See Joseph James DeAngelo appear in court as attorneys argue for new DNA samples

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Attorneys argue for new DNA samples of East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer suspect Joseph James DeAngelo in Sacramento courtroom on Thursday, March 12, 2020.
Video by: Paul Kitagaki Jr.
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Mr. Chuco
Mr. Chuco 4 dagar sedan
He doesn't look 5'10"
ZOMBIEKILLA331 AWESOME 6 dagar sedan
They could of caught him earlier in the 19th century when he licked the onvilopes
Laura Indira
Laura Indira 10 dagar sedan
He's as disgusting and creepy on the outside as he is on the inside
Marta Twardowska
Marta Twardowska 10 dagar sedan
This older man is really older. If it is a fake story, what is the most probable, it is real cruelty of former insane Regime cia-dings bump to do such issues
Determined One
Determined One 12 dagar sedan
There go I, if not for the Grace of God. We should always say to ourselves. Abortion is also very evil. The premeditated murder of the innocent. By dismembering, burning alive or sucking through a tube of an innocent human baby. Jesus, always forgives and heals a sorrowful and repentant heart. Abortion kills one, hurts another.
DeDona1 12 dagar sedan
Scumbag . Acts like the coward he is now that he is caught
mr b
mr b 12 dagar sedan
This fkn guy. I remember my ma being terrified this guy was gonna creep into our house back when we lived in OC. I gotta sister who was like 18 back then and most of her gf's and their mothers were terrified too. This guy really fkd up a lotta kids back in the day. He won't survive prison at all. He'll get whitey bulger'd the minute he's put on general. Problem is tho, he'll prob stay in solitary until he dies but they'll get to him, my right hand to god, he'll get a beating so fkn bad he'll never wake up
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson 13 dagar sedan
Absolutely disgusting human-
Bloodthirsty Vegan
Bloodthirsty Vegan 13 dagar sedan
He's pleading guilty to avoid the death penalty? The Ca. appeals process is about 75 years long, so WTF? Ca. needs to get it's shit together and streamline so the victims families can see justice done.
Jason Simmons
Jason Simmons 14 dagar sedan
He looks like Joe Biden
Freedom Ring
Freedom Ring 14 dagar sedan
Did they match his dna to the crimes , when you look up James DeAngelo wiki it brings up golden state killer if there that positive it’s him why haven’t they found him guilty
Captain Midnight
Captain Midnight 13 dagar sedan
There is DNA evidence linking him to these crimes but they still have to go through the formal process of presenting all the evidence at trial, which takes a long time.
Lip stick
Lip stick 14 dagar sedan
White Sacramento Police officer: Joseph DeAngelo Fond Not Guilty...
icecreamforcrowhurst 17 dagar sedan
1:36 some get the flashlight - WAKEY, WAKEY JOE!
icecreamforcrowhurst 17 dagar sedan
Why’s he making that stupid face? Every time he appears he makes a different stupid face.
Shaheed Harun
Shaheed Harun 12 dagar sedan
Psychosomatic. Every old criminal defendant does something like this, especially when facing serious time Look at Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein when they were in court. Atleast Cosby is medically blind, but Weinstein was purely putting on a show
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson 13 dagar sedan
icecreamforcrowhurst 😂
Chris mitsos
Chris mitsos 18 dagar sedan
Is it really a micro penis?? Like you need a magnifying glass to see it..
gareth roberts
gareth roberts 19 dagar sedan
What is it about the 70,s and 80's with serial killers,golden era
David 9 dagar sedan
@Lou R Yes, but they're not famous or anything of that nature in contrast to what they used to be. In the 70s, they were nicked names, and people were terrified in the cities the killer operated in. It's a different time. I haven't heard of any serial killers operating as of today, that are still active. The last ones I know of are from the late 90s.
Lou R
Lou R 9 dagar sedan
There are plenty more now .... plenty.
David 12 dagar sedan
@Captain Midnight Seems plausible for sure. The details could be very interesting if you remembered them.
Captain Midnight
Captain Midnight 13 dagar sedan
Someone had a theory about it having something to do with being children of WWII vets but I don't remember the details now. Also, it was probably easier for them to get away with it back then due to lack of forensics, cameras, cell phones, etc.
UnamedFuck Månad sedan
He’s playing the “I’m an old man just let me live I’m about to die soon” card
UnamedFuck 14 dagar sedan
Lip stick ?
