Justin Timberlake - Say Something (First Take) ft. Chris Stapleton

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One year later, see Justin & Chris' first take of the “Say Something” Official Video
"Say Something" Say Something (First Take) feat. Chris Stapleton out now! smarturl.it/SSFirstTake

Watch The Official "Say Something" video here! smarturl.it/jSAYSOMETHINGv

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Sarah Levi
Sarah Levi Timme sedan
This is absolutely amazing in these times,thank you
Kevin Dunning
Kevin Dunning Timme sedan
Justin. Is. Fierce.
nata mpe
nata mpe 11 timmar sedan
Quarantine december 2020
Richard Wilkinson
Richard Wilkinson 14 timmar sedan
Is this location the same as from Blade Runner?
Richard Wilkinson
Richard Wilkinson 14 timmar sedan
Yes found a comment..lol
Uhdh Hshs
Uhdh Hshs 15 timmar sedan
Meu Deus que clipe maravilhoso! Tenho a mesma sensação toda vez que assisto, uma energia maravilhosa.
H C 19 timmar sedan
A stunning heavyweight performance from two performers at the top of their game... Would love to hear a song with you and Paloma Faith. I would go nuts. seshow.info/watch/oAeotgCHL3E/video.html
Darek Klich
Darek Klich 23 timmar sedan
The nebulous needle coherently offend because cello only tempt onto a thoughtless yard. abrupt, heady feedback
Levent Aliriza
Levent Aliriza Dag sedan
EliskaElka Dag sedan
Shameless 1
Shameless 1 2 dagar sedan
Still coming back to watch this dope video!
Steven van der Lubbe
Steven van der Lubbe 2 dagar sedan
Blows my mind, this was something else entirely. Absolutely amazing
Hussein Omar
Hussein Omar 2 dagar sedan
I just love listening to this song
anita martin
anita martin 2 dagar sedan
I'm almost 60 and I find myself dancing around the house to this!!! Awesome
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
jessica alba jessica biel
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
jeniifer gardner
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
nick jonas his bro
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
scarlett johnson
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
jill scott
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
robert downie junior
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
kristen stewart
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
wesley wiilliam and brittney mccall
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
miley cyrus n billy raye cyrus
LaTonya Lawrence
LaTonya Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
adam lavane
Mikky D.
Mikky D. 3 dagar sedan
What an incredible building!! I love this video - it's very inventive and I'm digging the musicality of it.
Faith Leggett
Faith Leggett 5 dagar sedan
I have no clue how I got here after MCR... I also have no clue how I got to MCR after Pentatonix 😂
Tan Voi
Tan Voi 5 dagar sedan
Love you.
Martina 5 dagar sedan
No words! Awesome, magical
Henbot 5 dagar sedan
shot of all the people above them always gets me because have no idea where they come from and the timing is hella important as well as them not sounding like a bunch of stampeding wilder beasts
John Zelenka
John Zelenka 6 dagar sedan
George Siuda
George Siuda 6 dagar sedan
Awesome song!!! I love it...
BrandNew 6 dagar sedan
Who else is looking 2020 for something he can't have?
Justin Timberlake - the best!!!
John Ellis
John Ellis 6 dagar sedan
Well he's free finally over Britney
Julia Harris
Julia Harris 7 dagar sedan
Still giving me goosebumps in 2020 💋
Gail Humphries
Gail Humphries 7 dagar sedan
Tell me when its over
Małgorzata Hajnrych
Małgorzata Hajnrych 7 dagar sedan
... something .... I suppose The Song is about Love 😌
Chris Booth
Chris Booth 7 dagar sedan
Sometimes the greatest thing to say to something.... is to say nothing.. 123
Chris Booth
Chris Booth 7 dagar sedan
I'll say something, I know Justin Beiber said nothing no this
Mr Harshtruth
Mr Harshtruth 8 dagar sedan
You can tell timberland inspired his timing and rhythm
Peter James
Peter James 8 dagar sedan
justin timberlake is honestly really good with whatever that fkng machine is at the beginning
Victoria Edwards
Victoria Edwards 8 dagar sedan
not to shabby for the first try
Samia Djabiri
Samia Djabiri 8 dagar sedan
La voix sublime... rajouter à cela une sensualité à tomber par terre...! Un don de dieu
Leo Raine
Leo Raine 8 dagar sedan
This is just something!! Took the words right out of my mouth!! Well Done!!❤️❤️
Jeff Leino
Jeff Leino 9 dagar sedan
Good job
Brian Sullivan
Brian Sullivan 9 dagar sedan
Song messiah helps brother feel i music you sing Christ feels you my brother you inwardly same love brother times now i waljs flesh inwardly speaks me brother we aww more inwardly seek whats given to us first foremost overlook we do our lord in us blinded by our eyes deaf by our makings your music is love brought from above blessed i most high love teacher
Robert B
Robert B 9 dagar sedan
I love you, Justin, I think I always have...
