the girl
Alexis G
Alexis G 44 minuter sedan
I will be your friend
Alexis G
Alexis G 44 minuter sedan
Awww don’t cry what is do you have tik Tok if you have tik Tok ummmm give it to me I will follow you don’t worry
Samantha Swash
Samantha Swash 47 minuter sedan
Charli has 100k followers
ꨄPastel Maraꨄ
ꨄPastel Maraꨄ 54 minuter sedan
In my opinion, Charli needs to know that this i the internet and they are gonna be haters. If she can’t handle it she can stop like she said in the video. But she isn’t crying because she lost 1 million she crying Bc she getting death threats and that’s not okay no one should be receiving these kind of things but it’s the internet what do u expect. And she got this famous Bc people around my age (I’m 13) are looking up to her and for what?? She didn’t do anything but do some little dances on an app that children like me is on. and people are working hard in life and those types of people don’t get that recognition like my mom is an RN and working hard for me and my family. Also, My teachers are doing there best to teach me so I can go to college and get a job. But don’t really watch charli or be on tiktok but come on now.
JOJO 369
JOJO 369 55 minuter sedan
Wtf she was being fucking rude both of them were
corruptsouls 55 minuter sedan
#1 trending on comedy
mayeth malinias rubang
mayeth malinias rubang 57 minuter sedan
Its lesson to learn
Blue13omg YT
Blue13omg YT Timme sedan
Those are fake tears she’s not even crying and she was really rude but people wanting her to self harm is not right
Nickita Williams
Nickita Williams Timme sedan
No u r not something i do not like
Sweet savage girl
Sweet savage girl Timme sedan
Charlie: has mental breakdown over followers Me: bruh you did this to yourself
MufMcMuffins Timme sedan
No one cares now do what they told u to do noob
a ti que te importa
a ti que te importa Timme sedan
Haha, funny video
issamood Timme sedan
Ok you lost 1M followers and you're still one of the top tik tokers lmao sit down sis
Holly Lawrence YT
Holly Lawrence YT Timme sedan
Who saw Abby comment
ugh Timme sedan
oh its that poor white influencer girl crying bc she lost 1 million followers of her 100 million followers? 🥺
CookieCrumbs_YT Timme sedan
OK if your family treats the man like a pile of trash on the floor then you deserve that.
The Disney Fan
The Disney Fan Timme sedan
She seems nice, even though she's a tik tok star, she shouldn't be on tik tok or whatever platform those haters are on if it's gonna hurt her.
Shelina Timme sedan
Me hereing this Kim there are ppl that are dying
Shelina Timme sedan
Over reacting
kayla 123
kayla 123 Timme sedan
I don’t agree with why she was canceled kinda but 1m to her isn’t going to make a difference she’s still going to make a ton o money she’s still the most popular on tiktok for whatever reason and she still has hype for doing dances and the 97% of her following the dunkins make 3 accounts and re follow her
Jordan Roy
Jordan Roy 2 timmar sedan
Honestly, I’d be fine at least someone took time to hate on me
ᘜᖇ?ᗰᗰᗯ0ᒪᖴF 2 timmar sedan
1mil is nothing to her. Grow up and try to do better.
julian clearwater
julian clearwater 2 timmar sedan
The chef works harder than her. Damn
Yunsun Choi
Yunsun Choi 2 timmar sedan
James Charles: *Was the 95 (Million) not enough for you?* Me: *GO OFF JAMES-*
brock lesnar
brock lesnar 2 timmar sedan
i couldnt care less if she quits she cries for no flipping reason and gained 100 million followers for twerking
Flor Raya
Flor Raya 2 timmar sedan
Charli your amazing girl
Alexis Liverance
Alexis Liverance 2 timmar sedan
She wasn’t crying because she lost followers she was crying because people were telling her to hang herself!
y ze
y ze 2 timmar sedan
white rich kids AGAIN
Audrey Domgz
Audrey Domgz 2 timmar sedan
god i hate this son of a 🐶 no talent like stop ❤️
Hwang Yiseul
Hwang Yiseul 2 timmar sedan
We all know what charli did is something disrespectful i guess....but the death threats is just too much.....