Lip stick
Lip stick 14 dagar sedan
White Sacramento Police officer: Joseph DeAngelo Fond Not Guilty...
UurdChuluut Negen
UurdChuluut Negen 21 dag sedan
I'm sure he eats little, loses weight intentionally. Hope he gets what he deserves in next life.
【Who am I?】
【Who am I?】 23 dagar sedan
IKR and that face made it better
John Snow Kumar
John Snow Kumar Månad sedan
He was arrested because a nephew or niece has a similar DNA. Does new DNA sample match with the golden State killer. I had heard that his new DNA well after pre trail arrest and taken in March 2020 does not match with any of the swabs taken in the crime scenes years earlier.
baby kick
baby kick Månad sedan
Don't feel sorry for him just because he's old. This guy has ruined the lives of many who never got to become old.
Kathy Schmitt
Kathy Schmitt 8 dagar sedan
Jason Cairns
Jason Cairns Månad sedan
I see he’s sticking to the decrepit old man act
Kathy Schmitt
Kathy Schmitt 8 dagar sedan
Ikr 🙄
Captain Midnight
Captain Midnight 13 dagar sedan
@Shaheed Harun True. Just a shame he wasn't caught when he was much younger.
Shaheed Harun
Shaheed Harun 13 dagar sedan
@Captain Midnight That doesn't really matter, he's not going nowhere. He's locked up regardless! This jerk is probably locked in solitary due to his profile. That's punishment!
Captain Midnight
Captain Midnight 13 dagar sedan
Yep. And it's taking so long to get all the evidence ready that it wouldn't surprise me if he dies in jail before he ever gets sentenced.
Lip stick
Lip stick 14 dagar sedan
White Sacramento Police officer: Joseph DeAngelo Fond Not Guilty...
dirkbogarde44 Månad sedan
For someone who only retired recently...he looks like shit.
Kw Kw
Kw Kw Månad sedan
They really should do anouther because he isn't the EAR...
Kw Kw
Kw Kw Månad sedan
Anna Banana then there's Paul and Bob a couple of Humboldt County's Biggest Shit Apple's that think they got lucky ...but they didn't God Already got Paul and Bobs Next ..then your not too far behind.. I betting ... God knows all you Shit Apple's... thats a Guarantee!!! ..lmao!!
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Månad sedan
Kw Kw DNA + MO = EAR. And then there’s the pencil dick.
Tiger Steele
Tiger Steele Månad sedan
Nick Charles
Nick Charles 2 månader sedan
I think he’s starving himself to death on purpose.
Lou R
Lou R 9 dagar sedan
Of course he is - psychopaths always must remain in control, no matter what
UurdChuluut Negen
UurdChuluut Negen 21 dag sedan
Yep. Thought same.
Arthaber Andreas
Arthaber Andreas 2 månader sedan
Ihm könnt ihr nix mehr anhaben! Der hat sein Leben genau so gelebt wie er es wollte und ist damit durch gekommen! In der Hölle ist bereits ein Logenplatz für ihn reserviert, und dann lässt er die Sau erst so richtig raus!
Betty Love
Betty Love 2 månader sedan
Who is he kidding with the frail act
R K 26 dagar sedan
@777 He did that since day one, you fool. Weinstein did it too - play up the fact youre not well to try to win some sympathy. This guy is cunning. He snuck into houses and murdered people at night whilst playing the role of cop in the daytime. Cant imagine the shit he did as a cop on duty too, especially with no body cams in the 70s.
Evyatar Hadar
Evyatar Hadar Månad sedan
@777 You're the big dummy. He acted the exact same way when he was first prosecuted.
777 Månad sedan
hes lost 100 pounds and looks like a reanimated cant fake that, you big dummy.
Spiritual Chic
Spiritual Chic Månad sedan
Yep. It's totally fake.
Eric Graff
Eric Graff 2 månader sedan
Get real
Get real 2 månader sedan
This dirt ball needs to just own up and let it all out
Get real
Get real 2 månader sedan
@oblivion85 they might as well, it's not a real death penalty because by the time they are ready he will be long dead. Get all the info they can out of him and lock his ass up. California prison will be awful.
oblivion85 2 månader sedan
He said he'll plead guilty if the Death penalty is taken off the table...DA said "Nope".
Ivan S.
Ivan S. 3 månader sedan
He's starting to look like real himself, pure evil demon. Needle is too human for this guy.
