Sasha Sloan - House With No Mirrors (Official Video)

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Sasha Sloan - House With No Mirrors // Out Now:
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House With No Mirrors
I’d be cooler, I’d be smarter
Probably be a better daughter
I’d jump in a pool without thinking twice
Take off my shirt like one of the guys
I would save a lot of money
I would say when I was hungry
I’d throw on some jeans, not know the size
Walk out the door and not wanna cry

If I lived in a house with no mirrors
Where the walls didn’t talk back at me
Maybe I’d dream a bit bigger
If there was nothin’ to see
If I lived in a house with no mirrors
Where the walls didn’t pick me apart
Maybe my skin would be thicker
If I lived in a house with no mirrors

I’d be louder, I’d be honest
Probably wouldn’t be self-conscious
I’d go to a party, not care who was there
Not spend an hour pickin’ what to wear
Would’ve never dyed my hair blonde
I’d have sex with all the lights on
And I wouldn’t pull away from his touch
If he said I was pretty I’d think that I was

If I lived in a house with no mirrors
Where the walls didn’t talk back at me
Maybe I’d dream a bit bigger
If there was nothin’ to see
If I lived in a house with no mirrors
Where the walls didn’t pick me apart
Maybe my skin would be thicker
If I lived in a house with no mirrors

Wonder what I’d be like
Maybe I’d sleep a little better at night
Yeah I wonder what I’d be like
If I

If I lived in a house with no mirrors
Where the walls didn’t talk back at me
Maybe I’d dream a bit bigger
If there was nothin’ to see
If I lived in a house with no mirrors
Where the walls didn’t pick me apart
Maybe my skin would be thicker
If I lived in a house with no mirrors
#SashaSloan #HouseWithNoMirrors #OnlyChild