lil_mixed._. child
lil_mixed._. child 2 timmar sedan
Trisha needs to shut up..she’s tryna come for a minor and she’s old...and I’m top of that who cares if she tried a’s food
Letlotlo Malevu
Letlotlo Malevu 2 timmar sedan
Charlie losing one million Me: I don't giiiive aa fuuuuu
Joli bests
Joli bests 2 timmar sedan
Bella poarch is the most follow person in tik tok
Have a Nice Day
Have a Nice Day 2 timmar sedan
People need to stop putting their expectations so high for celebrities. She’s so young and the internet doesn’t need to parent her. She is not even nearly as bad as other celebrities out there. “Cancel culture” is toxic and a mindless trend that’s messing with people lives.
Edible Jam
Edible Jam 3 timmar sedan
4.12 omg charli gooo!! Yesss!!!!!!!! Ilysm Charlie And for those haters who probably think I'm probably 8 years old You wrong
Edible Jam
Edible Jam 3 timmar sedan
I get where she is coming from and feel really bad for her
lisa rodgers
lisa rodgers 3 timmar sedan
Like this video don't ask!
Dirt recker Race
Dirt recker Race 3 timmar sedan
I have 4 followers i have more.
John Lualhati
John Lualhati 3 timmar sedan
I don't even knew this person but i only came here because how stupid this person is if the title is true. Losing millions of followers was not of a big deal, it's just how human evolves backwards. Stupidity at it's finest.
Rita V
Rita V 3 timmar sedan
Never heard of her until now
Tracy S.
Tracy S. 3 timmar sedan
Who are these people and why did this come up in my suggested watch videos?
K 3 timmar sedan
It will not be a loss to any of us if she decides not to “do this anymore” truly the most mediocre mindless excuse for content I’ve ever seen. It should’ve never gotten her this famous in the 1st place
natya butterflies
natya butterflies 3 timmar sedan
I don't understand the big deal about about her
Have a Nice Day
Have a Nice Day 2 timmar sedan
She’s a really famous dancer on tik tok and people are jealous of her and want to watch her career ended over literally nothing.
Rick Roll Rizal
Rick Roll Rizal 3 timmar sedan
Chef wouldn't be saying anything wrong. He'd lose his job.
Rick Roll Rizal
Rick Roll Rizal 3 timmar sedan
wow... when you manage to make James Charles a better person. that's gotta be like... huge low.
Abigale Robarts
Abigale Robarts 3 timmar sedan
poor Charli, tis is terrible
RyAnJLH 4 timmar sedan
Blue _Bxn
Blue _Bxn 4 timmar sedan
Guys just tell me.. would u guys eat a snail Think of that And stop hating
th3.drippy.boruto0 4 timmar sedan
Honestly this is my opinion but charli doesn't care about her Followers she just wants the money and numbers
Mason Fullam
Mason Fullam 4 timmar sedan
Welcome to social medias darkside. The ones who who hate others for small mistakes. Just try and make yourself better. You can still gain followers back
Rico 4 timmar sedan
Kids are dying of starvation and bone cancer but yeah, let's give attention to a spoilt brat.
Petra Dejcikova
Petra Dejcikova 4 timmar sedan
You inspire people...??? With what? Young spoild child, not pretty..not interesting at all..go away girl no one is interested in you..yoi have nothing to say..byeeee
Lanz Algarme
Lanz Algarme 4 timmar sedan
Onyix 4 timmar sedan
3:18 *bots
BENTLEY YT 4 timmar sedan
Me: so...........
shar martin
shar martin 4 timmar sedan
I don't get what's special about this girl? From the little that I've seen, she's boring.