Daisy Bloom
Daisy Bloom Månad sedan
The evil is in his eyes. The eyes are the mirror of his soul and I find his eyes dangerous, cold, callous and evil.
Kurt Elliott
Kurt Elliott 2 månader sedan
You look like the troll you are
Laozi 2 månader sedan
Totally agree. Sometimes the demon's face appears to be cast in a snarl, other times he's standing there with his mouth agape, reminiscent of one of the police sketches of the GSK. Once he's convicted, he should 'accidentally' be released into general population for an hour, which just happens to coincide with lunch hour for all the guards. Let the inmates tear the demon apart.
Andrec S
Andrec S 2 månader sedan
Tbh he looks pretty much like any old man his age.
Carl Deshazer
Carl Deshazer 3 månader sedan
Was this criminal ever linked to the Zodiac killer?
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 3 månader sedan
He's not the Zodiac Killer. Different look, different handwriting, no match on whatever DNA they have from under the Zodiac stamps.
Darkside780 3 månader sedan
What’s there to do? Just toss him in the slammer. He’s guilty. No need for court. This is dumb.
QuasiELVIS 2 månader sedan
a) He already is in the slammer b) Why would you want to subvert the court process if he's obviously guilty?
Lu Angelzoom
Lu Angelzoom 3 månader sedan
This man is acting, he was surveilled and reported to be riding his motorcyled at 100Mph in the freeway and neighbours said he often had loud violent outbursts with them or himself. Imagine getting a full confession from this sicko i hope we can see it in hour lifetime, well if his lawyers manage to avoid the death penalty and the judge agrees to life in prison, he´s all about self preservation so he might plead guilty at some point.
QuasiELVIS Månad sedan
@Daisy Bloom He's like 80 years old.
Daisy Bloom
Daisy Bloom Månad sedan
Death or penalty is the only justifiable punishment for such an evil, sinister, murderer/predator.
EMG 2 månader sedan
Capital punishment is a legal penalty in the U.S. state of California. As of March 2019, further executions are halted by an official moratorium ordered by Governor Gavin Newsom.
ericstuff 3 månader sedan
Somebody's nap time.
Reese S
Reese S 3 månader sedan
True 1970s, old fashion bat shit crazy
Sonic Salt Slug
Sonic Salt Slug 3 månader sedan
He lived right in my neighborhood. Probably seen him shopping around here.
jacquesregan Månad sedan
@Teddy Li you need help
Teddy Li
Teddy Li 2 månader sedan
Sonic Salt Slug he is a good man
IvyLeagueCutie89 2 månader sedan
Sonic Salt Slug
Sonic Salt Slug 3 månader sedan
@Kurt Elliott Well I'm just concerned about predators who haven't been caught.
Kurt Elliott
Kurt Elliott 3 månader sedan
I am glad he did not get you and hope he did not get anyone you knew!
Mr. Chuco
Mr. Chuco 3 månader sedan
Look at his eyes at 2:41 he knows exactly what's going on. Loser time to pay the piper 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kandy Kane
Kandy Kane 3 månader sedan
@tbrenzo 💜
tbrenzo 3 månader sedan
@Kandy Kane I agree Kandy im glad you see it too.
Kandy Kane
Kandy Kane 3 månader sedan
@Amber please, he was pulling that shit 4 days after being arrested. We are talking about a man that has lied his entire life. There could be a chance he is losing weight and acting frail to garner sympathy from 1 or 2 jurors when he goes on trial, so that he skates the death penalty. Don't you think? I mean, we are talking about a man who had no problem raping women as their babies sat tied up next to them. And thought nothing of bludgeoning people with a block of wood.
Amber 3 månader sedan
Kandy Kane So, two years ago?
Kandy Kane
Kandy Kane 3 månader sedan
@Mr. Chuco yes!
JAMES Schott
JAMES Schott 3 månader sedan
Lost lots of weight----course those women lost sooooo much more---sorry Joe DNA don't lie----bye bye....
Glen Deaton
Glen Deaton Månad sedan
What about the male victims
Kw Kw
Kw Kw Månad sedan
DNA does lie ..when they switched it out with the real EARs DNA...then pinned it on DeAngelo...
Operation Popeye
Operation Popeye 3 månader sedan
Google the Act of 1871 in America and the Treaty of 1213 in Britain. We are not independent countries.
Operation Popeye
Operation Popeye 3 månader sedan
Google The Earn It bill