Sasha Sloan
Sasha Sloan 2 månader sedan
this video was incredibly emotional to film. I came up with the concept once I realized taking off make up and wearing a tight body suit are two of my biggest fears on camera. thank you guys for watching and listening love y’all
Ricky Slone
Ricky Slone 23 timmar sedan
We love you too❤
Baekho News
Baekho News Dag sedan
Youre beautil the way you are
Josefine Hartwig
Josefine Hartwig Dag sedan
@music_is_life that is so righttt❤️❤️ There is no words of how much 😍
music_is_life Dag sedan
Thank you so much for this video!!! You look so beautiful! you’re so strong and brave for making this video and we love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Josefine Hartwig
Josefine Hartwig Dag sedan
Omg im so proud of you, you are my biggest idol ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
Kia Draven
Kia Draven Timme sedan
This song hit me in such a deep way, it will be the first song I ever learn to sing and play on guitar.
Luna ASMR 5 timmar sedan
No curse words... just a simple girl describing her feelings....real ... relatable....for me she's the QUEEN.
Pauline Jaskula
Pauline Jaskula 10 timmar sedan
Beau plan séquence !
Thùy Duyên Trần Lê
Thùy Duyên Trần Lê 13 timmar sedan
The hashtag #OnlyChild catched my eyes. Well, when you have a older sibling who is wayyyyyyyyy better than you, your house will have more than mirrors.
Kate Gersalia
Kate Gersalia 22 timmar sedan
This is amaazzzziiinngggg♥️
Mahfuja Sharmin
Mahfuja Sharmin Dag sedan
I like mirrors coz without mirror we cant see our beauty and we would've not know how we look, but the thing is that i am scared of mirrors 😩 whenever i look at mirrors i feel someone is behind me😨😂
Meghamala Bhaumik
Meghamala Bhaumik Dag sedan
After 1D I like ur songs the most ♥️
FIKER. M 2 dagar sedan
the lyric, the melody, and everything is wonderful she touched me wow this song deserves much better
Kiran Basumatary
Kiran Basumatary 2 dagar sedan
Most probably you won't be reading this,but if you are,,,Iloveyou for the lyrics you've written
oneeyedqueen 3 dagar sedan
I'm crying this hits me right in a heart because of my insecurities and fears..
Sudipta Adak
Sudipta Adak 3 dagar sedan
Who else also likes GRACIE VANDERWAAL AND GRACIE ABRAMS also.....
Safa Aljehni
Safa Aljehni 3 dagar sedan
This song for “ Hunting of the hill house” it’s perfect
udyog khadka
udyog khadka 4 dagar sedan
Greet beautiful video & music songs so nice.
TOHRU 4 dagar sedan
Sasha's songs make me too in tune with my emotions. It's scary but I love it.
Vaishali Sood
Vaishali Sood 4 dagar sedan
The artists who are underrated are always the best lyricist. The world needs to know her. (but also i want to keep her to myself)
Soum Nag
Soum Nag 3 dagar sedan
now thats a feeling i appreciate
Treska 5 dagar sedan
Love you Sasha and love this song too ❤
Renato Tastiere Arranger
Renato Tastiere Arranger 5 dagar sedan
Amazing song. Thank you Sasha.
heyjenna 5 dagar sedan
Wow, I feel this song. My Mom was tough growing up... I'll never forget the time I came home from a sleepover and she told me I looked like a train had hit me. But growing up, I didn't let her words get to me. In fact, I built my confidence out of spite because of how hard she was on me. Listening to this song just made me ball though. Was not expecting that...
Мадияр Белгүбай
Мадияр Белгүбай 5 dagar sedan
Все песни исполнителя очень клевые
Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie 5 dagar sedan
We are our own worst enemy. Don’t ask me why; I don’t have a clue. Maybe it’s just an unfortunate consequence of the human condition. All I know is the problems we have to deal with at work and at home aren’t nearly as bad as those we create for ourselves.
Ankita Gupta
Ankita Gupta 5 dagar sedan
I love everything about this song, it's just so true
Harshit Chaturvedi
Harshit Chaturvedi 5 dagar sedan
I'll wait with kygo, is exactly same song with different lyrics and kygo influence.
Pablo López Toro
Pablo López Toro 6 dagar sedan
I just wanna cry
Potato Chip
Potato Chip 6 dagar sedan
I'm so sad lmao
MRIGA 6 dagar sedan
I never related to anything like i relate to her song and lyrics .. she's a pure treasure .. Love
