Kygo - Carry Me ft. Julia Michaels (Official Video)

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4 år sedan

Kygo feat. Julia Michaels - Carry Me
Produced by Savage Isle Productions and Kygo
Starring Jay Alvarrez and Kygo
Facebook: kygoofficial
Instagram: kygomusic

Esmeralditomoony Prishka
Esmeralditomoony Prishka 14 timmar sedan
Qe enoume esena 🐁🇬🇧
Alex M
Alex M 2 dagar sedan
I need that cloud nine shirt
Sharon rombo
Sharon rombo 2 dagar sedan
Still here😍😘
Joshqim 3 dagar sedan
2:25 One of the best drops ever. Can't believe how underrated this song is.
Kabiin Dag sedan
So much true! I love lighter side of EDM than heavier
EDM Listener
EDM Listener 3 dagar sedan
Any 2020 Listeners Here? 😁❤️
Felix Nthiwa
Felix Nthiwa 5 dagar sedan
I would carry you not only in pubg but in real life on and on, on. Now you know.
Luiz zuka
Luiz zuka 5 dagar sedan
Forever 2016 😭
Patrick Haines
Patrick Haines 5 dagar sedan
I see the blond kid in a lot of his videos who is that
Isaias Costa
Isaias Costa 5 dagar sedan
does anyone know the guy with wavy hair? (they convey a beautiful relationship in the clip, friendship or couple)
Isaias Costa
Isaias Costa 5 dagar sedan
jay alvarez ♥️
Jo bravo3
Jo bravo3 6 dagar sedan
I feel this is the song to inspire the end of 2020 and the good times to roll for 2021 whos with me?
Kabiin Dag sedan
With you
Nel Sison
Nel Sison 6 dagar sedan
i thought it was broken arrow by avicii..☺
Brigham 6 dagar sedan
Kygo carrying this whole genre on his back
Rj Lucky
Rj Lucky 6 dagar sedan
🌈Legend of tropical 🎗️
Mehdi 4kill
Mehdi 4kill 7 dagar sedan
Lorenzo Galeazzo
Lorenzo Galeazzo 8 dagar sedan
Avinab Gurung
Avinab Gurung 11 dagar sedan
I though i played broken arrows (Avicii) 🤣🤣
Rivister Music
Rivister Music 14 dagar sedan
Kygo probably got inspiration to make this song from Avicii's broken arrows...
The Guy
The Guy 15 dagar sedan
Norwegian and Swedish DJ's are the best
Joshua Chan
Joshua Chan 17 dagar sedan
This song is the first Kygo's song I listen when I know Kygo. (It is because my music teacher let us listen to some kinda "Olympic music") The sidechain is really great, and the piano sounds really match to the melody.
Dennis Arciniegas
Dennis Arciniegas 19 dagar sedan
Yeah 😃 kygo is the best always 😃🎁🥂🥳🎀🎂🍰😋🎁 coming soon is his birthday too piano 🎹🌴🎧🎵🎶🎧🗺️🗾 🏝️🌅🌴
Jamaican Jewel
Jamaican Jewel 20 dagar sedan
I'm confused as to why this only has 20 mil views 😭 I love it so much till this dayyy ❤️❤️❤️
Kabiin Dag sedan
Daniel Mazur
Daniel Mazur 20 dagar sedan
i love this song♥️🔥
Johnson Geofrey
Johnson Geofrey 23 dagar sedan
I’m watching it
Gianluca _1853
Gianluca _1853 24 dagar sedan
This melody is very similar to the intro melody of Broken Arrows by Avicii
stupendisss 25 dagar sedan
I recognized this in a Cody Ko video and I came to confirm I’m a genius
Ben Boudreau
Ben Boudreau 25 dagar sedan
Why do 4.1k dis like this song? Such a great song!!!!
Fabio Mirnig
Fabio Mirnig 25 dagar sedan
So wie ich den Mario Simma in LOL
Fabio Mirnig
Fabio Mirnig 25 dagar sedan
# I am L1pP3
Fabio Mirnig
Fabio Mirnig 25 dagar sedan
# I am L1pP3
EVidz 26 dagar sedan
*4 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend.*
Kabiin Dag sedan
Luiz zuka
Luiz zuka 5 dagar sedan
KIGO is great
Akshay Jyoti Deka
Akshay Jyoti Deka 5 dagar sedan
I'm 1 year too early
sweetgirl177 5 dagar sedan
Thnx you too!
Aji bon
Aji bon 7 dagar sedan
Carry me 😀
EVidz 26 dagar sedan
People Say that "Kygo only has Norwegian fans" Like if You're not Norwegian 👇
Justin Cordevant
Justin Cordevant 2 dagar sedan
People suck we dont!! Kygo😍 and others have saved my soul!!♥️♥️♥️
Nanwer X
Nanwer X 4 dagar sedan
France🇨🇵 and European 🇪🇺
Walter 6 dagar sedan
literally no one says this lmao
Benjamin Nicolas
Benjamin Nicolas 16 dagar sedan
I'm Chilean🙆🏻‍♂️ hahahaha
Arra Piki
Arra Piki 20 dagar sedan
I am From Asia,
Yalie fun crafts and makeup
Yalie fun crafts and makeup 27 dagar sedan
Could you carry me 😄😁👍
Marc marc de marc_music
Marc marc de marc_music 28 dagar sedan
if you listening to this in 2020 you are a legend
Amr Daoud
Amr Daoud Månad sedan
emergency in fresno california treason hury
Håkon Skilhagen Thormodsen
Håkon Skilhagen Thormodsen Månad sedan
First came Pjano by Eric Pryds, then Avicii made Wake Me Up(the extended version), and then finally Kygo made Carry Me. All songs are amusingly similar, its just how the music industry works people, enjoy 😉
Rob O'Halloran
Rob O'Halloran Månad sedan
Best music ever thanks guys
Oka Dryant
Oka Dryant Månad sedan
Beautiful masterpiece tropical house from Kygo !! 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️ It took hard work for me to get close to 1/1000 of his level 💪💪💪
Nathan Ouellet
Nathan Ouellet Månad sedan
Nathan Ouellet
Nathan Ouellet Månad sedan
Why tf did i just discover this song ???
Blake Pizarro Daze
Blake Pizarro Daze Månad sedan
Summer vibes
Chiara Marcon
Chiara Marcon Månad sedan
August 2020, still here 💜
Christil Buultjens
Christil Buultjens Månad sedan
I am a little fan. After hear this, I am a super fan. But, I will be a air conditioner if the drop come to around 1:23. However, the drop is top 2:25