Lo Studio Pilates
Lo Studio Pilates 4 timmar sedan
Unfortunately, they think they are superior to everyone...truth is, they need to respect the fact that they aren’t as important as they think they are No hate, but seriously, she deserves this
Luciano Noka
Luciano Noka 4 timmar sedan
BRKN Plays
BRKN Plays 4 timmar sedan
Ahhh just puts a smile on my face
Laura Naylor
Laura Naylor 4 timmar sedan
charlie needs to get a grip
Have a Nice Day
Have a Nice Day 2 timmar sedan
She’s literally a teenager and many people including you put very high expectations on her. Basically her whole life is online and she will mess up but doesn’t deserved to be “cancelled” over it. You want to see her career fall because you’re jealous.
Samuel Westland
Samuel Westland 4 timmar sedan
Why is she famous and what is she famous for lol??? She can't sing,can't act,can't write a book,or anything wtf? Anybody could be famous smh😤
Katie Wolfe
Katie Wolfe 5 timmar sedan
No offense to her but she gets 1M followers like every single day and she is mad about that. I don’t know if she’s mad about how she lost 1M subscribers or if it’s just she’s mad about the hate comments. No hate tho.
Min Min
Min Min 5 timmar sedan
Kim there is people that are dying
Have a Nice Day
Have a Nice Day 2 timmar sedan
Noelia Rivera
Noelia Rivera 5 timmar sedan
i cry because i lost 15 mill
Agnes Limsiaco
Agnes Limsiaco 5 timmar sedan
XANTHUS TEO XU JIE 2017 5 timmar sedan
U are number 1 now in the world also
XANTHUS TEO XU JIE 2017 5 timmar sedan
I mean it seems like she loves tik Tok a lot so I Guess this means a lot to her
SpyHunter623 5 timmar sedan
I think (in my opinion) that losing 1 million followers is enough to make a hard impact to teach her a good lesson about watching what she is saying and doing, but I think that some of the haters can be worse. The reason why I am saying "some" is because some of these haters will provide a good reason for avoiding her, like "she only does Tik Tok for attention". Some of the haters were telling her to "kill herself", and Charlie is 16, the haters are telling her to harm herself. Seriously? Threatening a minor, let alone telling them to "commit suicide", is a fucked up thing to do.
Peyton Oliver
Peyton Oliver 5 timmar sedan
Bruh people would die for 100 follows or views and she has 99 mil like bruh- she jiggles her arms and legs what’s the point?
XANTHUS TEO XU JIE 2017 5 timmar sedan
Oh my god will u really cry for this it is just followers and even if u are 1st place u will just earn some prizes
Tanya Chase-Henry
Tanya Chase-Henry 5 timmar sedan
She is a spoiled brat
FLEXY!! 5 timmar sedan
they both should be humble
Simon Andovski
Simon Andovski 5 timmar sedan
This is what happens when you give kids a fake sense of celebrity... They get cocky and they do stupid things just to stay interesting because lets be honest she doesn't really have a talent. She just looks cute and dances arround, while you have a kid like this working in UPS.
Zunaina Yusaf
Zunaina Yusaf 5 timmar sedan
Wow why are you crying for that u are so spoiled 😒 “I don’t want to do this anymore” nobody cares an even number like ok but really u only do some dances. Wowww
Genie Taclan
Genie Taclan 5 timmar sedan
u have to apologized to the chef!👺👹👹👹🤬🤬👎👎🤪🤪🤪😤😤😤
Genie Taclan
Genie Taclan 5 timmar sedan
bad mannered girl dont watch bad influence person
Nikolas 6 timmar sedan
He cry for losing 1 milion followers I cry when I lose one
Kaniwaneyclone2 6 timmar sedan
Charli: dances Others: *dancing 2 days and not getting 1 follower*
SsxnnySxnset 6 timmar sedan
She has 100million follows now so congrats
Katie Ryan
Katie Ryan 6 timmar sedan
She has 100 million followers and she cries after losing 1? I'm sick of every famous person ever
Nesyk 6 timmar sedan
Y'all whining about her not treating her followers as ppl but as numbers yet y'all don't treat her as a human either, hypocrites
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