Mad iha
Mad iha 6 dagar sedan
Lyrics hit different here, to some it'd be about their outward appearance reflecting in the mirror. To some it'd be about their thoughts and conscious-being about themselves reflecting in the mirror, you know the regret.
Giane Lesama
Giane Lesama 6 dagar sedan
Sherwin French Anson
Sherwin French Anson 6 dagar sedan
who's having a sasha sloan marathon now?
Beast Plays
Beast Plays 6 dagar sedan
i dont want to be fauls and lier but Your Voice Need a Big N more Then what U have Right Now I saw Ur song Tagged In Facebook Post About Together song I came Here searched Same song But Tried Your Another Songs Too But U r what Most Of Us want Slow Sweet And Heart Touching With best Composition And All Thts It ..Wanna Be Honest U Deserve More Then 800k subs Atlest Ur Takent Deserve More Then That Dont Know Why They didnt Sub But 😻U got a New Member
andrianarose johnson
andrianarose johnson 7 dagar sedan
love love this so much i can so relate to ever word
Diana Raad
Diana Raad 7 dagar sedan
Sasha , I love you 💙
Lilly Ramos
Lilly Ramos 7 dagar sedan
I love everything about this song ♥️ The lyrics, the video, the message. So pretty and heartfelt!
mjnonh rsmy
mjnonh rsmy 7 dagar sedan
So soo so amazing song
Lily 7 dagar sedan
This makes me cry. .. I don't really get insecure about how i look, though. It's other things. My folks made me feel incompetent, and i just need to go out there and be excited for what i can offer without it being such a big deal whether i'll be as good at it as whoever else. I am worth being paid for my time and efforts.
Dayeli yepez
Dayeli yepez 8 dagar sedan
A t l a s
A t l a s 9 dagar sedan
I swear I'm not the only one who thinks the intro sounds like the intro of "The story of my life" by One Direction.
Candice :P
Candice :P 9 dagar sedan
This song and you - absolutely beautiful
Uchiha Talha
Uchiha Talha 9 dagar sedan
this video was released on august and i'm listening it on october. why?
mukesh dabra
mukesh dabra 9 dagar sedan
This song helped me found my real me
Archana Set
Archana Set 9 dagar sedan
Most relatable song ever❤.... I don't know why I connect with her on a different level
wfh for ppl
wfh for ppl 9 dagar sedan
This another great song.maybe all of your song 😭❤❤
Gwynn Turner
Gwynn Turner 9 dagar sedan
i am truly obsessed with this now. watched it for the first time a few minutes ago and had to automatically rewatch it right after
Aurelia Gold
Aurelia Gold 9 dagar sedan
For me “if I lived in a house with no mirrors where the wall didn’t talk back to me” is a metaphor for society. Like how society looks down on people who are ‘to skinny’ or ‘to fat’.
Leah DANKOVIC 9 dagar sedan
Literally so relatable, I feel REALLY insecure about my body, also you're so underrated. You're voice is my favourite too listen to, also the lyrics are amazing. Also older is relatable too.
Lu l
Lu l 9 dagar sedan
You are beautiful Sasha.
N Rozen
N Rozen 10 dagar sedan
Sasha every song you make makes me reflect on my life ,and longing for a better me
Angel Gabriel
Angel Gabriel 10 dagar sedan
Abrish Maqsood
Abrish Maqsood 10 dagar sedan
Here after Aayushmann khurrana's post Such a lovely song😍
Ana Im
Ana Im 10 dagar sedan
Peter Dmitri Bachand
Peter Dmitri Bachand 10 dagar sedan
I love the aesthetic of this video
MANUKARTOFANU 10 dagar sedan
Mer E
Mer E 10 dagar sedan
You just can't be underrated. You can't.
Rajnish Kumar
Rajnish Kumar 10 dagar sedan
So good to hear...😴 while high....🙈
Rahima Akter Asha
Rahima Akter Asha 10 dagar sedan
3 years silence for those who didn't heard this song yet
Alaa Alaff
Alaa Alaff 10 dagar sedan
This song literally calms down my anxiety I can't be the only one
Kaelyn Ashton
Kaelyn Ashton 9 dagar sedan
kapil meena
kapil meena 10 dagar sedan
ARIJIT BANERJEE 10 dagar sedan
This is so beautiful ❤️❤️
Itz Me
Itz Me 10 dagar sedan
Every girl felt these words ❤️❤️❤️
nitroxide91 11 dagar sedan
I'm also self conscious lol. It's okay! Just gotta learn to do your own thing and don't care about what people think too much. 🤭
Thaamawi a
Thaamawi a 11 dagar sedan
Ur figure tells u know ballet 🩰
Abhishek Kamble
Abhishek Kamble 11 dagar sedan
Who is here after Aayushyamann khuranna Instagram status???🙏🙏