Wm Beaudoin
Wm Beaudoin 9 dagar sedan
Nothing MICKEY MOUSE about this one
Wm Beaudoin
Wm Beaudoin 9 dagar sedan
Not a Timberlake fan by any means but I will have to take my hat off to the kid he has hit it with this and to bring another genre artist in on it shows he has grown as an artist and he has the potential to be bigger than expected!! Great job!!!!
lives4music Dag sedan
The "kid" is going to be 40 at the end of January 2021. lol He's actually great. This is a great live performance of Cry Me A River. You should watch it. seshow.info/watch/rBAAp0O18d0/video.html
jdobkin22 7 dagar sedan
Did you ever hear, "Cry Me a River"? Or What Comes Around"? Those are entirely brilliant compositions & arrangements, and from a long time ago.
Justin Brewer
Justin Brewer 8 dagar sedan
I'm a self admitting justin fan even back in the nsync days lol. The dude has the Memphis soul in his voice that many others can only kill for.
Fitphatnat T
Fitphatnat T 9 dagar sedan
Very cool
Susan Prather
Susan Prather 9 dagar sedan
JT is a wizard
#Domitille# #Fontaine#
#Domitille# #Fontaine# 9 dagar sedan
Rise wtill up with good groups thks for yr couragous presence again
shus yishu
shus yishu 10 dagar sedan
Ladies and gentlemen and jenz... myBRAHMANN/Commander-in-chief and president #Justin#Timberlake..$SIGH's of nooo(tng)00000000..
shus yishu
shus yishu 10 dagar sedan
shus yishu
shus yishu 10 dagar sedan
Kat Tzi
Kat Tzi 10 dagar sedan
Awesome song!!!
Claudio Vilaca
Claudio Vilaca 10 dagar sedan
Does Justin Timberlake make bad music? I personally don't think so. All his songs get me bouncin
Malgorzata Jarecka
Malgorzata Jarecka 10 dagar sedan
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Taezakny 10 dagar sedan
this video gives me vertigo
C D 10 dagar sedan
Tanya Timurovna
Tanya Timurovna 11 dagar sedan
aibat tursynali
aibat tursynali 11 dagar sedan
So perfect !!
aj 11 dagar sedan
You are the greatest music player in the world
Zach Staicer
Zach Staicer 11 dagar sedan
Brilliant video shoot. Love these two together
Xenia Malacenco
Xenia Malacenco 11 dagar sedan
Good style have Justin Timberlake in past years , make more songs in this way!!!
Cindy Q
Cindy Q 12 dagar sedan
JT, Chris and the crew definitely practiced social distancing in this vid ... until you get to the ending. Great artist!! 😂🙌🏻
mhick29 13 dagar sedan
Its just good music. Straight. Level. Plumb.
stsgal 13 dagar sedan
1, 2 , 3 ...
Victhim Fernandes
Victhim Fernandes 13 dagar sedan
Que nostalgia!❤️ Br em 2020?✌️🇧🇷
Brandy Prestage
Brandy Prestage 14 dagar sedan
Denise Fletchall
Denise Fletchall 14 dagar sedan
Its like they are singing to each other. Really threw me OFF. NOT IMPRESSED!😭
Kenya Love
Kenya Love 15 dagar sedan
Chris Fuller
Chris Fuller 15 dagar sedan
Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter 15 dagar sedan
I can hear a female voice in this
OPTIMA BEST PLAST 15 dagar sedan
I listen to this song evere day.
OPTIMA BEST PLAST 15 dagar sedan
This song is very cool, i personally liked it.
Cate Verde
Cate Verde 15 dagar sedan
I’m crying
Melanie Berge
Melanie Berge 15 dagar sedan
Lisa Bourne
Lisa Bourne 17 dagar sedan
Jayne Lees
Jayne Lees 17 dagar sedan
I have to say I am partial to this first take over the "official" because I love how the daylight streams into the building, but both are amazing! You are so talented!
Dad And Lilly
Dad And Lilly 17 dagar sedan
U won't find it if u give up. And that's a promise
Avanti Gaming
Avanti Gaming 17 dagar sedan
Every time I hear it.. still amazing!
kr 18 dagar sedan
The last section when everyone joined makes me tear up - I feel the energy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aaron Ellis
Aaron Ellis 18 dagar sedan
I am posting my GoFundMe under some really great music that inspired me over the years. gf.me/u/y8w662
KAREN KIRBY 18 dagar sedan
alec benjamin
The Awakenment
The Awakenment 18 dagar sedan
Such an honest song. Say Something... No no no. This song is about being a man and not being able to say something. Justin Timberlake is first a man. A father and husband second. It's about impulse and the battle to not act upon said impulse. We currently live in a world where masculinity is vilified. yet testosterone still exists. 'Maybe I'm looking for something I can't have'. He articulates it quite well here: 'Everyones knows, all about my direction (transgression) (loyal husband with a kid), and in my heart somewhere, I wanna go there, but I don't go there, everybody said - say something, say something, say something!!!' (Tell us the juicy details). 'I don't wanna get caught up in the rythmn of it' (if you don't know what this is about then it really is pointless for me to say something), 'but I can't help myself, no I can't help myself (I am a man and I have burning biological impulses that are difficult for me to control sometimes - especially when intoxicated) 'but in my heart somewhere - I wanna go there, but I don't go there. Everybody say - say something - say something - say something!!!" Chris Stapleton (Tennessee Whiskey) is there to hammer the point home. Great song with a sprinkling of genius.
TheWoodFly 15 dagar sedan
Nice breakdown.
karen Owens
karen Owens 18 dagar sedan
I can't help but to get caught up in the rhythm of you ♡♡♡ you set my soul on fire baby boy 🔥💋💯🌻 Every. Single. Time.
JustA Lott
JustA Lott 18 dagar sedan
Good song, although I wish Chris's voice was I bit more present in the song.
John Woods
John Woods 19 dagar sedan
thanks, Justin! I'm living this, and I appreciate you vocalizing this.
Þorsteinn Sigurðsson
Þorsteinn Sigurðsson 19 dagar sedan
Mabie you should be looking for something you already have?
Lucero Noneya
Lucero Noneya 19 dagar sedan
R G 19 dagar sedan
Awesome JT..I love how you share everything..humble with lots of love for people..big hart..
Claudia Bessette
Claudia Bessette 20 dagar sedan
Just wanted to say who will listen to this wonderful song in 2021 ?
Maja Ascic
Maja Ascic 20 dagar sedan
There’s so much going on here and every, single component fits. This song, this video is artistry in so many forms. How this all came together so beautifully suggests respectful collaboration and trust. A perfectly assembled jigsaw. 👌
Victor Guittard
Victor Guittard 13 dagar sedan
I like him this way out of what he was into for years. keep on keepen on
Frederick Mowry
Frederick Mowry 20 dagar sedan
Haunting song, a calling for...line, movement, color, dance, food. some thing haunting words
Nicole D
Nicole D 20 dagar sedan
Timing my friend
Nicole D
Nicole D 20 dagar sedan
It's time for healing heart with all our music and words. I mean all musicians. LOVE!
Nicole D
Nicole D 20 dagar sedan
Finally have a great day. Now make your country music, your roots. Hint your title will be perfect.
Cheryl Miller
Cheryl Miller 20 dagar sedan
I love this! Love the rhythm, and beat! These 2 should make more music!
urias620 21 dag sedan
Awesome! I love it!
Herc Engineer
Herc Engineer 21 dag sedan
Aleksander Punk
Aleksander Punk 21 dag sedan
Chris reminds me on Leon Russel... for those ignorant Ytubers, look him up...
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