like mate, stop procrastinating
like mate, stop procrastinating 11 dagar sedan
this song deserves to be played in all radios
Guilherme Santos
Guilherme Santos 11 dagar sedan
Sasha Le Desma
Sasha Le Desma 11 dagar sedan
i had to go back to see where she got that tissue it was in her pocket....
Carlson Rangey
Carlson Rangey 11 dagar sedan
This is Art, I'm glad I ran into this.
Ana Milagros Macalupu Ojeda
Ana Milagros Macalupu Ojeda 11 dagar sedan
Eres mi cantante favorita ❤🖤👭💐🌙☄
sosa mo
sosa mo 12 dagar sedan
This hits in so many levels when think about your own experience and sasha’s story as well, such a beautiful song and incredibly heartbreaking too
Tiffany Jane
Tiffany Jane 12 dagar sedan
Damn these lyrics hit deep 🥺🥺
Unfunny Bunny
Unfunny Bunny 12 dagar sedan
I mean, same. I often feel that I am petty, until I look at the mirror '-'
Sinkbug 12 dagar sedan
16 year old me resonates with this song. 23 year old me knows what I'd be like. I wish I could go back and show her.
Rachel N
Rachel N 13 dagar sedan
beautiful song
Chanda Choudhary
Chanda Choudhary 13 dagar sedan
Because u r awesome.
Nobody 13 dagar sedan
If i could look like that i wouldn't even be insecure. Cool song btw
Runit Debbarma
Runit Debbarma 14 dagar sedan
Deep meaning Song
Samaina Sameer
Samaina Sameer 14 dagar sedan
I love this lyrics, I feel more depth than ever for anything. Sasha is most underrated singer. Love❤️
Jenni Neige
Jenni Neige 15 dagar sedan
Suzi Q
Suzi Q 15 dagar sedan
I honestly feel like a song with alec benjamin and sasha sloan would take over the world
* Astra_Kat *
* Astra_Kat * 5 dagar sedan
Wam bam yes ma'am that would be the best song of the century
Kavish Tarak
Kavish Tarak 15 dagar sedan
This song going to in my fav songs playlist Depth of this song ❤️❤️❤️
Aurellya Priscilla
Aurellya Priscilla 15 dagar sedan
Kezia Mauren
Kezia Mauren 15 dagar sedan
What a masterpiece
Nike Mania
Nike Mania 16 dagar sedan
We chose art versus money! You did the right thing by watching this
Michelle Rebel
Michelle Rebel 16 dagar sedan
Sounds a bit like Sting's "Fields of Gold"
MedSou 16 dagar sedan
*Whoever’s reading this* . . 👇 *God bless you and stay safe. You are a smart and awesome person.*
Jay C
Jay C 16 dagar sedan
Stunning 😍
Kashvi Agarwal
Kashvi Agarwal 16 dagar sedan
I have never seen someone and something so grossly underrated...
Runit Debbarma
Runit Debbarma 16 dagar sedan
Am Become a fan of Sasha Sloan
Imad Abdel
Imad Abdel 17 dagar sedan
She's currently the most underrated artist
Juie _M
Juie _M 17 dagar sedan
Beautiful and calm song ❤💌
Ram BHU Tan Vlog
Ram BHU Tan Vlog 17 dagar sedan
All her song hit me so emotionally I'm teary eyed watching this video😢👍❤️❤️❤️
Muskan Srivastava 559
Muskan Srivastava 559 17 dagar sedan
why is she so underrated, her lyrics and songs are so beautiful
POP DATA 17 dagar sedan
Wow. Just wow. I'm a guy and this is my story basically. I love her
Chiara Worch
Chiara Worch 18 dagar sedan
I've just discovered this song on spotify and needed desperately to come here and say THIS SHIT (in a good way) IS FUCKING SAD AND SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!
Safeer Gomez
Safeer Gomez 18 dagar sedan
Cyrille Tsafack
Cyrille Tsafack 18 dagar sedan
I always wonder why Sasha Sloan's songs hardly hit tens of millions of views as much of the crapy songs out there. Luckily enough, the number of views doesn't make the beauty and the charm of a song. I can't think of one of her songs that I don't like?
Forever Young
Forever Young 18 dagar sedan
I’m so thankful of knowing you and Alec Benjamin and BTS in my life
Aedly Javier
Aedly Javier 18 dagar sedan
i love her
Aedly Javier
Aedly Javier 18 dagar sedan
this so deep
rockstar39300 19 dagar sedan
You guys she's not insecure or hate herself..this song is about what she felt at the's just her thoughts and feelings that she puts in her songs...we all are insecure of something in our lives..that's fine ! Let her live and write songs about the topic that she wants. Her songs connect me to myself and they are not depressing...they just have deeper meanings
David Abrassart
David Abrassart 19 dagar sedan
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